Weekend gun violence shakes gatherings in cities across U.S.

Fatal incidents in California, Texas and Illinois marred the holiday weekend.

6/21/2021 10:59:00 AM

Gun violence marred outdoor and indoor gatherings in cities across the U.S. this weekend after some regions emerged from a scorching heat wave.

Fatal incidents in California, Texas and Illinois marred the holiday weekend.

In Flint, Michigan, a woman diedafter she was fatally shot by police after allegedly exchanging gunfire with them near a Juneteenth parade. Read more: NBC News »

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“This weekend”? Ha! Being shot down in the street is as American as hot dogs and apple pie… You don’t have to wait until the weekend for a bloody massacre anymore, we’ve got’em daily now! Allowing a gun to fall into the wrong hands is tantamount to pulling the trigger too. It is the government, gun manufacturers, gun dealers of all kinds and individual gun owners responsibility to prevent it from happening; there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it-- your at fault.

Just another weekend in gun toting 'Merica. I’m a gun owner and honestly it needs to be harder to get a weapon. I walk out of gun stores in like 30 minutes with mine. Can't blame this insane skyrocketing violent crime on Covid Cabin Fever anymore or a bad economy with no jobs. Masks are coming off, people are getting out, the government is throwing buckets of money out the window in covid relief & there are zillions of jobs. So what is it?

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Juneteenth celebrations, graduation party, concert all marred by weekend gun violenceJuneteenth celebrations this weekend in California, South Carolina, Michigan and Colorado, a high school graduation party in Philadelphia and a concert in Baton Rouge were all marred by gun violence. 1 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🦅 No white supremacists involved, since they don’t really exist.

Fear shakes Mexico border city after violence leaves 18 deadCIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico (AP) — Fear has invaded the Mexican border city of Reynosa after gunmen in vehicles killed 14 people, including taxis drivers, workers and a nursing student, and security forces responded with operations that left four suspects dead. wow Kamala WILL get this turned around! m_ebrard 🤬

US law enforcement 'very nervous' about proactive policing as gun violence soars'Proactive policing is much more complicated. And now we're in the post George Floyd era, which makes police understandably cautious,' says Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, a law enforcement policy group. 🇺🇸 has no sense of right or wrong anymore, most of you are stupid and can’t see this.

Parkland father launches new 'Dads For Gun Safety' campaignGun safety activist Fred Guttenberg has started the 'Dads For Gun Safety' campaign ahead of Father's Day to encourage congressional action on gun safety, and he joins Morning Joe along with former Rep. Joe Walsh, R-Il., to discuss. All good and nice.. But as long as Americans vote to keep the GQP near power... Nothing will change. Americans don't care about gun violence.. At least 50% nonvoters and 20% republiKKKans. 30% decent ppl won't achieve this goal. So.. It's pretty easy, elect dems. MalcolmNance Why just dads? Why not parents?

They allegedly went on a murderous rampage across the U.S. Here's what the records show.The defendants, facing dozens of charges, drove more than 1,000 miles during the deadly crime spree. Adrienne Simpson has admitted to multiple slayings. They're black! Color me surprised. Well maybe they deserve a break. They were probably celebrating the idiotic holiday Juneteenth.

Southwest US states bake, wildfire threatens Arizona townsAs the Southwest U.S. continues to bake, weather forecasters are keeping warnings in effect for excessive heat in Arizona, Nevada and desert areas, at least through the weekend. Phoenix reached a high of 115 degrees Saturday and Las Vegas hit 111 degrees. Reagan & his Christian evangelists got wind Jesuit University El Salvador was gonna teach true gospels of Jesus, You know help downtrodden, feed, clothe, shelter teach the poor Can't have real teachings going on, GOPs said Trained a hit squad & murder the Jesuit priests. Yikes! That's hot, even by Aussie standards.