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Olympics, 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Watch Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart Hilariously Recap Olympics Equestrian Event

Watch Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart hilariously recap #Olympics Equestrian event

7/31/2021 11:55:00 PM

Watch Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart hilariously recap Olympics Equestrian event

“This horse is off the chain! I gotta get this motherfucker in a video,” rapper says during Peacock’s bonus commentary

In a segment called “Cold Call” uploaded Friday, the comedian and the rapper/budding play-by-play manfirst gave their insight into synchronized diving and then, hilariously, the equestrian event.“The horse crip-walking! You see that? That’s sick,” Snoop Dogg joyfully announced as a horse pranced during the event. “This horse is off the chain! I gotta get this motherfucker in a video.”

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Following the highlights, the duo wondered aloud how the horses got to Japan — on the luxurious Emirates airline, they were informed, while the athletes all flew Southwest — and Snoop Dogg asked a pertinent question, “Do the horses get medals when they win too?” (Unfortunately, they do not.)

“I demand for a horse to get the respect that they deserve and the same bragging rights as the jockey,” Hart added. “You don’t think a horse want to brag? I want to brag too bitch, look at what I got. Get back to the stall and look at all your naked-neck asses, they got nothing! Look at me over here, shinin’ on y’all.” headtopics.com

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Had no idea it was going to be so funny!!! Should of known with the two of them!!! 💙😂💙😂💙😂💙😂💙😂 To get around the silly NBC region censorship: rofl My first thought was no thank you but then decided to check it out which I now regret as this is so NOT hilarious. Not sure that classifies as hilarious

😂😂 No

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