Weinstein Attorneys Object to Paperwork in Los Angeles Extradition

Weinstein Attorneys Object to Paperwork in Los Angeles Extradition

4/12/2021 10:07:00 PM

Weinstein Attorneys Object to Paperwork in Los Angeles Extradition

Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys objected on Monday to the paperwork submitted to seek his extradition to face sex assault and rape charges in Los Angeles. A judge in Buffalo, N.Y., set an April …

A judge in Buffalo, N.Y., set an April 30 court date to hear the objections.Monday’s hearing was only the second time Weinstein has appeared in court since being sentenced in March 2020 to 23 years in prison. He appeared remotely from Wende Correctional Facility, the maximum security state prison where he is serving his sentence. He used a walker, but smiled while chatting with his attorneys before the hearing. He answered a few simple questions from the judge but otherwise did not participate in the proceeding.

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Los Angeles prosecutors are seeking to have Weinstein brought to Los Angeles for trial on 11 charges, which could bring up to 140 years in prison. The extradition process has been delayed several times over the last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the latest wrinkle, L.A. prosecutors have filed a sealed indictment against Weinstein. The indictment mirrors the charges that have already been filed, but it allows prosecutors to avoid an evidentiary hearing, which would slow down the process. Once Weinstein is brought to L.A., prosecutors would have 120 days to bring him to trial. headtopics.com

Norman Effman, a New York attorney representing Weinstein, argued that the indictment means that the extradition request is now out of date.“I have nothing on the indictment level that shows that a judge signed this request,” Effman argued.Effman also suggested that Weinstein could stay in New York and appear remotely for pre-trial proceedings in Los Angeles, but said that request had been turned down.

“We know where he is,” Effman said. “He’s not going anywhere.”Effman also argued that Weinstein is suffering from a variety of medical problems, which require extensive treatments. He said that Weinstein is suffering from dental problems, and has had four teeth removed. Effman said he is also experiencing cardiac issues, back issues, sleep apnea, and is nearly legally blind.

Effman said that Weinstein’s Los Angeles attorneys were seeking to work out a deal with the D.A.’s office on extradition. Those negotiations have failed.Effman was given until April 20 to file his objections in writing. The Erie County D.A.’s office will respond by April 27.

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Wow we should totally absolve him of his crimes because of this good lol So Good rot bitch. literally. Awww And?

awesome thank you lol omgggg i thought he already died wtff And? Cool I hope he expires soon Excellent! Adding physical pain to his lonely miserable life in prison makes it even better. Only way to make it even better would be to saw off his wrinkly nutsack with a butter knife. Thanks Variety! You cheered me up on a crappy day. 😁

His roommate remove his teeth ? An still he can go fuck his self alexgagne27 No sympathy here. rapist age well i see :)

Good :) Sadly, this is probably an exaggeration. Harvey Weinstein raped dozens of women. As far as I’m concerned, he could develop leprosy and I still wouldn’t have an ounce of sympathy for that man Having health issues makes him innocent. Is that the angle the attorney is going for or? oh. Good. I hope it hurts.

Who the F%&K cares?!?!?! He's getting old...without the healthcare and supports that the rich can afford. This is what happens people. Nothing to see here. Welcome to the other half Harvey! Poor Harv- (yawn) poor Harvey. why stop at 4? Looks the same . nice! boohoo

Hope is dick falls off next. maggieNYT Good Sans anesthesia, one can hope And women got raped by him. No sympathy. Who cares. This is what’s wrong with the media. So cheap and irrelevant. *literally everyone, including myself waiting for him to finally croak like* so what ... what's your point?

Thoughts and prayers Oh let’s take bets for what goes next. I bet we lose a toe. hey some good news on a Monday LMAOOOOO And?!? 👀😐👀 WE, Don’t Hug Up Privileged White Male Minions AROUND Here.... MoveAround With This Fuckery! 😡🤬😐💯 Him and his attorney can kiss my whole ass

He deserves this 'That is what 'to the pain' means... wallowing in freakish misery forever.' You still like him, don't you, ? Otherwise, why are we reading defense attorney blather from you? Can't wait until he loses more, keep me updated on his decline. His victims and I are probably loving this part at least.


I mean...good? They have dental care in jail now? Or is that just for the rich inmates? It snowed here yesterday, how was everyone else's weather? And still, nobody feels sorry for him. And....so what tough break, nigga (c) Chappelle Wait so you’re telling me karma exists? Seems like he's the big fall guy for the whole things in many ways , not that he doesnt deserve it , just that it's easy to point to him as a big booming example of justice and believe somehow that there's noone in hollywood currently acting as he did, which I doubt


Why only four ...okay? Can I volunteer to go spit on him as well? Ummm, remove the penis also! Thank you! Good Good.

Actions have consequences. Let his rapey ass rot. l0l cool God don’t like ugly! good Was he castrated? No. Then it’s not news. Nice, I needed that pick me up. Stay bent Harvey.

Good Hold on, gotta call Maraplago to see if I can borrow Melamine’s coat. Gosh. Wonderful, anywho. And

I'm actually pretty psyched about the Loki series, real talk. It looks like a good bit of action comedy. Don't know the extent of the plot but I'm brimming with anticipation. So his name should be Harvey Dyinstein huh? Let me know when his dick falls off...now that would be ironic! so what? So he needs glasses, dentures, and a pace maker? Just like any other old man? Attorneys be astonishingly foul sometimes 🙄

Being a rapist is bad for your health

Karma muthafucka Good Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. we supposed to feel bad for him or something? Doooooont care Good. I hope he suffers for the rest of his miserable life. I'm sure his victims will. We must do everything we can to keep this man alive as long as possible. He hasn’t come anywhere near the suffering required for his crimes

Why is it the most powerful/biggest bullies become the most pathetic when caught out?

Good 😊 Good HE MADE CHOICES. These are the consequences. Being a gluttonous, misogynist rapist shouldn’t pay. maggieNYT Good. maggieNYT Yeah. AND? No sympathy here, so if that is what you were looking for from this swill you failed miserably. Good That’s crazy hey what did y’all think of Wrestlemania? Night 1 night 2

if he hadn't spent much of his life as a grotesquely prolific rapist/abuser perhaps he could be experiencing these things as a free man

nice He's getting what he deserves Why don't you focus on his victims? Is he miserable? If so, keep him alive so he can experience every moment. Love this for him. Why did his attorney have four of his teeth removed ? 🤨 Um... ok. how do I play this tweet on repeat Wish it was worse

Nice AND? lol thoughts and prayers lmfao Who cares? He deserves to rot in jail and apparently that is the case. Maybe he shouldn't have dressed like that- sorry, I meant: maybe he should have been such a despicable piece of shit human. Oh no! Poor rapist! That explains it. No wonder he had to take advantage of so many young women.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

hell yeah He deserves a lot, lot worse Yikes God don't like ugly.. Sending Healing energy so he makes a full recovery! So fuck. Let him rot so what Haha awesome maggieNYT Don’t care. May he rot in prison. Shame on you guys, you really need to be more empathetic with him. I know a lot of you guys hate him for what he did, but he’s going through a bad time, ok? Sam did not deserve all this hate for giving away the Captain America shield…. Anyway… Weinstein can die for all I care.

LeChatNoire4 And? Who says the media never reports any good news? Oh poor Harvey. This must be breaking all his hollywood friends and lady friends' hearts. 'My heart breaks..' 'My heart breaks..' 'My heart breaks..' TheyAllKnew ALL cool We appreciate the update, keep ‘em coming 🙃 and?

Four teeth removed or four teeth punched out of his skull by a fellow inmate? I hope those pain killers were 'accidentally sugar pills SO. So is Bill Cosby and is still in custody. Maybe that will keep him from biting his eyes so much. And ? So what? And? But? So? Therefore? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Ok and? Finally some feel-good reporting.


It’s karma, bitch Good for him. Did anyone watch Line of Duty last night? Is he still a pervert with less teeth? Yes. When will Oprah be interviewing all his victims? Very convincing. ...So anyway I’m enjoying some wine, how’s everyone else doing? Bummer!!!! Rip DMX Shame.

🤷🏿🤷🏿 maggieNYT Who gives a sheet? Thanks for the progress report. Karma is a dish well served, No sympathy over here. oh well...so I ate some really good marshmallows.