Brianna Keilar, China, Donald Trump, G7, Larry Kudlow, Trade

Brianna Keilar, China

Watch Trump Advisor Larry Kudlow Deny Reality

Watch Trump advisor Larry Kudlow deny reality


Watch Trump advisor Larry Kudlow deny reality

This White House doesn’t want you to believe your lying eyes and ears

So according to Kudlow, Trump’s only second thoughts were whether he should have increased the tariffs more.

“I just want to be clear on this,” Keilar questioned. “So, he has thought that he might want to increase the tariffs, but he isn’t actually going to increase the tariffs, beyond what he initially did?”

Kudlow, however, once again tried to deny Keilar’s facts and even the president’s own words. “No, he didn’t order. He did not order the businesses,” Kudlow said before backtracking because the president indeed did use the word “order,” saying, “I know he said, ‘I hereby order.’ But what he said to them, in effect, was that you begin to look or you begin to search for ways to move out of China.”

“Well, look, yes, I’m not sure I agree how you portrayed that, to be honest,” Kudlow responded. “I was in that meeting on the economy and trade.”

But Keilar was not convinced, having seen the video. “Larry, what’s out of context? Because we just rolled video. I mean, what is out of context with that quote?”

Kudlow then tried to tell Keilar that those quotes were “out of context” because they didn’t occur in the meeting of world leaders. But once again, reality and Keilar disagreed with him.

But Keilar wasn’t going to let Kudlow’s fact twisting go. “I just want to be clear, that was video of Boris Johnson speaking in that very meeting. I just want to be very clear about that,” she said.

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Watch RS and Democrats deny reality...

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