Watch George Floyd protesters sing 'Lean On Me'

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WATCH: A large group of protesters in Washington, D.C. joined together in singing 'Lean On Me.'

A large group of protesters in Washington, D.C. joined together in singing "Lean On Me.".

A large group of protesters in Washington, D.C. joined together in singing "Lean On Me."


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People are protesting so much more than George Floyd’s death! They are protesting systemic racism and police who kill black people! Police who harm peaceful protesters.

Kind of peaceful, and reccomend to keep the social distance more than 2 meters among them 'cause read the article that a college student who joined demostraition and athlet found Covid19 positive...Sigh..

How about singing “Revolution” by the Beatles....more apropos

A message to those labeling all PROTESTERS as 'looters'. U lost your moral compass. It's big corporations that's been LOOTING US 4 decades

Who gives a shit! I’d like to watch them go to work.

Грустная новость

If you're talking about Jesus, then after just 3 years of that kind of healing ministry, Jesus chose a public execution (crucifixion) to tell everyone 'DON'T LEAN ON ME'. Eat the bread and drink the water(wine), because HE IS GONE.. and he's not back till you stop demanding him.

i hate karaoke night

This is the type of protest that I would support, the type of protest millions would support. But many had to make them lose the message by rioting and looting. If they were like this from the start, I would be a supporter. No doubt.

Where was all the protesting & uprising against cops when this white guy was killed by officers the xact same way as GeorgeFloyd? Why is Black Lives Matter not sticking up for DavidDorn? Bcz he wasn’t killed by a white cop?

Now we all know Floyd had covid19. Why do you fail to mention that nbc?

Interesting that 'protesters' were murders just a month Covid is gone!

Never forget Trump ordered military police to violently attack peaceful American protesters

Was this before or after most of them made it back to their homes with a loot box

this is beautiful

I would have gone with “What’s Goin On?” With MarvinGaye 👍🏽😃


When have protesters not been looters.

I’d go with COP KILLA


Perfect song perfect protest perfect unity realDonaldTrump I hope you watch this coz these are the people you proclaimed war on .... People fighting for a course ... You shud be ashamed

When does the violence breakout. SickOfProtests

woolrichzurich The power of togetherness

morgfair This guy has a pretty amazing voice. Somebody discover him.

Is this before or after burning a church and grabbing a new bag at Louis Vuitton?

Truth is Jesus Christ, His death on the cross and resurrection. Truth is the Word of God, the Bible. Truth may not be popular, especially in 2020, but Truth will set you free! ... from an article in Decision Magazine entitled 'What is Truth?' by Will Graham , June edition

I can't breathe when you lean on me.

'joined together in singing 'Lean On Me.' Can we roll the credits now and end the burning, looting and killing?

URGENT: Converted Christian who is against Khamenei is denied asylum in U.S. before Good Friday!

Two weeks ago on NBC News this would've been 'Mostly white group breaks personal spacing, increasing the risk of spreading COVID.'

Yea okay. COVID-19 will be smiling because she is winning the war. Terrible.

Lean on me and pass the COVID!

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