Wave Of Young Judges Pushed By McConnell Will Be 'Ruling For Decades To Come'

The Senate majority leader, boosted by President Trump, hits a new milestone in his effort to 'leave no vacancy behind.' The judges, who are far from retirement age, are largely white men.

7/2/2020 11:02:00 PM

With the help of Mitch McConnell, Trump has confirmed 200 federal judges. Each one has a life term — a legacy that could last for a generation. And they'll be ruling on cases like abortion access, climate change, voting rights, LGBTQ rights and more.

The Senate majority leader, boosted by President Trump, hits a new milestone in his effort to 'leave no vacancy behind.' The judges, who are far from retirement age, are largely white men.

"Filling all of these circuit seats is an unmitigated success, no downside to that," said Severino, who leads the Judicial Crisis Network, a group that pushes for confirmation of Trump judges."Let's, as leader McConnell has said, 'Leave no vacancy behind.'"

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She pointed to Trump's record in appointing judges to the federal appeals court, one step below the Supreme Court. Over eight years, President Barack Obama confirmed 55 appellate picks. Trump already has installed 53 in just four years.Unfair, say Democrats

Democrats said there's a reason for that startling number — Republican stonewalling of the previous president."McConnell confirmed the fewest judges since President Truman during Obama's last two years in office," said Christopher Kang, who vetted judicial nominees in the Obama White House."So the reason President Trump had 200 judgeships to fill in the first place is because McConnell obstructed."

Obama made the nominations, but McConnell kept them from being confirmed to wait for a Republican — in Trump — whose campaign the Senate majority leader then carried out with zeal, Kang said.Appeals Court Orders Lower Judge To Throw Out Michael Flynn Case

Aside from the sheer numbers of Trump judges, the other important thing is the longevity this cadre likely will have.Many of the Trump nominees are in their 30s and 40s, not anywhere near retirement age. There is no minimum age restriction to serve as a judge.

Judge Allison Jones Rushing, who sits on the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, was 36 years old when she was nominated.Justin Walker,who is preparing to take the bench on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, is 38."Even if Donald Trump is gone from office in January, these judges are going to be ruling for decades to come," Kang said.

And, he added, they'll be ruling in cases that matter: abortion access, climate change, voting rights and more.For some civil rights advocates, something else stands out about the Trump judge picks: diversity."They are largely white and male," said Vanita Gupta, who runs the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights."It is an astonishing lack of representation."

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StirlingMorris Can't wait to take a dump on this evil man's grave! Smart. Well this new judges may not have long life. There's a review performance rating on each of them. What other states have similar system? If you dont, get one now. Moscow Mitch the son of a bitch Just can’t get over how racist America is in the 21st century...

And many are grossly unqualified. Let the impeachments begin in January 2021. Way to bias justice realDonaldTrump and all politicians. No possible way for Americans to say we live under equal justice for all. Our politicians have made the US constitution and democravy a total lie; and the World knows it because we can't even deal with a simple flu.

How can we fix that? How have some decisions been up to just Mitch? Wtf is going on? Elections have consequences. From what I’ve gathered one African-American judge appointed. Kept America white again As we donate to pay bail for protestors we will need to create a defense fund for Black people so that they can have access to lawyers that will fight for them in court.

senatemajldr obstructed Obama for 6 years, Obama should have fought him especially over MerrickGarland but failed to do so. 78 year old MoscowMitchMcConnell will watch from hell a generation of young White racist judges try to maintain WhiteSupremacy, may he burn in hell We knew this. The greatest act of treason no one talks about. But I also blame the administration for not fighting for their candidates. Challenge the senate to do their fn job. Not like MoscowMitch was passing legislation in the Obama second term. He had time to confirm judges

Right on McConnell forced it!!!! He is evil. Worse is some aren't good lawyers. If professional assoc. says 'you're no good', you're probably not. A trial judge who never took a disposition let alone argued a case = not have experience needed to be fair & compassionate as well as legally minded This should be illegal and an abuse of power.

I truly think once this insanity is over and a Republican compliance with 2016 Russian election interference, we can have Trump’s entire presidency made null and his every appointee removed from office. It really is not an outrageous request and has very valid grounds. hissgldnmssr Total NPR fail. Wtf is, 'critics say' supposed to mean? It doesn't matter what anyone says about that or whether or not they are 'critics.' It's a simple FACT. Sadly, NPR obviously still stands for Nice Polite Republicans.

What a despicable anti-Constitutionalist. hissgldnmssr GOPTraitors hissgldnmssr Critics say? McConnell has outmaneuvered the Dems at every turn Exactly. This Is How Cheats And Con Men Operate. 'VOTE THEM ALL OUT' Gotta love politics Anything can be changed. Dems will require impeachment ability for decades to come to undo this perversion of the judicial system. Some of these “judges” were never even lawyers. GOP Neanderthals gave us this crap so we must respond in kind - BLUE MATTER WHO.

I’ll say again they put young jurists On the courts with lifetime appointments there are going to be very disappointed in some cases. History proves it. Take a look at Supreme Court last couple weeks Yes. McConnell’s goal has been achieved. Apart from the environmental pollution, the trauma to children in cages, and the mistrust of allies abroad, these stolen judgeships will be the longest lasting damage from trump’s regime. SCOTUS and more.

McConnell traitor to democracy forever. Creep!! This should be change, why dont we set terms for judges it is absurd that we have lifetime idiologs shoving their retrograde ideas into all of us that mayority doesnt agree on.... for example 70% of the country including conservatives support ACA but GOP hates it...

1: vote McConnell out with Trump. 2: vote in blue wave to control WH and Congress. 3: hold power long enough to flip majority of Supreme Court to libs. 4: spend the next several decades making sure lower court decisions by conservative judges get appealed all the way up to SC. 🤕 OF COURSE FOR PERSONAL BENEFITS, Crooked and RussiaMitch , more and investigations and Impeachment.

McConnell us scum McConnell is scum Is that Great!!! Yes. Best President Ever. antoni Let Moscow Mitch know payback will be a bitch. JohnBarrowman Oh dear McConnell is evil. We’re all screwed Great job Mr. McConnell! Marbury v. Madison should be dead in the water for the next Democratic president. Justice Roberts has made his decision now let him enforce it.

MoscowMitch says he blocked them. He calls this whole thing his “judges project”. The man is vile. We should exact from every elected official the prioritizing of nonpartison scrutinizing all federal judges on behavior on/off the bench, with those demonstrating cause being impeached & replaced. In times past they got a pass, but for the next decade Congress must be proactive.

Goodbye filibuster. senatemajldr MoscowMitchMcConnell you burned it down. Dems will pave over it. MOSCOW Mitch-destroyer of democracy!!! Judges and politicians tango ...😮 It's a beautiful thing Of course he did We should exact from every electe official the prioritizing of nonpartison scrutinizing all federal judges on behavior on & off the bench, with those demonstrating cause being impeached & replaced. In times past they got a pass, but for the next decade Congress must be proactive.

This irritates the hell outta me....with any president. I don't think ANYONE should be a lifer in politics. Well I think it’s save to say at least a third will be indicted at some point southofgeorgia Unqualified judges can be removed and/or impeached for perjury. Lifetime doesn’t mean lifetime!!!! Nice!

Mcconnell is as corrupted as they come. Look into how he and his wife have gotten rich off of kentucky tax dollars. Someone please explain to me how it is even close to being legal in the United States to allow public officials to have a lifetime appointment to office? That's obscene, an un-American. Corruption at its most blatant! rewritethelaws

And meantime there is no meaningful way to hold crooked judges accountable. Oh well - that's how it works. At least McConnell didn't go nuclear like um.... HARRY REID. That’s how you play the long game TRUMP refutes claims he is a by product of the 'Mental Midget Widget Factory.' Experts challenge him. LOSSANO Unless they are impeached

VOTE HIM OUT——please please please Kentucky Waaaaah. Cry baby NPR Democrats champion Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg for holding on until a Democrat takes office so a liberal judge can replace her. The senate holding up judge appointments is just a larger scale version of that. Why the double standard? Good.

Harry Reid started this. Thank god Trump won and now stacking judicial system with qualified judges instead of activist judges that shit on US constitution. At least until we reach the annulment phase of this illegitimate presidency. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ senatemajldr is despicable. He is a cheater. If there's one person I dislike more than Trump, this person is McConnell.

Mitch McConnell has done more damage to our country than 10 Trumps combined About sums it up. McConnell is a douchebag RepublicansAreScum woke culture virtue signaling Lmao, good luck with these judges in place. The Senate doesn't owe the president his appointments. senatemajldr Come November the grim reaper needs to come for his career, send him and his corrupt wife SecElaineChao back to Kentucky!

Thanks nqualified young judges!! Every time Trump says 'the system is rigged'.... he's projecting. Correction: Following senate rule changes, started under Democrat leader Harry Reid, the current senate has approved 200 of Trump's federal judges. They have been planning this. They don’t care about the longevity of America and the quality of life for the American people. They care about money and business interests.

'because it takes a fair amount of work actually to end up with those statistics' Why didn't you fact check that obviously false statement? And he has the nerve to shine about Democrats possible eliminating the filibuster. If he totally disregarded norms of democracy nobody would even be talking about it. Apparently he thinks norms only apply to Democrats.

Smart man if true 🌷🌷🌷🌷 Trump/Barr/McConnell/Putin are attacking our democracy. This can not stand. Dems MUST expand the courts to negate the unqualified authoritarians the GOP have used to corrupt our courts. We must fight back. The excuse “Christians” use to vote for him 😣 it's truly a dark time in America & the direction our justice system is pushed into with federal judges confirmed by Moscow Mith & his devotion to our corrupt president.

Please God! Strike that evil man down!!! “Thanks Mitch! Obama was a dick! Winning!” Democrats allowed it to happen because they were confident of a Clinton victory McConnell could have only done this, as well as obstructing a SCOTUS Justice, because the rest of the Senate Republicans allowed it. Every aspect of our country that has been destroyed by Trump, was done with the aid of McConnell who was empowered by the Republican Party.

Republicans have always stacked the courts in their favor. They can't live under equal justice laws. It's WAY PAST TIME that Democratic voters & pols should have taken seriously the appointment of judges. NOW we have decades, even generations, of ultra-conservative judges who will NOT be constrained by precedent & not beholden to the Constitution as the Founders intended it.

NPR - Are you suggesting a racial quota for judges? Sad, that we have so many racists in our government!! They need to go in November - every last one of them!! worse yet are the political and ideological tendencies for which many of them were chosen He's a scumbag. This is absolutely fantastic. The supreme court isn't corruptible because white men who oppose each other. The supreme court is vulnerable to being used as a partisan weapon, if it were to become unbalanced. That's the danger with the supreme court. The obvious bottleneck of lifetime appointments.

🇺🇸 Trump and McConnell white power movement. It sucks to find out you're on the wrong side of the truth, the wrong side of history. You voted for a racist, sexist Putin minion. Tired of winning yet? CovidHoax AmericaOrTrump Oligarchy orders! It's a last gasp, and in ten years the reality of vertical stare decisis will kick in and the GOP leadership will wonder why it felt so smug while shooting itself in both feet.

As a brown immigrant woman, I'll take every one of these 'white' conservative judges (as if that should matter in the first place!!! Lol) over the crazies running Democrat party! GOP and senatemajldr actively facilitating oppression by manipulating the legal system. This is their whole plan, nothing matters to them except ensuring the courts bend to the will of the wealthy, and not the ill of the people. PutinsPuppets

Can he Do That MaraLiasson Given the low caliber individuals McConnell has rammed through, we need to be vigilant and impeach and remove these substandard jurists when the present cause, which they inevitably will. Women? Race is not a qualification to be a federal judge. In fact: 'The U.S. Constitution guides the process for confirming a federal judge, but does not specify qualifications.'

I don't think we should worry too much. The nation as a whole will continue to move in the progressive direction. The progressive will of the people will determine future legislation and laws. Yup. Elections have consequences. MoscowMitch is doing what corps want. i.e A company make a product that hurts or kills you and you sue, the Corp pushes the case to federal court, so these judges can touch your life at any moment. The majority of these judges are learning on the job, let’s hope ethics is king

Just bc the republican side sees past color and the media/dems still use race... Defund NPR Any judge who quotes the Bible or any other religious book, in their rulings, should be removed from the bench. Good to see we’re not interested in content of character at , only color of skin matters HeidiBaird1 Criminal needs bars!

You so called journalist are the ones sparking racial tension in this country, perhaps you are the true racist! It doesn't mean they will serve that life term if they can get a better paying job. Time from the AMERICA PEOPLE to clean out all these corrupt people in every institution ! moscow mitch has got to go.

tpmedia Who cares what their skin color is as long as they believe in the constitution NewsroomJim Forgot to mention this new rule that impeached presidents, even if acquitted, have all judicial nominations reviewed when they leave office. That's means all these incompetent activists nitwits get removed to.

And that is the reason the republicans need to be removed! Traitors These life time positions need to stop ASAP. On all levels. Along with the crazy salaries, absurd pensions, and lifelong security services. MaraLiasson America is screwed for decades, unless some of these hand picked puppets actually take their jobs seriously, over time.

How many are qualified, recommenced by the Am. Bar Assoc, or have ever tried a case? The expected consequences of these appointments are indeed intolerable. MaraLiasson Trump doesn’t confirm, the Senate does. Men? U don’t say!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You should have no issue with those numbers. Quit judging others by their skin color!

That’s because, and say it with me, senatemajldr is a human turd sandwich covered in racist sauce and served with a side of political corruption (Addison doesn’t let himself be tagged in photos, can’t imagine why) Wow!! Just wow!! When the Dems retake control of government we will remove every fucking judge McConnell put in office during Trump regime. One-by-one they will be impeached or forced to resign I promise you. Corruption and scandal will be the only Trump/McConnell legacy!

Not a surprise. Trump was never a supporter of minorities. Only until we impeach them all. And? Why do you think race qualifies someone to be a judge? Which is why conservative Christians held their noses while voting. For those who said my vote doesn't count, your children will be affected for YEARS MoscowMitch

When you consider the small pool of Black Republican judges to choose from, why should Trump nominate a Democrat to the bench? Did Obama appoint Republicans to the bench? 😳 If there isn't a legal way to remove judges, then we need to create one. Life terms are a bad idea. This goes for the Supreme Court too. Let's start by removing that eager little corner dweller with sweaty palms and perpetual cold sores. Kavanaugh


Aww. Y'all pushing for a partisan swing in the courts rather than maintaining an objective, representative, balance for, what is supposed to be, a nonpartisan appointment. You're fired. NPR is fucking racist This can be undone. Democrats can only blame themselves for not showing up in 2016. They could have had a Supreme Court 7-2 majority plus a very solid lock on fed judge appointments. But Democrats being lame ass Democrats are now facing a potential 2-7 minority if Trump were to be re-elected. Dumb.

Lifetime appointments need to go the way of the dinosaur. This is done while most Americans focus on IG pics and TickTock videos. We are to blame for allowing this absolute abuse of power over the course of time. It’s time to stop finger-pointing; we must come together to fix the mess that we collectively allowed. FYI hate won’t work.

senatemajldr is an awful man who hurts democracy and enriches himself. I hope he is voted out of office. VoteMcGrath Little over 60% of the population in the United States is Caucasian, so it makes sense. Fixed: unqualified judges jaywhyelle Judges can be impeached! jaywhyelle He knew about the bounty but he is on the Russian dole. He is evil.

The GOP now stands for Government Of PUTIN So what?!?! This was O’Connell plan and at all costs to screw over Americans!! Hence, why racism is still running strong. Wow, that’s a pretty racist take I thought we were supposed to judge someone on the content of their character not the color of their skin. And many are rated poor by Nar Association, some have zero courtroom or litigation experience. Guess what pledge they took to be vetted by GOP PutinsGOP

They can be impeached. 畫大餅! 不畫大餅先查 朱立倫,美國人,在中國政府任職,欺詐搶劫中國百姓,並賄賂美國國會議員,以美國公民的身分要求美政府開綠燈! 這觸犯了美國憲法第幾條?你不會告訴我美國憲法沒講吧? 美國不查就是混蛋 SkyNews realDonaldTrump JudicialWatch FoxNews robert_spalding NikkiHaley Well, Mitch and his confederate army are on all the rise again. He pushed this through so fast because he knows Trump is done

Moscowmitch can go to hell! So. NPR preaching on other's diversity choices, but refuses to acknowledge their own. After we stack SCOTUS, we'll add some to the lower courts, too. Those 200 McConnell judges will get tired of having all their decisions reversed, and they'll be moved to be sidelined. We can impeach some, too.

Why is being a judge a life term? That's pretty terrible. Structural racism at its finest Maybe we can get them together, in a room, to celebrate, and bring Herman Cain. We should investigate all answers given during their confirmation hearings and if they lied impeach them. News flash: it’s NOT about race, it’s about MERIT and APTITUDE. Enough with the race-baiting rhetoric.

Half of them will resign within a decade to get better 'paying' jobs or because of ethical concerns. Yes, this was the WHOLE agenda. While the media struck at 45's twitstorm like hungry trout, the GOP stacked the bench. Who cares Who said, 'Reach across the aisle for 2 f'ing years'? Who squandered 2 yrs w a majority? The Pelosi, Clinton, Obama Republicans did this.

Federal judges lifetime appointments need to be assessed periodically for competency. This is the true conspiracy. And something that will suck for a generation! The Senate must flip. Mcconnell must go. And also, time to stop the life term appointment. The world is changing in the fast way. Hence the appointment should be only for 10 years and can go for one more reappointment - a maximum of 20 years. senatemajldr has abused the system a lot. SenSchumer can you please help.

my stomach just prolapsed reading this Among the nominees? We have to defeat this son of a bitch McConnell in November. No doubt about it. Wouldn’t be getting a job because of your ethnicity be considered racist? Shouldn’t people be chosen because the have the required skills? What do you expect from senatemajldr, the man who said his job is to make President BarackObama one term and resisted the appointment by President Obama. Sen. Mitch will go down in the history as the worst Senate leader. Time for KY people to vote him out. cc: AmyMcGrathKY

Elections have consequences. Lol, so liberals count the race of justices? Major Juducial reform must limit judges terms. Sooner than later. Lawfare Time to defund NPR. Pig Terrible! Ensuring his way of life for himself, his children and what’s theirs... Everyone else is just noise. 😢😢😢😢 Can they be removed?

It's over. But they are all young and conservative.... Lololol... A generation of court rulings... I'd call that a legacy This is why people are protesting racism in America. The intentionality of hiring just white men, no other gender or race. 200 judges, fuck outta here, next president please. Why are these positions lifetime appointments? Every other public service seat is elected. Time to rethink this system.

Disgraceful but not surprising coming from the GOP President who alluded to his predecessor as “the n-word Muslim terrorist from Kenya” and a US Senator who knowing lied that President Obama didn’t leave a precise playbook on how to deal with a pandemic. One lens to rule them all. This has been a republican wet dream for 40 years. I don't think they are ready for the backlash.

Maybe there should be a riot about it Suspish. A special place in hell for people like Mitch NPR is full of hate I guess statistics only matter some of the time. Is this why treason is overlooked? The President appoints. The Senate confirms. Just saying . . . As an SF voter, I’ll PassOnPelosi TeamPelosi / SpeakerPelosi is AGAINST progressive ideas: ❌GND, ❌M4A But FOR TraitorTrump: ✅Trump’s budget ✅Ext PatAct 🗽Debate ShahidForChange RepublicanLite SpeakUpSpeaker SpeakForSF ShahidVsPelosi pelosidebateshahid

The worst people. Why the racist post? Ever think of considering qualifications over skin color? Of clurse not, you're the LunaticLeft and CorruptMedia racismlivesontheleft DefundNPR Dem’s need to seize the Senate and the Presidency. Then get fresh appointments to the Supreme Court. The appeal the cases that a killed in the Right Wing lower courts.

They’re all unqualified & they can all be impeached & removed. Judges can be removed for incompetence as some of these new judges are. How do we remove them? If they are not qualified, can they be taken off the bench? NPR is fake news Wow Trumps a racist because he chose mostly whites blah blah blah . You people need to grow a brain and learn to use it. How many POC will actually agree with Trump's ideologies enough for him to make them federal judges who'll serve life term?

Nah. Bump that noise! We’re gonna have to make some serious changes to the process and review every last one of these judges that didn’t get legitimately vetted nor confirmed via an open bipartisan voting process AFTER we send these corrupt GOP SOBs packing this November. We are seeing 200 well qualified judges who follow the constitution, not try to rewrite the law. I am not using the divide of race.

.JoeBiden should have a plan for the most diverse nominees. U.S. life expectancy in 2020: 79 years. U.S. white male (because reasons) life expectancy in 1790: 38 years. It is high time for federal judge term limits. Say, 24-36 years total, 8-12 years per level. Values more than that. Life liberty and the rule of the Constitution. I do not want any swaying judge who bends to the cancel culture

........... life term We need to rewrite these laws ASAP. Something to effect of, anything and everything done by the orange buffoon can be undone by an actual president Well that’s okay, right? According to McConnell we don’t fill judge positions in an election year. Blah blah blah By one count? Did another count claim some of them weren't white?

senatemajldr is a racist. THIS IS WHAT WE MUST FOCUS ON. Bernie bros, I’m sorry but you need to find a way to support the person who will rebalance the fed court circuit. Figure it the fuck out. Wellwallas... As a Traitor - ALL his appointments & bills should be repealed once he is found Guilty & subsequently incarcerated weareoversight CREWcrew

Not everything is about race. NPR sucks. Defund then now!!! Winning .... can’t wait to replace that idiot judge John Roberts. Heard today he was on Epstein’s plane a dozen times.... Pedi in the court? And lots of them are deemed « unqualified » 🤢 Does McConnell have any teeth? this is what they have been doing since the 80's. they have bent over backwards to put puppets in the oval office so they can flood the courts with incompetents.

This is textbook structural racism. 🖕 The face of evil. Corruption. Greed. How is there no control of that? Life and multiple terms always bothered me. It’s just gives an option for complete control and corruption More swamp creatures. Deep state is here to stay. Been happening behind the scenes for the last 3 years smfh

And how many that are qualified in the least Looks like water will remain wet a little longer. 🙄 Yes, he told us all about it days ago. Why is this not the story before he signs eh? This is White Supremacy in real time, real life. Who was stupid enough to decide that judges should serve for life? What ever will we do ?

'The evil that men do lives after them . . . ' Eff Old White Men. Sounds about white. Good, let’s compile a list of who we impeach as soon as the treasonous cockwomble is removed from office He’s such a fucker🤬 HC_Richardson They can be removed. senatemajldr either hates Blacks or doesn't think they are smart enough to be federal judges. Also, he is a racist...so?

Shocking Everything but the bedsheet. '...and white people as we know are evil' ...And for that White Right Wave, Mitch & the GOP CLEARLY sold their souls, and ANY semblance of integrity. We can impeach judges, no? But if they cannot do the job, can we impeach them? How difficult would that be, for the less than qualified appointees?

Stay tuned for resignations due to sex crimes and racism Once he goes to jail I think everything he’s done should be scrapped A democratic house and senate can change the laws/rules We understand that what people look like is very important to NPR. Please stop projecting your obsession with race onto every one else.

Impeach the unqualified ones when we rid the cancer. Dems need to get more serious. 30 percent UNQUALIFIED per ABA He's going to be so pissed when he finds out they snuck a Latina by him. You forget that judges can be impeached. Something tells me we are going to have one hell of an impeachment fever over the next ten years or so

SenWhitehouse Can't they be impeached if unqualified? How race-focused can a statement be? You imply judicial interpretation is affected by race when justice is to be blind. Thank goodness! Our 2A rights are safer for it I hope. Something, something, TPP, Trump and Hillary are the same, something.... Oh, look. NPR is talking about race again.

Democrats gotta be more strategic Maybe he just picked the most qualified candidates. Imagine that. Many sadly haven't even litigated a trial court case? GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPChairwoman WhiteHouse not Conservative TrumpStudents This folks is what they talk about in churches across America. Keep holding your nose and vote Trump while he keeps appointing good ol boy judges. Overlook the fact is he far from Godly so they can maintain judicial control for years to come.

The racist infrastructure of the US justice system. Why does anything have a life term? And why do presidents get to pick judges? Nobody, anytime, ever, should serve a lifetime. Bones say there will be house cleaning. It's in the job description. It may have taken 8 years but Obama nominated more; the next pres is likely to be a Democrat. The court will catch up in balance.

Smh wtf Term limits. Impeachment. We will fix it. What’s with all these “Life Terms” TermLimits Seeds of evil A bunch of unqualified racist white men will be ruling for decades unless stopped. There I fixed it for you That’s every reason a civil war is coming, the Supreme Court is the new Confederacy Life term is some bullshit and needs changed. This country is a joke

Evil personified This is why they continuously look the other way no matter how bad t behaves They need a 5 year term limit. This for life is BS Neanderthal Life terms are the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard Who appoints a judge is completely overblown. We waste too much time on this topic. Most kiddies become more centric after appointment. Several recent SCOTUS decisions have been “liberal” rulings, including rulings on access to abortion and protections for LGBTQ under CRA 1964.

Can we get a more accurate teaser? Trump had confirmed in _TRUMP's NAME_ 200 fed judges. Only judges Trump would know are ones involved in his myriad lawsuits. He was handed a list of judges he NEVER knew & was told to submit their names. A list designed to fit an agenda. Rescumlicans. Pack the courts.

By failing to make appointments at an adequate pace, and then backing off when he encountered resistance, Obama helped enable the Republican obstruction. When Obama was president and during the first two years of his presidency when the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate, why didn't they appoint more judgrs? Democrats can be their own worse enemies at times.

senatemajldr can rot in hell 1930’s Germany 😞 History’s ugliness returns. THIS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!! SINCE DEMENTIA IS ON THE RISE. AND NO LONGER THAN 10 YEARS SERVICE! These need to be reviewed for competence It's almost as if elections have consequences. 🤯 just because he appointed them. they can rule any way they see fit. they owe to allegience except to the U.S. Constitution and rule of law.

Thats why it is important to vote in every election BUT HER EMAILS........ Yay! A legacy that could last a generation? Yeah, until Dems enlarge the courts and overwhelm those voices. Duh. 🤮🤬🤮🤬 We Dems will get both houses and the Presidency and then change that law. REEEEEEE!!! MAYBE DONT LOSE TO DONALD FREAKING TRUMP DEMOCRATS?! lmao

Excellent. Americas last stand against liberal Marxist sewage until we gain back educational institutions and turn the tide of lies leftists spew and teach. A stolen SCOTUS seat, blocked nominations & more grossly unqualified judges in the circuit court ever. Your rights denied by ultraconservative, Federalist Society placements. McConnell needs to go along with the rest of the GOP synchophant enablers.

🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Yep this was why it was so important to vote and stop Trump in 2016, but everyone had their excuses for not doing so 🤷‍♂️ Btw “generation” is extremely conservative. Some of these hyper partisan judicial decisions will affect our nation for hundreds of years. Fuk Well, old flabby white men shouldn't be arbitrators of women and their privacy, like the heavy decision of abortion. Haven't we done this?

Every empire dies out. Republicans are the ones to blame on this one. Thank God ...And for that, Mitch & the GOP CLEARLY sold their souls, and ANY semblance of integrity. Every President has this opportunity. Of course you’ve all been noticing this all along, right? Bad enough, but many of them have very little experience.

Wtf.... How can stop this? SCARY! This is why voting down the ballot in each and every election matters! Can we remve a judge? Rep took over the judiciary! Let’s make sure dems get Congress and the presidency! This is a movement backwards for Americans! Stop Trump now! Impeachment. But if they starting ruling based on their ideology and not facts, they will be the ones in trouble.

Awsome ,thank you trump and mitch! Excellent news! Thanks for the update. Needed a boost today! Not if they get impeached lol Democrats can negate the damage done by MoscowMitchMcTreason by expanding the size of the Supreme Court. U liberals can't stand to give President Trump credit for anything '...with the help of Mitch McConnell Trump has...' EVERYTHING your god Obama done was with the help of someone. U liberals at NPR R deranged lunatics. STOP USING TAXPAYER FOR AN AUDIO VERSION OF CNN! DEFUND NPR!

Judges and senators should have short-terms like the president, and their offspring and spouses shouldn't be allowed to work in GOV ever One of the Dems priorities needs to be building an impeachment file for every single one of these biased hacks. Change the rules. Limits Please ditch moscow mitch Trump used the GOP to allow troops to be targeted and killed by Putin. And the GOP used Trump to get more right wing nut jobs into the courts. Try fighting against Republican gerrymandering now.

Everyone that got an F rating should be impeached. Assuming the US lasts that long Once the Democrats get control of Congress and the White House it will limit what judges can do. Can they be impeached/removed if they are found to not be properly qualified? DefundNPR An illegitmate POTUS should never have been permitted to make those nominations. We will remove them when trump is imprisoned in 2021 and no longer protected by his temp job.

These positions should not be for life. Tax cuts and the dismantling of environmental protection regulations done for GOP donors, stacking the courts -including SCOTUS- with unfit judges who will legitimize illegal actions. This is why McConnell will not remove Trump. He is still their useful idiot. We are so screwed. They’ve just about assured their way will be followed for years. This is why every election is important. Protesting may raise public awareness but voting for the right ppl is the only way to promote change and protect rights.

Unless, congress can amend or change the lifetime rule! Most judges try to do the right thing, regardless of political stripes. Many become more enlightened with experience, so hopefully there won’t be too much of a negative impact Judiciary Scumbags setting up a wall of crooked judges to hurt more people.

Thank this guy 😂 Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary! That was pretty much the point. Somebody get this old yogurt filled gym sock playing Mr. Burns out of my gotdam face already. fuckmitch McConnell doing his best to drive America into the dark ages or into another civil war. They may not be on the bench as long as they anticipate if they are following Trump's Coronavirus example.

Well Incompetence unqualified judges can be removed 200 of the most corrupt judges this country will ever see. Most of these people had more experience as political operatives than as judges. We allowed this to happen Democrats now we'll have to live with this. And half of them r racists, misogynist, and have no experience of being a judge.

Elections have consequences. Vote. Yes! Great news! wait what Generations racist and misogynist court rulings to come. Amen We need to change the law so these aren’t life terms like yesterday. Ridiculous law. Let's throw a covid party for them. Wrong way around. He used Trump's endless need for adulation to manipulate an idiot into a position to move the entire judiciary of the US to the right for more than one generation. (Gen=20-30 years).

Among the lasting damage by the Trump-McConnel-Barr deconstruction crew. History will remember senatemajldr as a spineless traitor who sold out America, denied them what the aid they needed during the worst pandemic and economic disaster in recent history, all while representing one of the worst welfare states in the country.

I hope Kentucky unifies behind AmyMcGrathKY Hence the GOPCorruptionOverCountry hashtag Democrats shouldn't run old, shitty, career politicians to represent the people and maybe this wouldn't be a thing. Unfortunately, Trump2020 will be a reality because the party refuses to retire. Unity2020 offers us a chance to combat the corrupted moneyed elites.

Not if trump’s position is annulled and mcconnell is voted out. Let’s do that to reclaim the rule of law. This is why the interest groups pays McConnell this is where he does his best worse sabotaging our progress. We in digital age and we will keep track of those 200 judges records. 'Democracy' .. lol Murica

So many unqualified The real horror is not the social issues you listed (though that's not good). The real purpose of these Judges is to service and protect corporate power and diminish the power of labor. Republicans are constantly fighting to prevent the future Thank goodness! It’s the most important reason for Trump to have assumed office. Pro 2A is a HUGE issue for many, many millions of us.

Every single one of them will need to be impeached and removed from office. That's why Democrats in Congress better wake up and take a leaf from MoscowMitch's book. Give him a taste of his own medicine when the tables turn. vetting is to identify originalist and constitutionalist.. with the threat that everything is a social construct now and its implications, it's a great thing we might get these judges... for everyone

This is why McConnell continues to support the blathering former reality star whose incompetence has led to 128,000 deaths. Aaaackk! Too bad Hillary couldn’t beat Trump. We really need to do away with this life appointment thing for judges/justices. 15 years is more than enough, with no possibility of a second term.

To have a perspective on that figure you would need to say how may Obama Nominated in his first term ?Either wise it means nothing And the rest of the country weeps Hopefully the first act of a new Democratic administration is to investigate and impeach judges with an unqualified rating by the ABA. Tools of cults have no authority over any of us. Overcome madness friendly reminders for all victims of thought pollution

It begs the question, why do federal judges have a life term to begin with? Awesome Q is going to arrest them all!! History will not be kind to Mr. Turtle. And ruining our lives for years to come america is dying and mitch mcconnell is the one with the poison

Jobs data for June could show strong rehiring ahead of the latest virus waveEconomists expect nearly 3 million jobs were created in June, as companies rehired workers they let go when the economy shut down. How long will this next wave last? 😏 18 months? No travel to Europe indefinitely? 😢🤯 The V shaped recovery is fake news. We no longer need to tax individuals ...we can tax stock trading consumer sales wealth centers to pay for govt large peojects income for redundant workers

Heat wave expands across the country, flash flooding and wildfire danger continuesHot weather continues to spread throughout the lower 48 states from Arizona to New York this morning. Obama’s fault😂 여러분을 주의 가장강력하신 선지자님께서 인도하시는 수요 예배로 초대합니다. GloriousMidweekService

Adam Silver Admits New COVID Wave Could Kill NBA Reboot'Certainly if we had a lot of cases, we are going to stop. You cannot run from this virus.' Just End It NOOOOOOOO Whether you believe in covid or not, all major sports need to prepare for next season and scrap 2020. MLB NBA NHL

Trump And McConnell, Via Swath Of Judges, Will Affect U.S. Law For DecadesWith the help of Mitch McConnell, President Trump has now confirmed 200 federal judges. Many of the nominees are in their 30s and 40s. And each one has a life term — representing a legacy that could last for a generation. Mitch has pus running through his veins. And none are Black meanwhile

McConnell warns Democrats about changing Senate rules to kill the filibusterThe Senate GOP leader spoke as some experts believe there's a fair chance his party could lose control of the chamber in November. Traitor

Arizona doctors worry as ICUs fill: 'We’re leaving the hospital sometimes in tears'Hospitals in Arizona are seeing an intense wave of new coronavirus cases, and it is filling up their intensive care units and pushing their nurses to the brink. Too bad all those BLM protests ended up spread corona like wildfire गजाननं भूतगणादिसेवितं कपित्थजंबूफलचारुभक्षणम्। उमासुतं शोकविनाशकारकं नमामि विघ्नेश्वरपादपङ्कजम्।। 🌺जय श्री गणेश🌺 🙏💐शुभ दिन💐🙏 AAP Sab Ka Dulara 4 year old - अच्युत कौशल - Ram Ram