Markets, Exchange-Traded Funds

Markets, Exchange-Traded Funds

Watch now: ETF Edge on trade & tariff insulation

Watch now: ETF Edge on trade & tariff insulation


Watch now: ETF Edge on trade & tariff insulation

ETF Edge on trade & tariff insulation, with CNBC's Bob Pisani; Tom Lydon, ETF Trends editor; Cathie Wood, Ark Invest; and Todd Rosenbluth, CFRA Research.

CNBC's ETF Edge is dedicated to the fastest-growing trend in investing right now: ETFs. Every Monday, Bob Pisani will be joined by a panel of top market participants at the NYSE to offer educational and actionable advice to help you build your best portfolio.

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Stocks Edge Lower Amid Hong Kong Protests, Trade WoesU.S. stock futures edge down as escalating tensions between Chinese authorities and protesters in Hong Kong add to investors’ global trade concerns. China has vowed a merciless crackdown on demonstrators. realDonaldTrump take note: do this to the next round of PussyHat protestors: 'merciless crackdown.' Trump2020 Terrible analysis. Hong Kong people have lost their ability to prosper, they only love violent demonstrations, why not concentrate on economic development? Hong Kong is no longer rich and powerful. Shanghai will replace Hong Kong's economic power.

Trump just blinked, giving China a possible edge in trade war, Jim Chanos and others saySome influential voices on Wall Street are saying that Trump blinked in the latest exchange with China. Blinks on China and Mexico still ain't paying for the wall. StableGenius You've been wrong about Trump's presidency since 2017, but by-golly you struck gold with this one.... Fake news

Domino's Pizza stays cutting edge with e-bikes for some deliveriesYou can now get your Domino's by e-bike (at least in certain markets)

Hong Kong’s Leader Pleads for Order in a City on EdgeCarrie Lam, the embattled leader of the Asian financial hub, said at a news conference that the “stability and well-being of seven million people are in jeopardy.” If Putin offers help to put down the violent rioting should heavily armed Russian troops be based in Hong Kong. Protest and rally until the change you want is made! Hong Kong deserves freedom! quit carrying mainland china's water

Here's how to hedge currency ETFs on the strengthing US dollarAs the trade war continues, ToddCFRA and TomLydon join BobPisani to discuss how to hedge currency ETFs on the strengthening U.S. dollar. Sponsored by InvescoUS ToddCFRA TomLydon BobPisani InvescoUS You're fakenews Trump2020 ToddCFRA TomLydon BobPisani InvescoUS Some people dont keep track but I surely do and realDonaldTrump failed policies have wreaked havoc on my 401k & Roth accounts. ToddCFRA TomLydon BobPisani InvescoUS End the Federal Reserve.

Markets Right Now: Stocks opening lower on Wall Street MARKETS : Stocks edge lower in early trading on Wall Street amid investor concerns that the U.S.-China trade war may be worsening.

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