Wearing a face mask at home could reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission by up to 80 percent, scientists say

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The study involved hundreds of people in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

A family was defined as people who had lived with the sick person in a house for four days before and more than 24 hours after their symptoms started showing. On average, families had four members, ranging from two to nine, and usually included children, parents, and grandparents, as is typical in China, the team said.

The team found that almost a quarter of family members were infected within two weeks of the sick person falling ill, at 23 percent. But if the sick person and their family members wore a mask at home before the individual developed symptoms, this was 79 percent effective in reducing transmission. "The results suggest that community face mask use is likely to be the most effective inside the household during severe epidemics," the scientists wrote.


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China Uncensored :P

This is The Onion rebranded.

Are Trump's scientists are now saying we should wear a mask in our homes because he said Biden and his wife weren't wearing masks?

Lost your freaking minds.

Why not get masks surgically implanted & people can wesr them 24/7 for the rest of their lives?

China is Fucking with us. Karens abandoned the Covid-19 chaos when the Central Park Karen called the cops on a black. Now they have Minnesota AntifaFires to support. Kudos to China if they get Karens to wear masks at home. China steals Hong Kong🇭🇰 while Karens are distracted.

Patients should go hospital and be quarantined. Stay at home with virus is ridiculous

Not a chance in hell.

Lies - Dr Fauci said mask do not work 100%. He is the scientist that shutdown america. He created the situation for politicians to send seniors w coronavirus to care homes that killed thousands of invalid seniors. Who speaks for them?

Should I wear one at home if I live alone?

At home?...why am I suprise?


These so called experts😅 same ones who say eating chocolate is bad for you then a bit later no its good for you now😂😂😂

Ain't happening. What goes on in my house is none of your business!


LIsten NewsLeeze.... we see you. Subscriptions to your print version are so far down, do you even have a print version anymore... its obvious why why you write complete LIES like this. LIES LIES LIES!!



Ain’t nobody wearing their mask in the house! This 💩 going to far y’all got to chill.


Pretty weak study but sure if someone in your household already put a mask on them


Hmmmmm. Nah.

Liberal scientists say.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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