Watch Live: Amber Heard resumes testifying in defense of lawsuit by ex-husband Johnny Depp

Heard has told jurors she was physically and sexually abused by Depp on multiple occasions.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard

5/16/2022 8:56:00 PM

Amber Heard told the court on Monday that the alleged violence between her and Johnny Depp 'became almost normal.' 'Your brain does with trauma what it does, puts it away the best you can,' she said.

Heard has told jurors she was physically and sexually abused by Depp on multiple occasions.

Steve Helber / APMuch of the trial testimony has been repetitive of a civil suit Depp filed against a British newspaper. A judge there ruled against Depp in 2020, finding that Heard had in fact been assaulted multiple times by Depp. But the sexual assault allegations described by Heard on the stand were not publicly aired in the U.K trial.

Heard has testified that she was physically and sexually assaulted on multiple occasions by Depp, typically when he was drunk or high on drugs. Depp has denied ever striking Heard and claimed she was the one who was frequently violent. But Heard's lawyers have said his denials lack credibility in part because he can't remember what he's done when he blacks out.

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it is believed in EU that a man who abuses alcohol and drugs uses violence. Why U American people so much hates this woman? Is this the news? While you give the Coup plotters a pass. I DON’T CARE!!!!!!! Adequately refresh my recollection. 🧐 AmberHeard

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'Saturday Night Live' Mocks Johnny Depp & Amber Heard 'Cuckoo Trial'This week's 'SNL' poked fun at the media circus surrounding the high-profile defamation case. Amber Heard framed johnny depp from the beginning. JusticeForJohnnyDepp JohnnyDeppIsInnocent

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‘SNL’ Cold Open Parodies Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial and ‘Fecal Delivery’ Allegations Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ’s court battle was the center of the cold open on the May 14 episode of “Saturday Night Live.” Kyle Mooney played Depp, who, in real life, has alleged … I don’t know man, I don’t think it’s something to joke about. The whole trial on the spotlight (even though it’s an American state thing apparently) and people being so obsessed with it gives me sensationalism vibes. Yikes 😬 JOHNNY DESERVES JUSTICE ❤️💪🏻 AbuseHasNoGender JusticeForJohnnyDeep JohnnyDepp WE LOVE YOU JOHNNY DEPP WeStandWithJohnnyDepp TruthWins AmberHeardIsAPsycopath AmberHeardDeservesPrison

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