Watch Nanny Faye Get Freaked Out During an Alligator Expedition - E! Online

Watch Nanny Faye Get Freaked Out During an Alligator Expedition

11/25/2021 10:41:00 AM

Watch Nanny Faye Get Freaked Out During an Alligator Expedition

They're going to need a bigger boat! Nanny Faye can't handle an alligator tour with Chase and Todd Chrisley in a sneak peek at tomorrow's Chrisley Knows Best, airing Nov. 25.

are "in the weeds" as they go on a late-night alligator search. Their guide offers "fun facts," as Chase jokes, like how each alligator is born with 80 razor-sharp teeth. But, their boat seems just a little too small as an 11-ft. alligator splashes by.

"We got to sneak up on it," Chase teases.Todd counters, "No, it's going to sneak up on us, is what's going to happen."The tour guide assures them to not get "alarmed" when the alligator gets closer to the boat. Read more: E! News »


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