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Lgbtq Rom-Com, Queer Rom-Com

We Need More Queer Rom-Coms Now

It's about time LGBTQ audiences got to see their love on the big screen—with a happy ending.

7/1/2020 4:00:00 AM

'As a slavish devotee of the genre, I’ve identified the five elements of a successful rom com: Quotable dialogue, quarrels, kisses, tears, and outfits. I want all of those things, queer style.'

It's about time LGBTQ audiences got to see their love on the big screen—with a happy ending.

Needit.” Deprived of the full range of representation, their hunger to see the classic moments of romantic cinema applied to their own lives was strong. I can relate.Yes, I want the laughs, the tension, and the pursuit. But I want the swoon, too.And I want the heat.

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I’m not saying I long to see full NC-17 sex on screen. I prefer the chasteness of the average rom-com. I just want a good neck kiss. Or a shoulder. Or the inside of the wrist. All of them. (Graphic sex scenes have their merits, and I’m not a bluenosed porn hater, but a date night rom-com is not the ideal place for them.) I want to see queer iterations of the classically coy, garment-peeling paean to foreplay, rendered so slowly and thoroughly that I’m twisting my Kleenex in my hands when that cocktail dress or pair of blue jeans finally hits the hardwood floor.

The HungerGetty ImagesAs for who should bring this knee-buckling, tear-jerking masterpiece to the screen, I’m open-minded. Of course, I want greater queer representation not just in Hollywood stories but also in their production. I’d truly love an all-queer cast and crew. But I don’t think an auteur necessarily has to be queer herself to tell a great queer story. When it comes to the orientation of artists, to quote the great Susie Bright, I’m blindsexual. You know who I’d like to coax a queer rom com to fruition? Whoever will do it best. Just bring quality and heart and the big ol’ full-spectrum emotional rainbow that dumps me right into that pot-of-gold happy ending. I’d rather see an expert production by a writer and director about whom we know nothing (and therefore, would presume to be straight because

heteronormative bias), than sit through a cinematic grind made by a queer person so lashed to the mast of timidity that the temperature in the room never rises. Read more: Marie Claire »

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