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“We All Could Use a Vacation After That”: Jared and Ivanka Are Planning Some Much-Needed Time Off After Wrecking the Country

Jared and Ivanka need a breather and are looking for a nice spot to chill and relax after all the stress of wrecking the country and inciting riots

1/21/2021 11:53:00 PM

Jared and Ivanka need a breather and are looking for a nice spot to chill and relax after all the stress of wrecking the country and inciting riots

Billionaire Ron Burkle offered Javanka the use of one of his vacation homes at a private ski club, but, with COVID protocols and the spotlight, the property objected. So they’re heading to Florida —where else?—instead.

Justin Timberlakeas members and charges them many hundreds of thousands of dollars in initiation fees and membership dues to enjoy the 2,200 acres of powder. Jared’s brother,Joshua Kushner,has a home there. So does their friendRon Burkle,the billionaire investor who co-owns the Pittsburgh Penguins and Soho House, as well as several significant properties, from Michael Jackson’s infamous

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Neverland Ranchto a John Lautner home in Palm Springs. According to four people familiar with the situation, Burkle offered up his Montana property to the couple. But the Yellowstone Club’s COVID safety protocols, which limit the number of guests who are allowed to come stay, waylaid Javanka’s potential trip, according to these people, though some suggested that the club was also eager to avoid the headache of having the lightning rod of a couple there. Burkle, three of the people said, offered them his other properties for their vacation, but the couple ultimately declined. (Burkle, a longtime Democrat who

wentto the Trump White House in 2017 to shake hands with Trump after the Penguins won the Stanley Cup, is not a fair-weather friend, one person close to him said. He does not feel pressured to duck Jared and Ivanka or shy away from them as others will.) headtopics.com

It looks as though the Trump-Kushners have settled for some downtime in Florida, where theyrenteda sweeping, unfurnished apartment in a new luxury oceanfront building in Miami’s Surfside neighborhood for at least the next year while they build a house on a $32 million lot that they bought last year on Indian Creek Island. They’re eagerly eyeing the time off, a close associate of the couple told me on Wednesday, as millions of people celebrate Trump’s departure and many, too, are just as ready for a break from them. “They’re looking forward to having a clean break. They haven’t yet gone into what comes next and their government work is done. It is a moment in their lives to focus exclusively on family and just relax.”

They did not fly with her father down to Palm Beach on Air Force One on Wednesday morning, though they did attend his farewell speech at Joint Base Andrews along with their children and the other Trump siblings. (Memes across the internet captured a shot from the morning in which Ivanka appears to be teary-eyed as she watched her father. The internet, in its typical way, had its fun suggesting why she might, in fact, be weeping—perhaps because she knew what fate awaited her.) The couple will stay in Washington for the coming weeks, according to this associate, as they tie up loose ends and move out of their Kalorama home.

It’s been a week filled with goodbyes in D.C. for the couple. Late on Tuesday afternoon, the final full day of their West Wing stint, Jared and Ivanka brought their three children to the Oval Office for a private goodbye to the space and to their grandfather as president. Soon after, they were joined by all the assistants to the president—at least, the ones who were still left—for a group photograph. In this midst of their own goodbyes, they Zoomed into their son’s class to mark his last few days in school. Jared and Ivanka, who looked as though they were Zooming from their offices, were projected in separate digital boxes as they watched the children sing a song together, according to a video of the performance captured by someone in the room and shared with me. As the day wound down on Tuesday, they were two of the last people to leave their offices.

Before their goodbyes, Ivanka and Jared spent the final week helping President Trump sort through his last-minute pardon blitz. Jared helped push through the commutation ofChris Young,a 32-year-old who had served 10 years of a 14-year sentence for his role in a drug conspiracy. Kushner had worked on the case for the last few years with headtopics.com

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Kim Kardashian West,and Kushner called her this week to share the news. The couple also worked on the pardons and commutations of Read more: VANITY FAIR »

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Vanity Fare! 👎👎 the_bee_charmer I know a lovely little getaway in a West Virginia town called Hazelton for the hubby and another gorgeous little town named Anderson for the little wifey Meidas_Steve I have an idea, how about jail! What a cheap headline. Then again, its vanity fair I just cancelled my subscription. Warned you. I want zero IvankaTrump jaredkushner stories.

Russia is the only place that will take them. What will the media do now when The Trump's have left the building? Massive lay-offs in the business. I hear Moscow is nice. It’s been an emotional selfish journey for the Trumps I just don’t understand why they were allowed such jobs yikes and emotional for over 400,000 lives who’s left behind love ones many who are struggling to recover

Perhaps join Sarah Palin in Alaska...where they can see Russia... Stop covering them.

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'Jared and Ivanka need a breather and are looking for a nice spot to chill and relax after all the stress of wrecking the country and inciting riots' Cuba's close by. They understand how to start a real revolution down there. 👇👇👇👇 Nominate Baku, where our Princess can reminisce with her Iranian Revolutionary Guard investors about what might have been.

Have they considered prison? yeah, go to hell 🥴 Serious find real news and interesting content. Move on for the love decency... Give them a breather in JAIL! Tough work being a traitor. Your magazine is trash May i suggest they volunteer to help find the parents of the 600 children that were separated by the Trump Administration? That'd be a good vacation.

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They can F-off 80 million people could care less !! Go Find God another country even the Rich thinks you are crabs 🦀 How about all the summer riots and violence Lmfao !!! Orania sounds like the perfect destination! They haven't done anything but we're senior advisor for one of the greatest President every President Trump.

A bit dramatic ? “Wrecking the country” 😂 but articles got to sound interesting I might suggest Siberia. Someplace fun with no extradition? VF used to be interesting, now it’s the National Inquirer! rebranded gossipmag Finally! Good to see Vanity Fair with an appropriate headline. The puff pieces last night about Mar-a-Lago and this morning about Melania’s “legacy“ were rather gross.

Trump Figures Out a Way to Blow Millions in Taxpayer Funds Even as an Ex-PresidentRight before leaving office, Trump extended taxpayer-funded Secret Service protection for 13 family members, including the daughter and son-in-law who wouldn’t let agents use any of their 6.5 bathrooms He is just EVIL ! How many Rolex watches do THEY have? DJones1067 How long?

Please. Seriously. No more articles on these people. I’d like to personally invite them both to fuck all the way off. Hope they have a nice trip. You have got to be kidding me that you are exploring this topic and whitewashing the criminal nepotists. Oh ya it was all their fault. Still passing the blame. Inciting riots were happening all summer long in our major cities. Duh 🙄

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