Weed And Vagina Problems: The Story Of Lara Parker, Cannabis And Endometriosis Activist

The story of Lara Parker, cannabis and endometriosis activist


The story of Lara Parker, cannabis and endometriosis activist

Lara shares her story, her experience using cannabis to treat endometriosis, and advice on products that help.

Lara is a BuzzFeed editor and well-known social media influencer who’s used her platforms not only to promote body positivity and female liberation, but also, and perhaps more importantly and surprisingly, to talk about her vagina problems – coincidentally, the title of her upcoming book. Beyond her vagina, Lara speaks a lot about how she uses cannabis and cannabis-derived products to treat some of the symptoms of her endometriosis, which is in turn responsible for said vagina problems.

Lara was officially diagnosed with endometriosis, a disease where tissue that’s similar to the lining of the uterus (known as the endometrium) is found outside of the uterus

“I was struggling a lot with my new-ish diagnoses at the time and my inability to have penetrative sex as a straight woman,” she explains.

This reaction led her to dig deeper into the issue. She had an outlet to talk about her worsening pain, and knew she could help others struggling connect over it in the process.

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“I had nothing to lose so I tried it [cannabis]. I immediately felt my body relax. I was less aware of my pain. I felt lighter, happier.”

“Since that day I have used some form of cannabis every day in my life, whether it be actually smoking it, vaping, dabbing, [applying] balms on my lower back and abdomen, [using] bath salts, edibles, or CBD capsules,” Lara voices. “I rely it on it heavily for pain management and it is the only form of pain killer I use.”

“If I had a prescription for another painkiller, would I be called a bad influence? I doubt it. But that sort of reaction only fuels me to talk about it more. I believe in marijuana's ability to help a lot of people with a lot of different things.”

On bad pain days, those where she’s not bedridden but still “feeling awful,” she dabs concentrates or take edibles.

Finally, she mentions CBD and THC vaginal suppositories. “I use THC and CBD lube heavily, not only during intimacy, but also on the day to day for my vulvar pain,” she ends.

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