WATCH: Virginia police officers pepper-spray a uniformed Army officer

WATCH: Virginia police officers pepper-spray a uniformed Army officer

4/12/2021 10:56:00 PM

WATCH: Virginia police officers pepper-spray a uniformed Army officer

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New body camera footage shows officers holding Nazario at gunpoint and pepper-spraying him. Read more: Business Insider »

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vumba200 The series themamazon is a reality in 21st C America The TEMP LICENSE IS IN BACK WINDOW............ these guys are soooo stupid you almost (almost) feel sorry for them... imagine the unlawfulness they hv perpetrated‼️ Paying compliments to the unifoy and flag Business Insider propaganda.👎 Imagine if he hadn't driven to a well lit place with higher probability of witnesses. He wasn't gang-banging, dealing drugs or threatening. He tried to reason with these guys, even as one of them grabbed him by the arm he resisted the understandable urge to defend himself.

gen3chinchilla That officer lied that he paper sprayed him after he refused arrest only for this new footage to expose his lies It was a black police officer who killed unarmed white USAF veteran AshliBabbitt. SusanRosenberg who participated in the 1983 Capitol bombing, prison escape of Assata Shakur and robbery that resulted in the deaths of 2 police officers and a guard was pardoned by Bill Clinton

People need a little more good news now. DefundThePolice PoliceBrutality we need to fire these officers and have a national database of negligent and abusive officers yesterday you need to fucking write their races, this is a story about continued violent white supremacy. and you choose these pictures out front like your staff is all white people that dont have to think about police violence in your own lives

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