Wendy Williams tearfully apologizes after facing backlash for comments about gay men

'I’ll start by saying, I apologize. I did not mean to offend my LGBTQ+ community on yesterday’s show,' Williams said.


'I’ll start by saying, I apologize. I did not mean to offend my LGBTQ+ community on yesterday’s show,' Williams said.

'I did not mean to offend my LGBTQ+ community on yesterday’s show,' she said in a video posted Friday to her social media accounts.

By Janelle Griffith Wendy Williams was slammed for saying gay men should"stop wearing our skirts and our heels" on an episode of her daytime talk show that aired Thursday. During the Hot Topics gossip segment of"The Wendy Williams Show," she asked who in the audience would be celebrating Galentine's Day, the Valentine's Day alternative popularized on the NBC sitcom"Parks and Recreation." "Well, first of all, if you're a man and you're clapping, you're not even a part of this," Williams said."You don't even understand the rules of the day. It's women going out and getting saucy and then going back home. You're not a part." "I don't care if you're gay," Williams said , adding that gay men don't menstruate every 28 days."You can do a lot that we do, but I get offended by the idea that we go through something you will never go through." Williams went on to say:"And stop wearing our skirts and our heels," which some interpreted as a dig at"Pose" star Billy Porter."Just sayin' girls, what do we have for ourselves?" Representatives for Williams and her show declined to comment Thursday. Her remarks drew applause from the audience and swift backlash online. "I say this as someone who once made a (very, very, very small) name for himself writing takedown pieces about celebs who said homophobic (and other stupid) sh--," one Twitter user Read more: NBC News

Love her. Leave her aloneShe apology should be enough. They don't apologize for offending Christian's, but always want us to apologize and agree with their sin. GOD loves the sinner, but hates the sin. I agree with her. If I keep seeing men in love scenes together, I will turn it off. I’m sick of it. I don’t care what goes on in your bedroom, but don’t show me.

Well, there goes your advertising. Have a nice retirement party..you fifty animal. Why can’t people just stop being so sensitive? How come are comment this week abt not standing for the anthem didn't pick up steam I love her in star was as jabba the huts daughter Hey Wendy, please don’t apologize She is always apologizing. Maybe she should just shut the heck up.

She is not worthy of having a television show. Gross I also think as certified people in a career don't like to be disturbed by others. Studies like beauticians and bartenders are big accomplishments in the communities. And a service that require dillegence.

Wendy Williams Vows to 'Do Better' for Her LGBTQ+ FansAfter she made offensive comments on her talk show. We shall see..............

Why backpedal? I wish someone would speak their mind and stick to what they said I think the laundry is really behind gays..its a must that when trimming clothing to put all trimmed pieces of clothing in washing machine in same time. It keeps from thread damage. So if u don't trim and its regular laundry...u could be l.g.b.q. also.

BTW gurrl, leave that face filler alone. She was probably just a bit too high to be on tv that day. Thank's Wayne Don’t apologize, there’s no need for it I honestly always thought that she was a trans, apparently I'm wrong. psycho addict Why is she still on the air? I'm all for people doing whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. I'm opposed to walking on eggshells so I don't hurt someone feelings. I was taught how to rise above hurtful words. It seems like today, no matter what you say, your going to offend someone.

Wendy Williams Is Getting Dragged For Her Offensive Comments About Gay Men Wearing 'Skirts And Heels''Looky here now, gay men, you'll never be the woman that we are, no matter how gay.' As she should be. I’m really against cancel culture but I think Wendy needs to be canceled

Trash Apologies mean nothing. You can’t take words back once they are said. She said what was in her heart and now she’s walking it back. The damage is done. WendyWilliams “offend my gay community”? Wasn’t aware the community was up for sale. No one should be surprised I mean she said that Carrie Underwood had plastic surgery after her fall in 2017, she called Michael Jackson's accusers liars despite calling out R. Kelly, and talked crap about Whitney Houston on her radio show.

Blah, blah, blah I still baffled as to why WendyWilliams even has a show. The few times I've watched I found her bizarre. BS! She is GROTESQUE. Stop apologizing.

Wendy Williams Apologizes for Comments Made About Gay MenWendy Williams is backtracking on those controversial comments she made about gay men. WendyWilliams

I don't listen or watch this person, I'll admit. I have a fully-formed brain that is well-functioning. I intend to keep things that way. Wow WendyWilliams no more respect for you. Rude. Shows how little you understand and your inability to empathize. WendyWilliams WendyWilliams Thank I dont watch her show. But no apologies would take your rage on gay men . You had added more wood to the fire . What an ignorant woman. LGBTCenterNYC

She just needs to SHUT UP! Don’t know how she has a show!!! F Wendy Williams - Tupac The problem is not the LGB. It's the Ts and Qs and non-binary crowd of entitled, deranged leftists. People need to stop apologizing. We all can have opinions that don’t match the person next to us. Who cares. The over sensitivity in this country will be our demise.

You're not really sorry for your honophobia. You just got dragged and caught. Why can’t opinions on lgbt be freely expressed?

Wendy Williams Apologizes for Saying Gay Men Shouldn't Wear Women's ClothesWendy Williams is saying sorry for comments she made which were perceived as hurtful to LGBTQ+ people, and she vows to do better. poll Sincere apology? Their are too many jokes to be made with that headline. Bipolar much

Oh please people. Take a chill pill. No wonder we have a jackass for a President right now. We get worked up for every comment it's impossible not to offend them, they have nothing else to do Leave her be. She’s entitled to her opinions. Way too many snowflakes out there. Go away Wendy, just go away WendyWilliams should spend more time fixing those terrible fillers in her cheeks.

Saying you’re sorry before you start speaking is never a good sign It was a joke. Get over it already! No baby you were right, they will never be women, ever....! never apologize for truth....! But you did.... don’t know ehy you have a talk show in the first place. Stop rewarding her with screen time, we are sick of her fake apologies and crocodile tears. SorryNotSorry ByeFelicia

Wendy Williams Is 'Deeply' Apologetic for Her Comments About Gay Men: 'I Will Do Better''I deeply apologize and I deeply appreciate the support that I get from the community,' Wendy Williams said in a video message I have never liked her. I have a reason not to. She’s as good as she can get🙄 She seems to have to apologize a lot lately. Maybe it’s time to walk away.

After reading what she said.... what’s the big deal? she has apologized but she is against LGBTQ+ community. If he doesn't want men in skirts and heels, then he should stop wearing skirts and heels and quit crying about it on his show. Hypocrite! You are only apologizing because you got backlash. You need to step down Wendy. The time has come.

But you still DID! You are NOT sorry for offending. You are sorry because people want you OUT! Maybe she needs help. She should take time off and get medical attention. Wendy Williams is tiresome! Who is Wendy Williams and why should I care? No you just did it for more air time jus Ike any talk show host

Wendy Williams Faces Backlash After Saying Gay Men Should Stop ‘Wearing Our Skirts & Heels’Wendy Williams Faces Backlash After Saying Gay Men Should Stop 'Wearing Our Skirts & Heels'(via JustJared) JustJared Why she talking about herself like that? JustJared She is right JustJared She legit looks like a guy with a wig on

Too late. Canceled. Apologize for PHONEIX! I thought she was a cross dressing man!?. Seriously! I thought her name was a play on hers & his names ...Wendy & William. That’s a man right? Is this a joke? Who gave this joke a show in the first place? I always thought she was in drag? Oh no! You offended the LGBTQ community! So what

Hahaha Wendy I love you NBC owes apologies for plastering that nasty face all over the internet...jeesh Who watches this garbage? Wait Mind blown. I thought she was transgender. Dang. Missed that completely.

Why 😂😂😂😂😂 She’s only apologizing because she pissed off half of her base audience. I can’t stand watching her show because she’s a hypocrite She’s always digging up dirt on people, but when her marriage fell apart she thought everyone should leave her alone. It simply shows the degree of ignorance that still exists in the world in the information age, by someone perceived as a friend of the community, about transgender and all that it entails. It's not about skirts and heels or menstruating. It's life or death.

Her show ranks with maury povich, trash Yo this is GAY Shes been mean lately. She’s a nothing. WendyWilliams Maybe Wendy is still working on anger issues relating to her ex and the baby momma Okay so I’m a straight female but even I know that publicly saying negative things about gay people, will hurt their feelings 🤷🏾‍♀️

pretty funny coming from a guy in a dress

Until just two days ago I respectfully thought you were a man in drag... How this woman stays on TV is a mystery. Rupaul is prettier anyways Who cares. So sick of all these “I’m trying to save my contract/endorsements” apologies 🙄 Gurl bye Whoops. I don’t consider skirts and heels “ours.” You wanna wear them, knock yourself out. I like my jeans.

Awkward I'm sick of people apologizing to the alphabet Mafia all the time. Do they apologize for their hoaxes if their attacks? It’s not like she doesn’t support the LGBTQ. Much ado about nothing. She's been problematic for a LONG time! Her tears are fake. Next

Funny, I always thought Wendy was a drag queen or a trannie. Have you seen the size of her hands? Also, at 55, she probably has been through menopause. Her entire speech was stupid! Who will she be apologizing to in March? I'm taking bets. Gay mafia strikes again LOL. Funny. The PC culture is at it again...correcting everything someone says.

Wendy has always been A very vindictive person Just get her off television already. Are you gonna as a network do this every month? Who dat? Sorry, Wendy Williams has been a jerk after she came back while splitting up with husband. She has come out very judgmental and nasty. She was before but only a 2-3 out of 10. Now she's an 8 easy!

That poor lady has serious self-image issues. She needs help. Michael Jackson Syndrome.

You mean to tell me wendy wasnt born a man? I’m confused, I thought Wendy was a guy in drag? Dafuq happened her face? Do people actually watch her show!!🤣🤣🤣 Wendy found out that women are far down the list in the Oppression Olympics. How dare she question that a man cannot be a woman and appropriate womanhood?

Dont apologize is the TRUTHHH!!!! Its weird Oh she surely did. Apology not accepted. The Lord knows your desires, whether they be good or bad. You did it to be relevant... you can 🤬keep your apology...COW!!!! Now she is sad because her actions have consequences. You know its funny my Trump loving Grandmother and Aunt fight with me over Wendy being a woman. You would think she would be more sensitive, because I know she has heard this crap before.

Wendy is just .... 💃 🔥🔥🔥 Men shouldn’t wear skirts and heels. Women wear those things. Over the last 10-15 years this world has gone to hell with all these people. Cash rules everything around me. “My” LGBTQ+ community? She really thinks highly of herself!!! I can’t believe people give a crap what Wendy Williams says! And, just have to say, the gay men I know have no desire to and do not wear skirts and heels. They are men. They are gay, not trans. Stupid, is what Wendy Williams is!

I stopped watching a few scandals ago! Your community? Meaning what exactly? Cancel her show. She’s moronic. Take something complicated and boil it down into her simplistic opinion. There’s a reason I don’t watch beside the fact that she’s unwatchable. Her attitude is unbearable.

My question is why is she so skanky and mean ? Tbh she looks like a man herself.. What's wrong with her face? So, don't you have to be female to menstruate? What a hypocrite. Don’t apologize She should not have apologized during a time when tough love is needed for so many! We must face the fact that the professional community has gone over the hedge joining some group that has a desire to change reality and it's damaging people without helping the core group!

She shouldn’t apologize for anything Alrighty, then... It was your opinion. Why must we apologize for our opinions? Oh please this Wendy Williams record is getting old

Girl bye until the next time 😠 This is the least of my worries. We have bigger fish to fry. I could care less what Wendy said. Our democracy is leaving our country everyday that Trump is president. Wake the F up. Ratings tick me off. 👎 But Wendy is a gay man. Dude. Amazing what people will do/say for sweeps week.

She sure does a lot of apologizing. Maybe she needs to stop and think before she opens her mouth. That can be hard for some of us but we can learn with a bit of restraint How does this add anything? Everybody doing & did shyt then apologizing. Baseball, Politicians, Journalist, Media, Celebrities, SMH

Maybe if she didn’t have so much ugliness in her heart she would still be married 💁🏽‍♂️

He sounds sincere Disgusting. Why would she apologize, she is guilty of anything. Wait.....WendyWilliams isn’t a dude?😳👀 totally thought she was a guy😬 🤢🤮 So she made fun of LGBTQ! Who cares? We can’t even laugh at ourselves in this country anymore. She looks like a man. Another case of shoulda, woulda, coulda. A misspoken reference would make the contrition genuine. But this was a diatribe w/deep-seated ideology behind it. She’d be the 1st to criticize someone 4 saying something insensitive about something she feels strongly about like race.

Translation: I don't want the backlash Honestly, I’ve always thought Wendy was Wendell.....

Why does this woman still have a tv show? yes you did. you love the razors edge. you just can’t afford to lose the lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 community. we’ll all forgive. but, we never forget. The LGBT community are bullies & she was right about drag people appropriating women’s culture. It’s sad women are being bullied by men for standing up for themselves.

LoL. Groveling seems to be in Vogue. Hilariously Pathetic. Loving it. MAGA More caving to the church of WOKE. Hahaha you better We dont care Cancel culture right...she needs to be gone .. She had a community? 😂

It would offend exactly that community, & others who respect sexual equality and the right to live as you choose, as long as do no harm to others. She was talking too the women in the crowd, not the LGBTQ community. Let the women have they damn moment for once. Jesus man.... Give the lady a break There is no such thing as humor any more. Sad

She said nothing wrong.... You can be gay all you want, that’s between you and your God... But a man will never have a, “Period”, in his life. She was talking to the women in the crowd... This is America, people can say what the hell they want. Stop being so weak... Doing to much That body shop needs to have their license revoked

She’s so problematic. Never thinks before she speaks and always backtracking She is not sorry. She always says things and then back tracks. I used to like her show, but then she just became mean. Another celebrity too opinionated 🙄 No worries, everything nowadays is offensive But ya did, Blanche, Ya did! Open your mind a little.

WendyWilliams your apology is not excepted if anything don’t you Change who you are because your ulgy you have something deep down wrong with you and you need help I see jealousy girl get you some help Is there anybody in this world that is not offended about something someone said? Anybody Why is this horrible human still allowed on tv of any platform really Garbage human.

Ay please ... Stop apologizing and muthaf*** those alphabet ppl for constantly bullying others that don’t support their ungodly agenda. Maybe actually get sober Wendy instead of lying to yourself and the audience. Her poor choices are partially due because she is inebriated and acting like she's not. Wendy Williams Is Very Messy.

I thought he was in it tho So much people apologizing nowadays lol!

She makes me twitch. I can't watch. Chick always apologizing. Maybe think before you speak, Wendy.

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