Watch Jimmy Fallon and Chris Stapleton sing a tribute to Nancy Meyers movies

10/13/2021 4:44:00 PM

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Chris Stapleton sing a tribute to Nancy Meyers movies

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Chris Stapleton sing a tribute to Nancy Meyers movies

TV host Jimmy Fallon and musician Chris Stapleton put together a funny tribute to the warm and cozy Nancy Meyers aesthetic.

a hilarious sketch that aired Tuesday night about the classic Nancy Meyers rom-com aesthetic we all wish we could have., and It’s Complicated in a musical homage to the films of Nancy Meyers..By.

“Big windows, strong women, scarves cashmere and the pants are linen,” Stapleton sings.They also note the high quality of the rugs usually featured, the “huge candles” and cozy socks.“When I need a little heart and I want to be inspired/I get cozy on the couch and watch a film by Nancy Meyers,” Stapleton sings from inside a way-too-quaint farmhouse, with Fallon by his side.“When I need a little heart and I want to be inspired, I get cozy on the couch and watch a film by Nancy Meyers,” the pair croon.The original rendition of the track comes off the musician’s new album Friends That Break Your Heart.Meyers, who has been active in Hollywood since the 1980s, is famous for her movies that celebrate successful women who often reside in stunning homes.“Big windows, strong women/ scarf’s cashmere and the pants are linen,” Stapleton croons, sitting with his knees up in a bay window.Some of her film credits include “It’s Complicated,” “Something's Gotta Give" and"What Women Want.

" Her films often feature stunning kitchens with gorgeous countertops and an eat-in island.In 2017, he joined Fallon and Kevin Bacon for an outrageous ZZ Top.In December 2020, the singer dropped his Covers Godspeed.Her lead characters are almost always in soft, comfortable clothes.It's a real vibe — one that's reassuring and aesthetically pleasing.In This Article:.“And yes, she'll find love with a devilishly handsome older man when she's not expecting it, and when she does, it'll be backdropped by immaculate lines and cream-colored cashmere,” a Bustle article noted in 2020.-spanning trek concluding October 16th and 17th with two nights at Atlanta’s Tabernacle.“Why? Because, goddamn it, it looks good.

” Meyers herself responded to Fallon and Stapleton’s song on Tuesday night, happily sharing the video on her Instagram story.“What a surprise! So sweet and funny,” she wrote with a heart emoji.“Thank you @JimmyFallon and @ChrisStapleton!!!”.

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