Watch the Action-Packed Trailer for 'BTS Universe Story' Interactive Game

Watch the official trailer for @BTS_twt's new interactive game.

9/16/2020 12:40:00 AM

Watch the official trailer for BTS_twt's new interactive game.

Netmarble will be unveiling its highly anticipated interactive social game, "BTS Universe Story," on Sept. 24.

Peter Ash LeeFrom left: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin and J-Hope of BTS photographed Jan. 19 at Korea House in Seoul. Styling by Lee Ha Jung. V, Suga and J-Hope wear Saint Laurent tops and jackets. Jin wears a COS top and Saint Laurent jacket and shoes. Jungkook wears a COS top, Saint Laurent jacket and Prada shoes. RM wears a Saint Laurent jacket and shoes. Jimin wears a Saint Laurent top, jacket and shoes. 

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Netmarble will be unveiling its highly anticipated interactive social game,"BTSUniverse Story," on Sept. 24, and are giving fans a taste of what to expect a week ahead of its release.The 10-minute official trailer, released on Monday (Sept. 14), includes live action appearances from the superstar septet and graphics of in-game characters from the BTS Universe, alluding to story lines and events in the game.

"BTS Universe Story" allows players to participate in the development of stories by selecting choices for different outcomes. The game also has a “Story Creation” mode, where users can create their own story using in-game production tools, plus “Story Playthrough” mode that lets players select choices in pre-existing stories. “Collection” mode gives players the ability collect clothes and accessories to style the characters in the BTS Universe, plus the option to capture AR photos with their customized characters.

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