Health, Us Coronavirus: 'We've Done Worse Than Most Any Other Country, ' Fauci Says As Us Marks Grim Covid-19 Death Toll - Cnn

Health, Us Coronavirus: 'We've Done Worse Than Most Any Other Country

'We've done worse than most any other country,' Fauci says as US marks grim Covid-19 death toll

The US has now surpassed the devastating milestone of half a million Covid-19 deaths. It's a staggering figure that experts say did not have to be this high.

2/23/2021 12:45:00 PM

'We've done worse than most any other country and we're a highly developed, rich country.' The US has now surpassed the devastating milestone of half a million Covid-19 deaths. It's a staggering figure that experts say did not have to be this high.

The US has now surpassed the devastating milestone of half a million Covid-19 deaths. It's a staggering figure that experts say did not have to be this high.

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Italy has a .16% mortality rate and the U.S. is .15%. That took me only searching one country to prove cnn isn't a news organization but a lazy left wing propagandist and fauci is fakenews. Fake news COVID is FAKE, and Fauci is a Criminal Per capita we are better or same as many European countries. No doubt we could/should do better.

We need to ask why POTUS is not promoting a national ZeroCovid strategy to bring pandemic under control using successful approaches from otger nations. We need to address the health toll being taken on our citizens for failure to enact policies that prevent infections. Just like everything else we are evil mean and nasty and don't you forget it !

Firstly i don't believe the figure at all, complete propaganda, secondly why not talk about how many have died from cancer in the same time frame? When you know it will be a factor of 10x this figure you know this is agenda driven BS Prayers to those who died.. JEsus Saves They lied that it was Trump now Biden is failing too? Where is CNN and COVID COVID COVID mask masks masks will save 40 000 deaths lies

Even worse than ' shit hole' countries, well maybe their President's were not as shitty at their jobs than the former guy.....just saying The USA is a 3rd world country under a 1st world coverage China’s fault remember where it came from Yes, we're doing the worst right now. But we should be credited for having a 'paraplegic - like' disability until very recently.

Thanks to the Chinese Government for concocting the Virus, to Obama, Gates and Soros who helped bring it to America and the Democrat Governors who helped spread it to our population just to bring down Trump and steal the election. The blood of 500k Americans are on their hands. In a pandemic, having no healthcare system to speak of has some drawbacks. The upside is that all the dead are free from government intervention. /cynicism , as many if not most are ...

You're not rich. You're trillions of dollars in debt, millions are unemployed, you're infrastructure is in decay, homelessness is rampant and your citizens have no access to affordable health care. You haven't been rich since the 60's. Those are hard words to hear from Dr Fauci. We need to see ourselves less as the boss of me and more as the career of we. We are a troubled country and our data spells it out- homeless, covid deaths, evictions, defaults, hunger, poverty. WIDESPREAD. Start small. Neighbor

We are rich bc we eat the poor. It’s a rich country. The people on the other hand... Are not. CNN FakeNews fakepandemic Numbers don't lie, my deepest sympathy and condolences The funny thing is Trump could have sleepwalked to an election victory if he tried anything, anything, to stop this plague. Instead we get a half million deaths.

Biden's America. SMH. 500,000 dead from COVID is a fake and empty stat. At least half of those people died from something else. But tested positive for COVID after the fact. This was the fault of the politics who did not do their job. We are happy in my country, our King lead us to the safe place. 'Where there is no vision, people perish'

So obvious that US has worst health system in western world but they are so divided that nothing is done about it. Republics obsessed with socialism although they will always spend on armed forces, & Dems just havent got the balls or power to fix. As predicted, selfish behavior over the holidays led to a huge surge in deaths over the last 3 months. Hoping the vaccination will continue give our healthcare workers a break and reduce deaths.

CGL 2018 - 850 Days CHSL 2018 - 546 Days MTS 2019 - 498 Days CGL 2019 - more than 400 Days CGL 2017 - 1,203 Days (Joining pending for many aspirants) What is common b/w these exams? NONE OF THEM HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Who is RESPONSIBLE? modi_rojgar_do cgl19marks Thank you Biden and Cuomo Trying to find simple answers to complicated questions is what US is good at. Looking at what’s going on 160 is not enough. But if needed; trust in the authorities, valuing individual good, sacrifyising personal interest for the good of the community. Start with these.

Worthy of being a powerful country 2009 h1n1 Obama Because some idiote said inject with sanitizer 'We've done worse than most any other country BECAUSE we're a highly developed, rich country.' Fixed it for you. People can get fat and unhealthy, and be generally iller in a safe society. No thanks to Trump.

LessonsLearned Fauci should have sounded the alarm more forcefully. 500,000 dead and there are still many who refuse to wear masks, social distance or use any common sense safety measures. Shame on them. It's true the US has many rich people, but it's obviously a poor country and one feels sorry for the people.

Hindsight is always 2020. Former Guy's lies, incompetence & dereliction of duty had consequences! It didn't have to be this way! So very sad. It did not have to be this way. Not true! Americans are the least healthy people in the developed world, of course they would have the most problems.