'We could have a depression': Pelosi warns about coronavirus economic fallout

In the last three weeks, more than 16 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits.

4/10/2020 2:51:00 PM

Speaker Pelosi warns the economic ramifications of the coronavirus outbreak could lead the U.S. into a depression.

In the last three weeks, more than 16 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits.

"Data, data, data, evidence, science — that is the answer to when we can go back," Pelosi added.Pelosi was dismissive of the idea of re-opening the country in stages in which some regions' restrictions are eased before others."Would you like somebody in one of the states that doesn't have shelter-in-place right now crossing the border into where you live?" she asked.

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Thelast month boosts unemployment benefits by $600 each week per person, provides direct payments to individuals and couples making up to a certain income and offers loans to small businesses to keep them afloat.Download thefor full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak

Democrats and Republicans want to pass additional funding for small businesses but both sides have beenat an impasseover the last two days. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin requested $250 billion earlier this week but Democrats want to double that request and have 10 percent go to community development financial institutions to help farmers, women, veterans and people in rural America who don't have relationships with banks.

Trump tweeted Friday about Democrats blocking the GOP proposal on Thursday and said he would like to see an infrastructure plan and payroll tax cuts in the next major relief measure.Democrats are blocking a 251 Billion Dollar funding boost for Small Businesses which will help them keep their employees. It should be for only that reason, with no additions. We should have a big Infrastructure Phase Four with Payroll Tax Cuts & more. Big Economic Bounceback!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)Pelosi recently suggested that Democrats would rather focus on continuing to help more Americans directly in the next phase instead of infrastructure funding. Democrats have opposed Trump's payroll tax cut proposal.

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Finally the democrats got something they wanted The country is already depressed. And it’s you and your minions that we are depressed about. You are depressing. Please. No more negative thoughts. Going back to work without rigorous testing will certainly accomplish that. By the way, that's probably the plan of His Presidential Highness!

DemsHateAmerica Who does she think she is warring. Come on of this does not show she is unfit no is. Isn't that already a given by now? Pelosi is drunk AF again Democrats quit trying to put pork barrel projects, member slush funds, and pet interests into Economic funding bills, maybe we would stand a chance of avoiding!!! But American Family Economics not on their agenda!

Why is it that she adds her pet projects to the bills the President tries to get passed. It’s simple don’t add to it just pass the damn bill. You democrats are hurting our country and President, just because he is President. I consider the DNC a disgusting organization. It is a global trend, not limited to the United States. The idea of ​​the economy is after the defeat of COVID-19. After the current state of this defence has recovered, you only need to think about it.

Hope it starts with them. She didn’t seem worried when she held up the stimulus package and wanted to put pork into it. With you doing nothing to help, it will surely happen! 1. Cancel rent and mortgage payments 2. Send 2 more checks 3. Stop using this pandemic as an opportunity to create some big government bureaucracy. The economy would survive this thing if they were actually interested in helping people and not just appearing to help.

Wow!! That’s the smartest thing she has said in years, plus the most obvious Can you imagine if Democrats are in charge of bringing back the economy? Which is why she put Congress in recess for a month. She and the Demoncrats want a Depression in hopes it would help them steal the 2020 election. It doesn't really matter, Trump gets things done for America, while SpeakerPelosi tries to get Democratic Pork.

So is this why she is constantly wanting ridiculous amounts of money for her pet projects instead of funding the real issues Wow, glad she gave this warning. No one else had any idea it was possible. Caused by her and the rest of the dummycrats! Oh boy, let’s not listen to this drunk right now. She hopes.

'Pinocchio' Pelosi is right. She and Chucky are wasting billions on the 'handouts' that they keep putting in the Care Act bills. And her failure to lead has destroyed the Dems. Pelosi needs to go into a 'depression' and leave us alone. Contrary to media's B.S., Trump has this. You mean “hopes”. Her and Chuck are the reason...

go home Tabaco y CoVID-19 :que pasa con las personas en cuarentena y que viven con fumadores y estos fuman frente a sus familias contaminando niños y adultos, si consideramos que el tabaco es un factor de riesgo para covid-19? ¿No deberíamos suspender el tabaco en la cuarentena?🤷‍♀️ So why not add additional funds to PPP

Never follow a Democrat. I used to just despise Hillary Clinton. Now Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, et all. Such disrespectful, hateful, nasty people. I truly believe they place themselves ahead of our country.🇺🇸 She is Speaker of the House, and would love nothing more than a total economic collapse and huge body count. In her mind this would be the perfect opportunity for the lunatic left left to seize power, change the rules and never let go.

adamboultonSKY She’s right. The lockdown must end in the next couple of weeks Well I suggest we get that medicine or whatever it is that's working on board. No vaccines here. No! Get it going D party.stop stalling you got blood on your hands. Dah, you think?!! We went overboard!!! Only cats and dogs are commenting under this tweet. Lol. And a fish here and there. Drain your bots.

She made sure it won’t bother her pocket! With our money! I hope we recover from this soon She is the problem. She is keeping Americans from getting much needed financial relief This was their goal when they met secretly with Chinese government after they lost impeachment She needs to not be permitted to speak! She is the most negative person in the world right now and she brings Americans down! 🙄

Hey moron.... tell us something The ENTIRE COUNTRY is not worried about. I will be SO GLAD when you finally get to the nursing home of your choice, better yet go live in a box like many of your constituents in San Fransisco. THAT WOULD BE A HEADLINE WORTH SEEING ! If she gave a damn there wouldn’t have been so much pork


SpeakerPelosi and u cant wait for that to happen.... But rather than passing a bill to help business she wants to shove pork in every bill! Disgusting! Democrats are praying for America to fail. Problem is we have Trump and he’s the best man for the job. Too late , we are already very Depressed that SpeakerPelosi has not been removed

Depression is the Demoncrats wish, but POTUS and the Republicans (with the exception of a few), will do everything they can to stop you. DemocratsTheEnemyWithin Wishful thinking on her part. She’s hoping for it Welcome to... 2nd Gt. Depression Of Profits. Working Class get wage (salary) Capitalist Class owners of business (goods & services) get profits. In such an economy, the words “profit” and “economic growth” practically become synonyms.

Dont block stimulus packages and it wont happen OH WOWWWW PELOSI. Really? Omg breaking news! Open the country!! I’d rather chance the virus than loose everything I have!!!! The fact that you decided to quote a POS like Nancy, that has zero clue if anything and has accomplished nothing, shows how terrible you are as a news org. But the fact that you posted this to cause panic, makes you irresponsible and also a POS

Not to be mean but just seeing Speaker Pelosi puts us all into a depression...pray for us Pelosi....pray CURSED of The CENTURY ! INFECTION of The CENTURY ! DEATH toll of The CENTURY ! Finally, God has sent upon (USA) Evilest Country in the world. The Citizens earned Whom they voted For !! All this probably could have been avoided if donnie* had listened to the warnings instead of wasting 70 days golfing and holding rallies! TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER TrumpOwnsEveryDeath TrumpBurialPits

Not if we don’t let her. It’s time for the Democrats to stop sabotaging the country and let us get through this. Duh Ole negative Nancy The Speaker is wearing her heart on her sleeve, again. no shit sherlock. Glad we have her there to tell us that Yep she is the picture of optimism that we need. Thanks for your well wishes and optimism Nancy! It is much needed in these times. What a dope!

SpeakerPelosi You're a genius Madam Speaker. Such thoughtful insight.The government has shutdown just about every business. What do you expect? Weren't all of you screaming bloody murder when the President said the cure can't be worse than de decease and we need a balance? Now? And Dems are dancing in the street at the thought of a Depression. Sick. DemsHateAmerica

Impeachment wasted time Why are you blocking $215 billion for relief of small business? How is that good for the economy? Or are you looking at something different to happen? No answer from you likely. That's impossible. Prune face Pelosi really needs 2 enroll in school somewhere. Exactly what she wants before the election. Doesn’t give a damn about the economy or the American people...she’s proven that. It’s all about power power power. That is her goal....I loathe this woman for allowing businesses and the American people to suffer.....

No no shit, Sherlock TrumpEconomy Is this supposed to be some sort of genius revelation that she’s the first to realize? 🙄 She also has issued all democratic governors to drag their feet this is the real reason everyone will be bankrupt because the apex is never coming and then blame Trump for economy and black people getting sick and the handling of the pandemic all because they couldn’t impeach

Ain’t that what you really want🤷‍♂️? you been trying to destroy President Donald Trump since he got it office. The AMERICAN people bend Nancy but we don’t Break. What you forgot is that the USA is the GREATEST Country on earth and we will bounce back stronger then ever 🥃 She’s got plenty of money. She couldn’t careless.

Is this another wrap-up and smear? They create it by NOT working with Congress, and let the Media do all the smearing? What were u doing when this virus was in China..what were doing buying pens to impeach our president..u were ripping up his speech..u should just go back to your office & contibe to drink!!

In other news,the Kennedy center should be fine! Reading your shit leads to depression I have a depression everytime I hear her speak Warns or hopes 🤔 go home, you are depressing! All systems go according to the stock market, back in bull territory! sounds like pelosi is hitting the vodka early today SpeakerPelosi Could LEAD? WE'RE IN A DEPRESSION NOW! TRUMP BEEN COOKING THE STOCK MARKET, ECONOMY & JOBS NUMBERS FOR YEARS TRYING TO LOOK BETTER than President Obama With no CHALLENGE for accuracy. Trump's Pandemic is A clear cut KNOCK OUT PUNCH TO TRUMP LYING & DECEPTIONS!

This will not age well. Come on NancyPelosi try being positive rather than negative. She’s praying for a depression. Does that mean we'll have to live like people in her own district that she couldn't care less about? adamboultonSKY One look at the old bat will depress anyone Democrats wish. She just wake up?

Every time I see SpeakerPelosi face I get depression. Retire already. We are already in a depression ! People lost millions of jobs,CAN'T feed themselves and dumb government people fighting over stupid policies when the focus should be we have paid into the government ALL OF OUR LIVES ITS TIME FOR GOVERNMENT TO PAY US BACK !!

Is this what she’s hoping for? Why even float this bs right now? We can play ‘what if’ all day. What if we come back stronger than ever? What if this is over by May? What if you lose Speaker? Correct, especially if he tries to open the country, without national testing, get rid of him amendment 25 Better get out your history documents and see how FDR pulled us out!

A depression is exactly what she wants cause she hates America.... duh Oh she wishes! Nancy and the Dems are pulling for the Coronavirus to win! Absolutely disgusting that the Dems in the Senate voted against a 2 page bill to increase relief aid to small US businesses to a program that already exists!!!

“Mission accomplished” - Lazy liberal TDS sufferers including Pelosi No not could, it WILL When will pelosi be looked into for insider trading along with companies that gave her stocks depending on how she voted She hopes so much that happens and is doing what she can to make sure it does. That is obvious. Our country can not supply first responders with PPE or provide tests. Our deficit has reached an all time high before this pandemic.We saw the stocks climbing knowing that our companies were skimping on workforce and materials.

This is a dream come true for her and her cronies. So she blocks stimulus package and then says we’re heading into an economic depression? And would blame the Democrats who don't care about the middle class or the people at all. Almost gleeful when she says it If a Democrat is elected President, the next time I see a person sneeze, I want the economy shut down for at least 6 months.

Self fulfilling prophecy. They need the economy in ruin to be able to say 'look what Trump did' No shit Being a person at that position should help the economy not to go through this crisis but? Don’t worry $1200 will save us Thanks for the 1200! Going to need an ar15 because of the apocalypse. Only if SpeakerPelosi continues to stifle economic relief bills in congress.

and she is part of the problem,demo=rats agenda is destroy and let people die ,and blame it on Trump,she is a political virus H?mm so i agree with her on this. And why must open up to go bsck to work as soon as possible Where’s money chick Now do governors' orders. Yet she’s blocking a relief package so she can get long wanted deals for her special interest buddies.

Miss doom an gloom. ademocratic are lousy at math By blocking the money to small businesses, she’s going to make it happen. Well if she was so concerned about a Great Depression, well then these add ons make a lot of sense! She is such a Creep! MAGALANDSLIDE2020! Shut up. Find a hole go in and don’t come back until ground hog day.

The glass half empty cheerleader. NBC news is your nose still up Chinas asshoe😘😘😘 Duh Yea your a Day late n a Doller short.... Let the big corporations file for bankruptcy!!! I’ve been depressed for 33 years She just blocked 250 billion yesterday for small business Yes cause they took all th money and donated it into some bullshit! All that stuff planned in the Stimulus clearly shows non coronavirus funds going to other departments! Dem or Republicans all them in same house of cards!

We are in a depression, it's just a matter of future historians now putting in the history books what date and time they think was the 'start' of that depression. Wont she get infected? Just What SpeakerPelosi and TheDemocrats with the MSM as their cheerleaders would love to have happen. Then why did she block adding more money for small business loans? So she could get more pork

Then open the economy back up 🤷🏽‍♂️ Hopes, not warns. Fixed it. TheDemocrats WalkAway SpeakerPelosi That’s what she wants but still won’t help Democrats. Trump2020Landslide Oh. It’s a good thing she’s making sure planned parenthood has more of our money. I believe it cuz this administration is clueless and useless

adamboultonSKY Could? Almost certainly will fact It’s already in a depression other than for the rich! All China fault Dreadful human It’s obvious adamboultonSKY UBI 🌹 no shit! Millions filled for unemployment. report you should be making is how drunk nancy has no plan to help. She wants to see it crash before the election. Don’t believe go look at the 25 mil she had to get for the Kennedy center in the covid bill. Then they fired everyone.

Not under Trump! Same thing Republicans have been saying this whole time. Get this zombie outta hea What about this?! Watch all the psychos attack her for telling the truth. They prefer to be lied to. And she is trying to make sure this happens. What if we all defy the govt and all go back to work? NOW oh, you picked a fine time to tell us

Too late Stop blocking things that help the American people and trying to repackage failed old legislation, then, Nancy. ...wenn Frauen warnen, haben es Männer sicher zuvor getan. sorry ...and she's prepared to help it along. adamboultonSKY Has the looting began yet Pelosi and pals want the economy to crash!

We are well aware of this pelosi

Pelosi warns Trump not to reopen country too soonPelosi says the House is unlikely to return to session later this month due to coronavirus He might just try to do that to spite her. Pelosi has no intention of helping America. lmao failed state

Pelosi: more small business spending alone would not pass U.S. HouseU.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday that $250 billion in coronavirus relief for small businesses desired by Republicans could not pass the House of Representatives on its own under current procedures, which require a unanimous vote of those present while most of Congress is out of town. ...”without election fraud being allowed into the bill” It needs to come with measures to keep Trump's family fingers out of the cookie jar. You know they're licking their chops at all the money flying around in chaos. Tailor made for them. Keep a special eye on Jared. I trust him as far as I could spit a rat.

Pelosi And Schumer Push To Double Size Of 'Interim Emergency' Relief BillNancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have outlined their demands for what should be in an 'interim emergency' coronavirus relief bill — doubling the potential price tag to $500 billion. useless NoBill Indebtedness is a path to Enslavement we the Citizens are the cash cows who are forced to literally pay for these crooks decisions. FuckOffDNC Yo jack asses. He just fired the inspector General that was supposed to oversee this spending. What do you got now?

The Economic Hit From Coronavirus Will Be Worst Since The Great Depression, IMF WarnsThe International Monetary Fund's Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said in a briefing today that the agency is anticipating the worst economic fallout since the Great Depression by MattRyanPerez

The WTO warns that the coronavirus pandemic could create another Great Depression - Business InsiderThe best-case scenario for global trade is a 13% decline, worse than during the Great Recession; the worst case would be 32%, last seen in the 1930s. it already did euh Creating. Huff. No need to be a rocket scientist You shutdown world's economy You get mother of all economic crises 🤦

Start-up market is 'stratified' but it's 'the greatest time to start a company,' PayPal co-founder saysMax Levchin discussed how the coronavirus-induced economic slowdown is impacting the start-up world. A start up for home delivery of food and essentials to seniors and other shut ins would certainly soar high now mlevchin PayPal - I have been trying to push for stimulus money to go towards entrepreneurship at the state level. I really believe diverse think tanks is the way to go. We all have our own perspectives of the world based on the “world” we live in. I live in Florida and would..