Watch the 'Movement' Dance Video for Justin Bieber's 'Yummy'

4/10/2020 4:45:00 PM

The ‘Changes: The Movement’ dance video for justinbieber’s YummyRemix is the trippiest one yet

Choreographer Sienna Lalau dropsWorld of Dance-winning crew The Lab in front of a psychedelic cartoon background with the song's lyrics surrounding them as they bust acrobatic moves to the sensual pop single. The clip is the final visual for the

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justinbieber He still trying with Yummy 💀 no one is here with that trash song LyricalSunset7 justinbieber billboardcountthe10k justinbieber billboardspeakup IncludeThe10kBillboard Billboard200 justinbieber stop ignoring us and address your mistake. billboardspeakup CountThe10kBillboard justinbieber

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Cody Simpson's 'Captain's Dance With The Devil': ExclusiveCody Simpson premiered his nautical new single &34;Captain&39;s Dance With the Devil&34; on Thursday (April 9), exclusively to Billboard. CodySimpson billboardspeakup CountThe10kBillboard CodySimpson You gunna be fair with him BillboardRecalculate CountThe10kBillboard CodySimpson billboardcountthe10k billboardspeakup BillboardDoTheRightThing

Justin Timberlake Loves WWII Vet Dance to 'Can't Stop the Feeling!'A 97-year-old WWII pilot did a little dance to Justin Timberlake&39;s &34;Can&39;t Stop The Feeling&34; and JT loved it. billboardspeakup BillboardAddThe10k add the 10k everyone knows they deserve it billboardspeakup

The Weeknd's 'Until I Bleed Out' Video: WatchWhile The Weeknd continues to enjoy his reign atop the Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot 100 for a second consecutive week, with After Hours and &34;Blinding Lights,&34; respectively, the XO singer drops off a video for &34;Until I Bleed Out&34; on Tuesday (April 7). billboardspeakup BillboardAddThe10k AddThe10kBillboard BillboardSpeakUp AddThe10kBillboard Fix the charts mate

Wallows' 'OK' Video: WatchWallows debuted the music video for their newest single &34;OK&34; on Wednesday (April 8) and it&39;s quite the (road) trip. wallowsmusic billboardspeakup CountThe10kBillboard billboard200 wallowsmusic wallowsmusic

Ari Lennox's Vibrant 'Bussit' Video: WatchAri Lennox&39;s new video for &34;Bussit,&34; released on April 8, is all about self-care and springtime fashion.

Blink-182's 'Happy Days' Video: Watchblink182 Finally the! blink182's has a amazing! HappyDays on video! blink182 BillboardAddThe10k blink182 nah y’all just clowns at this point billboardcounthe10k