Wealthy Socialite Rebecca Grossman Pleads Not Guilty in Fatal Hit-and-Run of Two Young Boys

6/5/2022 7:24:00 AM

Rebecca Grossman is blaming LA's crosswalks on a fatal hit-and-run crash that killed two young brothers—even though she was reportedly racing an ex-MLB player

Rebecca Grossman is blaming LA's crosswalks on a fatal hit-and-run crash that killed two young brothers—even though she was reportedly racing an ex-MLB player

Rebecca Grossman is blaming LA's crosswalks on a fatal hit-and-run crash that killed two young brothers—even though she was reportedly racing an ex-MLB player.

murder for a 2020 hit-and-run that resulted in the death of two young boys.Android and pick your alerts.VISTA, Calif.by D.

The wealthy philanthropist faces second-degree murder charges for the car accident, which allegedly occurred while she was racing her Mercedes.Grossman, 58, appeared Friday in court, facing charges for an incident back in September 2020.In September 2020, Iskander was with her husband, three sons and their daughter out for a walk in Westlake Village when they began crossing the street.Behind the wheel of her Mercedes Benz in Los Angeles County’s Westlake Village, Grossman fatally struck Mark and Jacob Iskander (aged 11 and 9) on Sept.Witnesses say he crossed the road, got the ball and was waiting on the shoulder when he was struck.29, 2020.A judge ruled last month Grossman should stand trial.Grossman was reportedly racing against ex-MLB pitcher Scott Erickson.He left D.

After she ran over them, she continued to drag one of them for 100 feet on her car hood before hitting the brakes.Prosecutors say Grossman had been drinking prior to the crash, and posted a blood-alcohol level of.A composite sketch was released after the accident of the driver, who got out briefly, looking panicked, before getting back in the truck and taking off.The child fell off her car, but before Grossman could flee the scene, she ran over him one final time.Now, the socialite blames the brothers’ deaths on the “poorly marked, unguarded, and unlit” crosswalk.They also allege she hit the boys at more than 70 mph in a 45 mph zone and continued driving, only stopping when her car eventually broke down.“The prosecution’s continued insistence on making this a murder case by overcharging my client, a pillar of this community, with murder is nothing more than a transparent effort to force her to plea,” Grossman’s attorney, Tony Buzbee, said in a statement.Ryan's death devastated his family, including his parents and three siblings.“Such acts of gamesmanship impede progress in this important case.Iskander says her boys deserve justice.He wore to the Capitol a tank top with the logo of comic book vigilante “Punisher,” along with a tactical glove on one hand.

We won’t allow Rebecca to be bullied this way.” The Iskander family, who have two other young children, were attempting to walk across a marked crosswalk (with no stoplight) when they heard a speeding car approaching."He was a tough guy and a runner and he would say 'mom, you should never worry about any attacks because I’m your bodyguard.Family members have said they want to keep the case alive to motivate the driver or someone who knows something, to come forward—for Ryan.Buzbee stated that the two brothers were on “roller skates and a skateboard,” impeding on Grossman’s ability to hit the brakes in time.“The city was repeatedly asked to upgrade and make the crosswalk safer,” Buzbee said.Grossman is due back in court in August.“That night, due to the darkness, lack of lighting and the color of clothing they were wearing, my client never saw those little boys.“His last birthday, when he turned nine, he donated all his birthday money to the local soup kitchen,” said Leitzke.“I regret going inside,” Pruitt said at a detention hearing in January 2022.

” The socialite now faces charges of two felony counts of murder, two counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, and one felony count of hit-and-run driving resulting in death.This article tagged under:.Erickson has also been charged with reckless driving, though he does not face any of the murder charges.Grossman, who formerly published Westlake Magazine , is best known for her contributions to the Grossman Burn Foundation.The truck was described as a tan or cream-colored Toyota pickup truck with multicolored stripes and some equipment tarped in the back.The socialite works with her husband, distinguished plastic surgeon Dr.Peter Grossman, on the foundation.He also has convictions on his record for theft, harassment and drug possession.


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The wealthy hate it when the peasants get in the way of their street racing. She was having an affair with that ex MLB player. California. LosAngeles. mega Rich RebeccaGrossman Raced down that WestLakeVillage street. Her Mercedes ran down 9 and 11 yr-old MarkIskander JacobIskander. Lawrence JoeBiden WhiteHouse Maddow.

Oh FFS she’s the victim?! Of crosswalks?! Shame on her and her new “nasty” Texas lawyer You mean pedestrians get to cross the street while I am racing?🤦‍♀️ Are USA Americans in power showing cowardliness? Do voting citizens need guns in homes more than ever now to protect families & themselves? Is it because cowards walk by crimes being committed in public or cowards have defunded by fear the police unable to serve and protect? Y/N?

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Wife of Grossman Burn Foundation Co-Founder Pleads Not Guilty in Hit-and-Run That Killed 2 BrothersRebecca Grossman pleaded not guilty in court Friday to charges of murder, manslaughter and hit-and-run, for a crash that left two young boys dead in Westlake Village in 2020. Times like this it’s okay to post the mugshot. Show her face! She couldn’t “understand” why her airbags went off. Two dead children did it. Not her fault? Hang her! Unbelievable. She drove away with one of the boys on the hood of her car. I hope she gets what she deserves.

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