Wearing A Mask At Home Could Help Stop Coronavirus Spread Among Family Members, Study Says - Cnn

Wearing A Mask At Home Could Help Stop Coronavirus Spread Among Family Members, Study Says - Cnn

Wearing a mask at home could help stop coronavirus spread among family members, study says

Wearing a mask at home could help stop coronavirus spread among family members, a new study says

5/29/2020 1:45:00 AM

Wearing a mask at home could help stop coronavirus spread among family members, a new study says

One of the few reliefs in our current pandemic is removing that mask when you arrive back home after a trip to the store. If you've got family there, however, a new study suggests you may want to keep it on.

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It's common sense but none wear mask at home Please stop. Not. Happening. So true Please someone get it correct mask on healthy people is not good. You are breathing in your own co everyone says different. Who really knows? What about CO2 breathing? correct, I'm at home by myself and I wear a mask at home. using the same logic During the AIDS outbreak, I stopped having sex with myself so as to not get HIV

If one is sick; no shit Sherlock This ullshit has got to stop! Jesus. WOW! Ya'll think this new world order is going to be easy to settle huh? People won't buy into all this bullshit Shut up! Yeah no. I’ll wear this mask in public but damn man, I can’t be wearing it in my own home too Fake News!! Nonsense!! Wearing mask weakens your inmune system and you inhale your own viruses. It also could lead to exhaustion, lung damage and panick attacks to people who suffers it.

This nonsense is ridiculous. The virus went through our family of 6 and one person had minor symptoms. Same thing for a couple other families we know. Stay away from grandma and this is not even as bad as the flu a mask is useless without eye covering. have yall forgotten transmission via eye sockets? perhaps yall got too much fecal matter through the brain from mingling with farts. soz for being blunt but yall putty in the hands of a certain pedofile pulling stings on our existence..

People have to much time on their hands to think of crap headlines and stories. We’ve been in quarantine since March. Shouldn’t they have posted this 3 months ago. Nice fear based feeding post Ah! Really!! A recent study definitively shows CNN is fake news There is a new study that shows that soon the virus will mutate and wipe all idiots of this world that underestimate this virus and politicize it. Please do not wear a mask so we will be freed of the nitwits 👍🏻

In other news, scientists and experts discover that water is wet. You people in the studio should also wear mask to stop the spread 🤣 my friend got fired bc her temperature went up. which happens every month to women when they ovulate. what the fuck coronavirus CoronavirusLockdown Really? This is getting dumber and dumber.

hardly ‘breaking news’, just simple common sense Hogwash Some studies are really stupid and a waste of funds. This one is an example. MSM FakeNews media are digging their grave. On the way of their demise, they will drag thousands of brain-washed sheople, who listen their advice and will die of hypoxemia (lack of oxygen) and CO2 poisoning.

Bullshit. Wear a mask don't wear a mask now wear a mask and home wear a mask in the bathroom don't wear a mask in the bathroom nobody knows what they're talking about CNN and we’re supposed to believe you because.....? weird 这不是废话? I can’t wear a mask day and night all the time no matter what I deleted about 17 answers to this. You guys?

Haha Seems like the Republicans are making a profit selling masks to people. Fake news! Check with WHO A new study , lol unsubscribes Wearing a mask at home hmmmm that's suicide Mask at home !!! No thank you - have been at home now for the last 2 months !!! THAT'S your 'Breaking News?' No wonder your ratings are so low. Go sneeze in a mirror and scare yourself.

No bruh Geez chaps, this is pretty obvious. It's not rocket science. A white one? Watching CNN can cause further brain damage. Get real .. flu season is OVER !! Fake news! You should be ashamed! You want people to develop respiratory problems. Stop spreading fear and anger. Abegi Stop the lies! nomoremasks Being sealed in plastic bubble is 99% effective. Ef CNN

No one can assess that Xi Jinping is now taking revange of his father's killing 30 years back by Chinese communist party by misguiding chinese to spoil China's image in the world and the whole country's effort to develope economy. Guess we’re wearing masks forever then 😂😂😂😂 fake crap again No way! We hate the damn masks inside & outside!

Fuck you this is to much 🤦‍♂️ Do a study on breathing your exhaled air all day and see how that goes. Fake news Why don’t you fact check your Chris Coumo on this? Breathing could prevent dying from suffocation, a new study says studies did show that the risk of infection between family members is about 15% so if you are living with an infected person your chance of not being infected is 85% - even without any special precautions

Why don’t CNN news anchors wear masks in studio then? And if crazy news network all wore plastic bags over their heads some fake news might end CNN just has to keep it going. They are like the Energizer Bunny on creating bad news to scare the public. What a joke Trolling The study in your report did not recommend wearing mask at home. Why do you like to give such a false recommendation and have a shit title like this?

I’m not wearing a freaking mask at home 😡 Yeah... it’s not gonna happen! I can do some extra cleaning at home and I can wear a mask. if it helps my family, neighbors and my community I'm okay with that Need a FactCheck Oh man - remember when they said masks didn’t work? Fact check please Jack TwitterSupport TwitterSafety Twitter

If you are isolating with symptoms. Not too late to find out Not wearing masks was 100% effective here Notice how they also suggest it's safer to not eat meals with and generally stay away from family members. Don't ever tell me liberals are not bent on destroying the American family values to replace them with their Godless pursuit of entertainment and gluttony.

Have fun in your basements with your masks on. It’s time to end the lockdowns FakeNewsAlert The lock downs are over!!!! All these protesters are out & about, there is no way to keep them down again. Its over take the Loss Idiots!!!! Mindless fearful lemmings. just said to inhale bleach!! Just giving you a taste of your own medicine. FakeNews

NOPE Who told you don't wear a mask months ago 🙂 How dumb do y’all think your viewers are? And there are 100 studies that says the opposite. Because you’ll use your face to flush the toilet, pass utensils, open doors, use appliances, flick switches, and put away dishes?! But CNN employees do not wear masks. Where is your consistency? CNN

Wearing a mask while watching cnn will catch your puke. Slow new day? This is the dumbest tweet Ok, this is a little extreme. Or McD🤮😂😂😂😂 The only ones making money is the mask company if you wrap a handkerchief around your mouth you are just as safe How about reporting something newsworthy? Enough with the mask thing

Your article is so full of 💩 No. This is stupid. Actually beyond stupid. These procedure mask and cloth mask do nothing but muzzle the wearer. We wil not wear mask in our homes or in the open air. We will not bow to your ridiculous demands. We have lost our ever-living minds. Y’all have fun. Wearing a mask is like wearing a bra you can’t wait to get home to take it out .....

Joke? Many US doesn't wear mask in public area and you expect them to wear it at home. FakeNewsAlert Killing your family is guaranteed to stop the spread of the virus in your family, experts say. what the HE!! is wrong with you?! Our immune system and the entire World is gonna be so FUCK&D up due to your constant fear mongering and people actually believing it 🤬

That does not sound “credible” especially since it is written that most scientists do not trust CNN. Is this the new liberal oppression based talking point? Stop fearmongering over a virus that has a similar mortality rate to that of the annual flu! Also, we need to wear a mask to bed and when we take a shower.

Stfu this is the stupidest thing I’ve seen this week, or today. But still ridiculous. If you know you have it that’s one thing but unless someone is severely compromised this is just plain stupid. But thanks CNN Ridiculous Bull shit. Shameful 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what a sick joke and study Actually tuning into CNN will force all living humans to evacuate the premises. Unless you are the innocent soul aborted which you Support too 😢

Fake news. Lol Ok not sure what the meaning is of wearing masks, but there was ample data in March stating healthy people should absolutely NOT wear a mask. Now it's patriotic duty. Something fishy here. I'm not drinking the Kool aid and I'm not taking your vaccine. Wearing a condom at home could help stop liberals from procreating, a new study says.

Bullshit. I saw several people testifying of making so much money with the help of BenardFixed weekly, i decided to give it a try and now I'm so happy I did BenardFixed has helped me earn $9000 in just 5 working days of trading, I'm so glad and thankful Sir BenardFixed Wow. You guys have reached a whole new level of stupid. Oh Lord Almighty, please help us.

Kids committing suicide cause of CNN. Keep spinning Hahahahahahahaha you’re about 3 months too late don’t you think? This ain’t the plague you know. I swear the folks writing these articles have failed at life and should never be allowed to reproduce. CNN. GO AWAY ALREADY!!! Stop already!!!!!! CNN is such a joke. Its like watching a soap opera. Lie,lie,lie start trouble and spread rumors. You can see the horns growing out of there heads and demons smile's on there faces. I do not even think they are human.

CNN is officially broke. Not fixable. Just broke. XiNN not even wearing them in the news room GFY This rubbish new studies comes to us from all son of gun they did not know about any thing about covid -19 every day new theory what the hell is doing 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Also wearing mask at home while watching CNN reduce corona spread Its a joke Nobody watches cnn

Seriously? Need a study for that?....That's common sense.... Yeah, not gonna happen. Thanks Chinese News Network Wearing a mask in public toilet can make you comfort while doing potty You don’t need a study to come to that conclusion. A crowd is a crowd in or outside of the house. Shut up please CNN. We have bigger problems.

This is breaking news? A new study finds this person that did this study is an idiot. Yeah I’m not going that far. I wear one in public but... 😂😂😂😂😂 oooooooooook Why would a study be needed for this. If they’re saying wearing one in public would help slow/stop the spread why the fuck wouldn’t that carry over to into the home? Like they wasted a whole study for this? Da. Fuck. 🥴

🤣😂🤣😂🤣 nwo take a break please Bullshit Some study? No observation! Phone calls! More CNN fear mongering. Here fixed the story headline. “Cleaning the house frequently with bleach or disinfectants was almost equally effective at 77%.” Twitter - this headline is misleading and written to incite fear. Now we are to live in our home scared? Clean your damn hands and your house.

Someone had to study that? Omg! Who is posting this shit? 3/the smaller coronavirus particle. To efficiently protect from coronaviruses, you would need to wear a special full-faced lab mask with a high-efficiency particle air filter. But of course the mainstream news like CNN dont tell people this. 🤣🤣🤣

Fact check: false. Wearing masks increases the chances of contracting virus. Due to the amount of times you would touch your face compared to not wearing it. Also, coronavirus is smaller than filter airways on N95 masks. Keep living in ignorance and fear. Lolololl! Shut up CNN Okay that’s ridiculous Piss off

y’all had to do a study to find that out? Just stop it. I feel like I’m being punked now. Only CNN would come up with BS like this! Who’s study yours like the one you did on yourself then celebrated. GTFO ! idiot hey Twitter did you fact check this? 'Daily close contact with a family member who was showing symptoms increased the risk for others...' No kidding really? I never would have guessed. In other news, close contact with a hot stove top burner shows increased risk of you getting burned.

Hilarious ! The nation cannot agree to wear mask outside to protect each other, would help with preventing spread in the first place. Hahaha...no way in hell. I've never worn one in public, I'm definitely not wearing one at home. Especially not for a minor virus like this. 2/..a host cell to replicate. A coronavirus virion (particle), averages around 125 nanometers. teenier than the smallest visible wavelength of light. Compare that to bacteria’s 1,000-nm size. A surgical mask whose purpose is to block bacteria will do little to prevent passage..

Wannan dokar dae baa cikin gidana bah 🥴🥴🙌 No! Just No! I suffer from anxiety like many people. Wearing a mask makes me almost have a panic attack. I do wear one at stores and such but I get in get want I need and get out. Stop 🛑 JUST STOP Fake news Not according to Dr.Fauci Twitter fact check this Come on 🤦🏾‍♂️

Biden, Urging Face Masks, Calls Trump a ‘Fool’ for Not Wearing OneJoseph Biden, in his first in-person interview since the coronavirus curtailed his campaign, suggested the president was being “falsely masculine’’ by refusing to wear a mask. he actually said in a muffled mask voice...”Hesh a fmule!” maggieNYT Look at what he does: Trump holds press conferences in the Rose Garden whenever possible because we’re in a pandemic. Given that logic his aversion to masks is pure vanity. So “I can’t complete a sentence” JoeBiden and his son pockets millions on backdoor deals with Ukraine and China, accused of rape and tells Blacks they aren’t black if they don’t vote for him? If so, good luck in 2020. 😳

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