We're scientists and engineers working on NASA‘s Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter that just landed on Mars. Ask us anything! : IAmA

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2/23/2021 12:07:00 AM

‼️ HAPPENING NOW: NASAPersevere experts answer YOUR questions live during a Reddit AMA about our Mars rover’s Feb. 18 landing, as well as today’s newly released images, sounds, and videos of the Red Planet. What do you want to know? ➡️

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3We're scientists and engineers working on NASA‘s Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter that just landed on Mars. Ask us anything!Science - LiveThe largest, most advanced rover NASA has sent to another world landed on Mars, Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021, after a 293 million mile (472 million km) journey. Perseverance will search for signs of ancient microbial life, study the planet’s geology and past climate, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith, paving the way for human exploration of the Red Planet. Riding along with the rover is the Ingenuity Mars helicopter, which will attempt the first powered flight on another world.

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Now that the rover and helicopter are both safely on Mars, what's next? What would you like to know about the landing? The science? The mission's 23 cameras and two microphones aboard? Mission experts are standing by. Ask us anything!Hallie Abarca

, Image and Data Processing Operations Team Lead, NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryJason Craig, Visualization Producer, NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryCj Giovingo, EDL Systems Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryNina Lanza, SuperCam Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory headtopics.com

Adam Nelessen, EDL Cameras Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryMallory Lefland, EDL Systems Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryLindsay Hays, Astrobiology Program and Mars Sample Return Deputy Program Scientist, NASA HQGeorge Tahu, Mars 2020 Program Executive, NASA HQ


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reddit Persevere 🙏🏻 Persevere reddit tokenizedtweets 0xf669dbb6C0d21e112ee0842856E31cD344bB87b1 Persevere reddit Definitivamente extraordinario . Persevere reddit reddit Persevere love it - check this this slideshow of the first pictures taken by Perseverance and my inspirational message/ song:

AstroMCollins Persevere reddit Awe, there goes a magnificent sight! Persevere reddit Is that Opportunity? Persevere reddit The atmosphere of Mars looks like something resembling the Earth, it seems that we have landed Perseverance on a high mountain of Earth Persevere reddit Persevere can they not use a drone for a flyaround...

Persevere reddit No life on Mars Persevere reddit Wonder why there are no solar panels in this clip? Retracted? Persevere reddit Esto me parece más un desierto aquí en la tierra no me parece creíble Persevere reddit I watched NOVA this evening documenting the painstaking, awe inspiring preparation of Persey. After viewing this image, I thought of the Q-tip cleaners in their head to toe white suits and the small, black spots on the Rover's white cover😕 Surface Not to be walked in barefoot

Persevere reddit This is the most incredible news all week and it got about 5 minutes of news! I WAS JUMPING FOR JOY AND SO PROUND OF YOU ALL. Persevere reddit Wow! Persevere reddit What does it sound like on mars? Persevere reddit How long does it take for an image or video to from Mars to Earth? Persevere reddit Gerald_Groehn dein Coupé vom Mars!

reddit Persevere $xlm 🚀 Persevere reddit GetVideoBot Persevere reddit Fake ass shit who videotaped this in space ? Persevere reddit Great work Persevere reddit Congrats. Way to. Go Persevere reddit Wowww🥰🥰🥰 Persevere reddit Persevere reddit I have no idea why but Persevere reminds me of an assassin bug:

Persevere reddit is this real Persevere reddit Super Persevere reddit Wanda can go to Mars and change the reality there, but she didn't. Persevere reddit Yea Persevere reddit sukhssp22 reddit Persevere I got one! What does perseverance controller look like? Persevere reddit Where's the guns Persevere reddit Ilike this.keep up Nasa

Persevere reddit How is shooting I mean making video? Of persevere with having anyone on that planet or someone there!!!!! Persevere reddit Drugs kill Persevere reddit Similarly, the sky crane seems like it could be used as some sort of passive data platform, meteorology? Seismology? If that were tweaked. idk

Persevere reddit The images of the shell, parachute, heat shield and skycrane were exciting; I have to wonder: What science has been planned to add to those pieces in future landings? I have to say, if there was a way to add/deploy a penetrator, that heat shield as drill/seismo impactor? Persevere reddit Exciting

Persevere reddit 🛸🌕👽🛸🌕👉 soyrolo🦁🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🦁 Persevere reddit Yeah, no. You shameless bastards are back at the public teat, but that's hardly news. Y'all have been stealing money like this since y'all 'landed on the moon' without stirring up a spec of dust despite a 'thruster' and 1/6th gravity. Spend the money here, idiots.

Persevere reddit Quel la différence horaire entre mars et d'Afrique ? Quel degré (climat) ? Persevere reddit Quién y cómo se ha tomado esta grabación en Marte Persevere reddit Can I call you Percy? Persevere reddit Hello nasar when you use the helicopter what's its function to be,and how far would fly off to many thanks Jf lynass

Persevere reddit Johnny 5 is alive! Persevere reddit You need a new high speed Mars relay satellite. Test Laser Communication! Persevere reddit I would of thought the Ecco from the machine would come back and break the machine. Being it's the only thing on Mars. Persevere reddit Keep up the good work!

Persevere reddit I challenge you if it can moves in the desert on the earth. If it’s passing I’ll believe it moved on The red planet or any one else STOP LYING 🤥 Persevere reddit Très passionnant Persevere reddit Данные с Марса приходят с задержкой 11 минут. Почему нам их показали только 22 февраля, чего 4 дня с ними делали? И теория заговоров тут не при чём.

Persevere reddit How long does it take for the rover to receive and respond to a command from earth Persevere reddit The Camera Man Persevere reddit NASA bir gezegen keşfetmiş Mars Allah kur'an-ı Kerim'de çok gezegen ve çok büyük bir dünyalardan bahsediyorum Persevere reddit क्या हबल , मंगल पर रोवर को ट्रेक कर सकता है ?

Persevere reddit Persevere reddit Saludos desde chile espectacular 👌 Persevere reddit Persevere reddit Aracı kameraya kim alıyor başka araçmı var acaba? Persevere reddit I have a question please: Has HowardWolowitz contributed to all this? BigBangTheory Persevere reddit How long is a day in Mars in Earth hours. (I.e the time it takes to rotate on its on axis)

Persevere reddit really I am proud of NASA for this great news🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺 Persevere reddit Persevere reddit Chevy or Ford ? Persevere reddit Amazing Persevere reddit Will there be any livestream channel that show what happening up there and is it public? Persevere reddit Can he do a flip? Persevere reddit What kind of time delay is there is steering the vehicle around?

Persevere reddit The wind sound is really nice Persevere reddit Here are the other rovers on Mars? Are they still active? Persevere reddit Can Persevere meet NasaCuriosity ? Persevere reddit What is the temperature on Mars? That would be cool to have a weather trend analysis to see if there are different seasons.

JPL Persevere reddit IS JPL ready for the valid tough questions. What is Propulsion powered by millions of zeros. Persevere reddit I want to be an astronaut in traveling to Mars. I have the qualifications to carry out space Persevere reddit Good job Persevere reddit Siguen mostrando imágenes de simulacion? Filmadas por MGM o Paramount?

Persevere reddit Persevere reddit Truly amazing Persevere reddit Is this in South Africa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Persevere reddit Fascinating . Persevere reddit Всего 2 способа собирать информацию что ли? Persevere reddit Travelling a bit faster than my Marina did in the 80s....Bon voyage! Persevere reddit If you find small signs of life like plankton or fossils, how can you tell how old they are?

Persevere reddit NASA is a window into space ! NASA Space AlienToken Persevere reddit Did you take from Earth any virus or entire alive cells to experiment it on Mars with this rover's ? Have we any significant probabilty it could bring back on Earth any alien pandemic virus & bacterias on 26-26-31 MSR ? 👾 🖖 👽 2031 MSR MarsSamples NASA Perseverance

Persevere reddit We still wanna see them aliens Persevere reddit Alice SaturnMoonMatrix Mars has a blue sky So where did red come from.. how many people are in slavery on that plannet... What species do you serve to get all that you have ? Yahushua Yahweh CTF007 Expose NASA HolographicGlitches Deactivate Holographic Reptilian

Persevere reddit el arabası gönderseydiniz! insan şunu biraz süsler ya. rezil olacaz uzaylılara. Persevere reddit Wendor NASA Persevere reddit Can ordinary people go to Mars? I would like to volunteer to go to mars Persevere reddit Lets send Covid to Mars 👽 Persevere reddit What studio you filming at

Persevere reddit At the end the helicopters missions on Mars can you clear Curiosity's panels with the propwash? Is it to far away? Nasa's rovers tend to outlast their missions I figure its worth a shot. Persevere reddit voo Persevere reddit Did I just see a slab on the ground of Mars? That's not a rock, that's a slab!

Persevere reddit What is the weight of the Vehicle? what sort of gravity you have in mars? Is the vehicle friendly or does it carry any arms for self-defence? Persevere reddit I have this strong feeling that the human race landed on earth from another planet. Who knows, things like this have been done on earth before it was occupied by humans.

Persevere reddit This is real? Persevere reddit Lmao another simulation. Who is recording this? Persevere reddit Great Work... Very very happy to hear the voice of Mars preserverancerover MarsPerseverance _Technology Persevere reddit NASA are liars and hiders of photos , information, TRUTHS and property of the TAXPAYERS of the USA 🇺🇸 , shame on them , release it all, NOW YOU HIDERS NASA JPL

Persevere reddit WE WANT TO KNOW WHEN IS THE REAL STUFF IS COMMING INSTEAD OF BORING ANIMATION Persevere reddit When are you doing the helicopter thing? Persevere reddit Fucking awesome! Persevere reddit The rover is great but doesn't have the looks of Tesla. elonmusk should design the next Rover Persevere reddit I thought there was a helicopter flight? I've searched and all I can find are the copy after copy after copy of the landing. Yes I know it landed, that's all the news there is

Persevere reddit What did the sky crane do after the landing? Persevere reddit i hope you put a kind of drone to fly around Persevere reddit .. Where can we see a live unadulterated video and audio feed from Persevere ....no background music , no NASA/JPL guys chatter , just a raw feed please , mars video and audio ! .. MarsPerseverance MarsLanding mars2021

Persevere reddit Persevere reddit Persevere Now for the real exploration - finding britneyspears’ Martian lair! 😊😜 Persevere reddit Where has Persevere landed compared to the other rovers? Persevere reddit Tim mot nua chu khong tim ba chang lua... Persevere reddit Yes, I'm being followed by a Mars Rover Mars Rover, Marsshadow Leaping and hopping on a Mars Rover Marsshadow, Marsshadow Being controlled timelessly from Earth, Mars Rover, Mars Rover.

Persevere reddit Have you found life on mars lol ? My daughter is asking 👍👍🤣 Persevere reddit Don't there be life because the atmosphere defines it like this? Or does 'no life' define the existing atmosphere? Persevere reddit Good. Persevere reddit Why didn’t Percy include a lab like Curiosity so we can determine if ancient life was on planet well before the samples are returned to earth in the 10 years?

Persevere reddit Är den verkligen äkta Ser litet ut som 'plåtniklas'. Om den är på Mars så är det helt fantastiskt!🌷 Persevere reddit Martians object to colonisation Persevere reddit How long and far can Ingenuity fly on a full charge? Persevere reddit Amazing job, by the way. One of the most inspirational things I have ever seen.

Persevere reddit Can you imagine a device or a technology that would help you pick optimal landing sites? Persevere reddit Will Percy be studying its core samples before dropping them? Persevere reddit Even with the sky crane, you kicked up a lot of dust. In the future, will you do anything different?

Persevere reddit OMG! She is beautiful... so odd looking that you got to love her. ❤❤❤❤ Persevere reddit The wheels on the last rover got pretty banged up. How are these wheels different? Persevere reddit Paraşüt ile makina inerken mars'ın yüzeyine videoda aynı kare de birinci ekranda ip sallanmiyor ikinci ekranda sürekli bir ip sallanıyor birde açıda görnünen güneş ne kadar büyük beyaz renkte ve spot aydınlatma gibi parlak tebrikler nasa

reddit Persevere i would love to goto space ? you too ? get that loan first Persevere reddit So we got livestream on mars but no service on the plane? Ok makes sense lol Persevere reddit Whos batteries are onboard? Persevere reddit my coment is what is doing video of this? Persevere reddit Is Persevere equipped with lidar?

Persevere reddit Found this on the panoramic image released today. Can this be the decent stage used to land the rover? It’s reflecting enough light to indicate this is something metallic. Persevere reddit おはよう Persevere reddit NO MORE CGI VIDEOS PLEASEEEE!!!!!!! Persevere reddit Like for violent robot uprising!

Persevere reddit There are our servants who travels from earth to us in 1 day which equals to yours 1000 years. It mentioned in the holy book Quran of Muslims. Find these servants of God & get thier secrets, then will travel to Mars in 1 minute with 1$. Your 5 months is equal 36 seconds of them. Persevere reddit Thanks NASA

Persevere reddit Question, after delivering the Mars rover to the surface, what happens to the Sky train ? Does it simply run out of fuel and crash into the Martian surface ? Persevere reddit Meanwhile back on Mother Earth - £1000 required to build a kitchen to support poor and disadvantaged children in the Kathmandu valley and its surrounding area in Nepal. Please support - Any donations welcomed Thanks

reddit Persevere Waw Persevere reddit What’s impressive is we have internet on Mars Persevere reddit 这是谁拍的? Persevere reddit Hey! What happened to raw images gallery? Where are all those funny pictures? Persevere reddit What happend there ago Persevere reddit Who is taking pictures of this rover is interesting to me. ?

Persevere reddit I doubt that if there was or is any life on mars that the government would even allow the public to see it! It be classified!! We probably just hear if it's safe to life on! Persevere reddit What happened to the descent stage after flyaway? No one seems to care and it did such a great job too 😭

Persevere reddit Serious question: are these real images or cgi to illustrate what's going on? Persevere reddit Light is supposed to be highest speed traveler ever know by science. But there some 'travelers' which travels 10x to 100000x times of light speed. They arrives to thousands or light years of distanced worlds in a blink of eye. This mentioned in the holy book Quran of Muslims.

Persevere reddit Holy crumbs. But nerd alert that was great! I can not wait to see more Persevere reddit I watched the moon landings. I'm watching this. I'll watch the first humans on Mars - with my Granddaughter. Thank you! Persevere reddit vui tinh..de gan..thich nghe thuat nen nguoi co tattoo..da do vo va co 1 baby gai sinh muon tim mot nguoi dan ong yeu thuong lo lang that su..muong 1 gd

Persevere reddit What’s ur buddy Ingenuity 🚁 doing right now to prep for its virgin flight demo? 😍 Persevere reddit Magnificent achievement. Amazing technology. And still reminds me of Charles Hawtrey in 'Carry on Camping'. Persevere reddit Sick!!!💪 Persevere reddit ... images from mars2021 great, audio from JPL terrible. they even posted the terrible audio on youtube

Persevere reddit Est ce qu'on voit les mêmes constellations sur mars que sur terre (Le changement de pdv est Il assez impacté ? ):3 Persevere reddit I coul also call the perseverence Wall-e and the drone Eva you know one takes care of the other in space :3. JPL Persevere reddit Please explain why “ off the shelf “ cameras/ mikes were used for the Perseverance mission in place of much higher mp cameras which are available

Persevere reddit Persevere reddit Please clean up any mess you leave on Mars. Let's not trash the rest of the solar system as we have done to our Earth. Persevere reddit If you posted 55million mi^2 on Zillow, how long would it be before it went “Sale Pending” too? Persevere reddit Meanwhile back on Mother Earth - £1000 required to build a kitchen to support poor and disadvantaged children in the Kathmandu valley and its surrounding area in Nepal. Please support - Any donations welcomed Thanks

Persevere reddit Can we now know when the first human will go to Mars? Persevere reddit I want to know why ZelenskyyUa means schmarklya Persevere reddit Is there evidence of water availability? Persevere reddit What’s taking the video of the rover while It was driving off Persevere reddit Let’s go Persevere reddit We love y'all! Thanks for sharing-

Persevere reddit Rover has more shit than a Christmas goose. Persevere reddit Release the 'copter! Persevere reddit Anybody see AMCTheatres up there? Persevere reddit Awesome work! 👏 Looking forward for more breakthrough exploration initiatives to learn more about Mars and use the learning to save Earth 🌍 from extinction! 👍

Persevere reddit Found any space aliens yet? Persevere reddit This is just so awesome Persevere reddit Persevere reddit 10+ tons of trash has been sent to Mars. Would you consider that it's pretty much contaminated by now? Persevere reddit Keşfedilecek çokkk şeyler varr Persevere reddit Sure looks like the Devon Island Mars Project 😉

Persevere reddit How can you get better TV ratings using footage you’ve released? People think it’s gonna be like Star Trek one day and all we get is rocks and dust. It’s a right snooze fest tbh. Where are the phasers and warp speeds? Persevere reddit Who put that Extinction Rebellion bumper sticker on it?

Persevere reddit Is there a protocol in place if life is found? Thanks reddit Persevere Will the river be checking the heat shield crater site? Might have unearted/unmarsed something Persevere reddit Does Rover have any defense mechanisms built in? Persevere reddit Can the 2 rovers communicate, if yes what language do they speak?

Persevere reddit What is the communication time delay between Mars and Earth. Persevere reddit So...that privatizing of space flight....free market is still ' talking ' about mars. Nasa - Persevere reddit We are officially aliens invading another planet. mars2021 Persevere reddit J’aimerais trop être aux télécommandes de ce truc là

donderisja Persevere reddit Please release a list of the best Marvin the Martian memes and jokes you've ever received. And YAY FOR SCIENCE. donderisja Persevere reddit Será el planeta martes o será un invento más de la NASA, para mi es la tierra.... Persevere reddit So cool Persevere reddit What’s the power source and how long will it last?

Persevere reddit Why the Rover doesn't use Tesla batteries? What other technologies do you have on board on the Rover a part from the camera? Can I have my drone flying on Mars? How long time the elicopter can fly and what the altitude and speed that can go? What about if there is a storm? Persevere reddit isimlerimiz nerede onuda gösterin.

Persevere reddit Может хватит дурить людей? Persevere reddit Ray Bradbury is smiling Persevere reddit Thank you for sharing all this! The images are amazing quality, and so cool to see! Congratulations on your historical success! Persevere reddit Ok experts. Explsiy to us, who was on mars to take the picture before the rover landed?

Persevere reddit So awesome... will be blogging this on our Blog ... blog Persevere reddit Awesome tribute-like compilation of today's footage and simulations! Persevere reddit Persevere reddit I can confirm this is a true fact! reddit Persevere Prove to me it Is actually MARS. Just like NASA means deception.

Persevere reddit How's the weather up there now? What's the temperature Persevere is handling during day and night times? Persevere reddit When the parachute was deployed, what gas is breaking the fall and by how much? JPL Persevere reddit Question: When is the helicopter slated to fly? Persevere reddit What is the assumes life expectancy of current rover?

Persevere reddit Hi what is the speed of the rover on mars ? JPL Persevere reddit First of all, congrats on the landing. I just watched (for the 4x time) the high def landing, wow! Question: What are the odds that the team will find fossilized life? There seems to be a very high confidence level that it is there. TIA.

Persevere reddit How long will it take to get to and start exploring the delta? Thank you. Persevere reddit What are the steps of sending a rocket from Mars to earth is it more complicated then then sending one from earth to Mars ? And when is this mission happening I’ve heard about it a lot but never heard a date? Thank you for all your guys hard work🙏

Persevere reddit Who watches Mars when Persevere goes to the bathroom? Persevere reddit How do you clear the dirt and rubble out from the insides of the tire / does that affect efficiency? reddit Persevere Will there ever be future missions to drill into the earth of mars Persevere reddit Did they find dino's yet? 🦕🦖 Or mushrooms ? 🍄 lievenscheire Joke1959

Persevere reddit 9yo me wants to know if she has a rocket-launcher. And as a follow-up, why not? Persevere reddit evo ti pitaj šta te zanima stipane Stef_T_ Persevere reddit The ' happening right now' sounds like a clickbate stream lol Persevere reddit Magnifique _Marshall Persevere reddit Would there be a time that humanity will be operating on Mars instead of 🤖 robots ? Also what are the essence of taken 10m names to mars ? Can any one help here

Persevere reddit Mars resembles the Grand Canyon Terrain Persevere reddit What is the temperature in Mars? What makes Mars red? CountdownToMars AskNASA Persevere reddit Can you do a better version than I did with this to show where peoples names are and what it looks like under microscope on the chips. Think those with the tickets would appreciate it. If you havnt already that is. Thank you.

Persevere reddit Are there water ...or any liquids on Mars? Persevere reddit Excited to see ingenuity flying on mars Persevere reddit What’s the real reason you share more renders than real images? Persevere reddit Unreal 👏👏 Persevere reddit If someone wants to join your team in monitoring all the stuff taking place at ISS and Mars, what are the necessities for me to join you?

Persevere reddit Will you take Persevere to view the condition of the other components to see how they fared? Persevere reddit How can you be sure that the samples that are collected and left to be picked up by the next mission, aren’t lost to a Martian Sand/Wind storm? PerseveranceRover CountdownToMars

Persevere reddit Start labelling demo's. So its easier to differentiate nasa Persevere reddit How long is it gonna be exploring? Persevere reddit tokenizedtweets 0x71A6B835c8B3fB8F49b0768Fa82F57561C1b4D38 Persevere reddit 🪐 Persevere reddit Check ***rMiner***(my ref code 117630, that's give you 25 coin) on android play store, you can mining ethereum on this app and btw 1 ethereum= $2K , just check it

Persevere reddit No one cares about this persevere because it was a waste of money