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Watching These K-Pop Stars Get Their Nails Done For the First Time Just Made My Day

We need more videos like this, please!

2/10/2021 10:30:00 PM

We need more videos like this, please!

NCT 's Johnny and Yuta stopped by Unistella for some fun nail art and shared their trip on YouTube.

people have against men doing so and helps other guys feel more comfortable making nail appointments.And I don't know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching Yuta and Johnny's faces as they got their nails filed and buffed for the first time. Just imagine them getting pedicures. My first visit to a nail salon was when I was about 5, and painted nail have since been a small joy throughout my life. Seeing some guys see what the hype is all about truly made my day. I need more videos like this from K-pop stars, please. (I'm looking at you, BamBam.)

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Instead of simply getting one color of polish, Johnny asked for nail art of a sunflower, a boy sitting on a crescent moon like the Dreamworks logo, and a cloudy sky. Yuta, on the other hand, went with a black checkerboard pattern on one nail and gold glitter and a scribble-art smiley face on the others. Both of the NCT boys only got three nails done on one hand, so they could test out what they learned from the visit on each other's other two nails.

Once they were done, Yuta proudly declared, “These are my babies."Aww.You can watch their whole experience below, including their attempts at doing each other's nails. Read more: Allure »

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so true kings SMTOWNGLOBAL take notes NCTsmtown NCTsmtown_127 y’all hear that? Give the people what the people want. How about next JCC is getting ready with the 95liners? If you want more videos like this, you should give us Yuta and Johnny photoshoots 😉 I agree. Yes we need more 😭 Yuta in the thumbnail makes me happy🤩🤩 He is so gorgeous

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