Watch a military veteran shred the NRA on ‘weapons of war’

Army veteran Rep. Anthony Brown says assault rifles 'are designed to inflict as much harm and casualty and death as is humanly possible' - not for civilian self-defense.


Army veteran Rep. Anthony Brown says assault rifles 'are designed to inflict as much harm and casualty and death as is humanly possible' - not for civilian self-defense.

Dayton, Ohio police confirm the killer used an assault rifle to shoot 26 people in 32 seconds. Democrats are demanding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vote on House-passed gun control bill. Congressman Anthony Brown, an Army veteran says assault rifles 'are designed to inflict as much harm and casualties, and death as human possible.'

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Good thing army assault rifles aren’t available to the public... The Left: The government is building and operating concentration camps!!! Also the Left: Only the government should have guns. 🙄 People want to own them for protection from invasion by foreigners OR a tyrannical government. That is why we have the 2nd amendment. Look at Hong Kong...those people have NO way to defend themselves!

So tell what gun doesn’t inflict harm, casualty, or death. Same is true with a knife, bat, car, or even a plane if your intend is to cause harm, casualty, or death. So are we going to out everything that can cause these things. MSNBC has just accused Bernie of sapping Hillary's election. Yet here is direct footage of MSNBC saying Bernie was doing amazing events to try and help DEMS win. You guys are so lost right now. Your relevance is slipping.

Your argument is invalid. Too bad almost no civilian has access to what closest could be called an assault rifle. Ummm. The 2nd amendment was written so that citizens could protect themselves from a tyrannical GOVERNMENT! ... shall not be infringed. 335M people. 350M civilian guns. Under 30K used in crimes by murderers. More murders by knives than rifles+shotguns. Democrat's Murder Capitol Cities murder Americans at Mass-Murders/Hour rates. Democrats ignore b/c mass murders get them votes & $.

No idea who Anthony Brown is, but the 2nd amendment was created so we could protect ourselves from people who are pushing gun control.

John Legend comforts Dayton survivors, slams NRA and preaches gun reform at news conference in Ohio'We see the images of grieving families. We meet them. We feel like there's nothing that we can do,' said Legend. 'But giving up is really not an option. We have to be able to live without the fear Uncle Tom exploiting racial & violent fears. This imbecile forgets the high, daily crime rate by his own culture, not race. Time to slam down the bigotry, crush the poverty and crime by a few sluggards, and end the myth about police brutality. Assimilate-or perish by own hand. The NRA is awful Michael Jackson Prince And Aretha Franklin never pushed any political views on their fans So regardless of your political views you were able to enjoy their music So called entertainers today can learn a lot from them

AR 15s are not weapons of war. Of course they are. Yet you can just buy one. Every weapon ever invented was intended to cause as much harm as possible. And if I am defending my family, i would want to inflict as much death as humanly posible on the attacker. Why would you protect criminals and not law abiding citizens?

He must have been a cook Perfect for home defense! were did you find this pansy Apparently that obvious fact has escaped the GOP and the NRA! That man knows If you need them for self defense, what army do you expect to attack you? It you need them for hunting then hunting isn't your thing. Try fishing! If you need to cuddle them for self esteem I suggest therapy.

Did he lose half his brain in service? Or is he just a typical expert liar? The AR round (.223) is on the left. The one on the right is from a WWII M-1 Garand.

Watch John Oliver Talk Gun Control, ‘Weakened’ NRA, Trump’s ‘Lack of Empathy’John Oliver underscored the weakened state of the NRA and the increased demand for meaningful gun control after mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton on LastWeekTonight Nothing happened after Sandy Hook why would anything happen now? Focus on your own homeland. Such a meddling liberal. Some old blonde bitch say in my car and asked me if I knew who Rolling Stones was? She was fat and looked like a man and older than donald trumps white presidency.

GerardoG1963 That's why they were banned GOP ! On Sept. 13, 1994, President Bill Clinton (D) signed an assault weapons ban into law, t expired in September 2004. House majority (R) Senate majority (R) Presidency (R). Class dismissed. Well Private Snowball (Anthony Brown) explain why America went from a .30-06 to a .223. Because he won’t answer, I will. Under NATO the powers that be wanted both sides to wound one another. A wound one take out three, killing only removes one. lies

About time! Ban them! This guy is stupid he don't know anything And by that measure, should not be in the hands of police officers as well. Demilitarize the police; there is no need for ANYONE outside an active war zone to have an assault rifle. Gun nuts, keep them in your vaults and nobody takes them away. It's that simple.

Lucky for us, we don't have assault weapons. We have sport rifles and home defense rifles. As a black woman, I am disturbed that a black woman like Kamala is not electable based on the colour of her skin. Therefore Joe Biden is the anointed one Humans are so despicable.... We are the only planet in the universe that harbours life... yet we come up with means to kill each other and any living thing.. in the most efficient way we can...

I suggest a purchase only for white males. To have at least one thing longer than African Americans. He's wrong, but entitled to his opinion.

Kamala Harris hits back at NRA after group criticizes her gun control proposalsSen. Kamala Harris earlier this year said if elected president, she would take executive actions to ban the importation of AR-15-style weapons into the U.S. and expand background check requirements. Give them NOTHING! 'Well, no, of course he didn't pull the trigger, but he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition.' So she points out he did not literally pull the trigger...but then says he has 'certainly been tweeting out the ammunition'...does she know that ammo cannot be made with tweets? What proposals?

The NRA and RUSSIABLICANS, make it easy for Losers, mentally unstable and those whos lives suck, use their Assault Weapons, kill mass people but that's ok to them, smdh OF COURSE THEY ARE!!! 'inflict as much harm and casualty and death as is humanly possible'? Trump promised sadists he will 'bring back waterboarding, and a hell of a lot worse' TerroristInChief said he can 'kill 10 million in a week' MAGAts love sado-fascists bait = inflict max pain + max kills.

BANNNN MASSACRE WEAPONS ARMY VETERAN STATES FACTS ASSAULT RIFLES MASSACRE WEAPONS DESIGNED TO INFLICT AS MUCH HARM DEATH AS IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE WHEN IN WAR NOTTT FOR PUBLIC SELF DEFENSE A military vet thinks civilians shouldn't have semi autos 😂 And IED up armored vehicles and the rest of the combat armaments that local police have is needed to serve a warrant for parking tickets too. Riiiight Smh

Weapon of war- scary looking gun Were is the line? M-14, were made of wood and use a common hunting round. Yet used in war.. More biased reporting from MSNBC You talking stupido...self-defense may inflict as much harm and casualty and death as is humanly possible. Assault rifles aren’t for hunting. Democrats rape girls. Dangerous.

Wall Street Journal: NRA agreed to pay $6.5 million for Wayne LaPierre mansionThe National Rifle Association previously agreed to pay $6.5 million to buy a mansion for CEO Wayne LaPierre, The Wall Street Journal reports $6.5 million in blood money. Nice. Interesting? funds coming from Russian 'donations'

Being an army veteran doesn't mean you know jackshit about firearms. And if you think it does it's because you don't know jackshit about the army The headline is true, except assault rifles aren’t available to civilians. ProveMeWrong 2A. Army veteran Rep. Anthony Brown needs to define what he thinks an assault rifle is and exactly why they should not be used for self-defense.

Yes, and when the constitution was written, weapon of the day were single shot powder weapons! Now assault rifles are the norm to go shopping in stores, as with automatic shotguns, self defence does not start with weapons of war! We're still not going to give up our guns no matter who says it. Nice try MSNBC. No one cares what you or whoever you push out there.

I sure hope when I am forced to use my firearm it is lethal. I didn't buy it to shoot marshmallows and issue apologies every time I pull the trigger. I'm sure glad natural disasters and civil unrest are things of the past. Thanks Anthony! Yeah tbf you want the weapon you’re DEFENDING yourself with to inflict maximum damage and death.

If the cops have them, then I need them, too. We're defending against the same evil people. Only in America can a random guy buy an Assault Rifle from Walmart

NRA Promised $6.5 Million to Buy Mansion for CEO Wayne LaPierre, Document ShowsA top National Rifle Association executive signed a document agreeing that the group would be 99% owner of a company formed to buy a $6 million Dallas mansion for CEO Wayne LaPierre, according to a copy of the document reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. So what was the Ollie North issue? Was he bringing this to light and pushed out, was he a part of it or was it a completely different issue(s)? If for no other reason, this is a good one to cancel your membership asap! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 🤮

nikatnite00 1assault nounas·saultə-ˈsȯlt 1 a : a violent physical or verbal attack b : a military attack usually involving direct combat with enemy forces an assault on the enemy's air base c : a concerted effort (as to reach a goal or defeat an adversary) an assault on drug trafficking Didn’t need him to tell us this.

What you people are trying to say on here is that you want all semi automatic firing guns band. That is the correct terminology you’re trying to use. If you take an AR 15 out on the battlefield, you won’t last three minutes. Ask any marine if they’ll go out the battle today are 15 they will laugh at you. It is not meant for war

Violent crimes, murderers, and rapes are Decreasing and going down. Look it up. The Democrats are using a scare tactic. These Wimps Likely never signed up for Military service...& certainly don’t have Assault style Mass Kill Weapons for “Self-Defense”...They have them to Boost their Deficient masculinity... a mindset that’ll be mighty hard to change⁉️ RepAnthonyBrown

So are hunting rifles, shotguns, and hand guns congressman. What we have here is Democrat Cheerleaders pretending to be journalists.

‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Talks Gun Control and “Weakened” NRAJohn Oliver came in hot on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight recapping Donald Trump’s “busy” week which included the largest single-state ICE raid, retweeting conspiracy theories a…

I'm an Army veteran and I ask, 'what is the purpose of any firearm?' I'll tell you it's not to shoot and injure. Not sure why, when your life is threatened (a.k.a. Self-defensive) that using a weapon to inflict as much harm and casual and death as is humanly possible is a bad idea. Not really. There could be far deadlier firearms available to the public

Tell that to trump's gop white nationalists He's wrong. Is this news? How long was he away from home? Thanks for you service and making it back in one ☝️ piece, unfortunately others here at home didn’t quite enjoy that luxury! NOT AN ASSAULT WEAPON !! Only the Military has them !! These are Semiautomatic facsimiles !! FOOL !! I need Real firepower to defend my family and way of life from Totalitarian Socialist takeovers !! There’s no 1st Amendment without the 2nd !!!

True story 5.56 mm NATO (.223) is designed to spall on impact. It becomes a saw for your insides and ricochets off off bones. People have been shot in the butt and the bullet exits their shoulder. Pistols are much better suited for defence due to range optimization Did you report your clear conflict of interests with Kamala Harris, yet? You know. The fact that her sister, Maya Harris works for you?

Yeah, and people like him use them against heroes who defend their countries from US imperialist invasions.

Its true 💁 This category of rifles patents clearly claims to deliver overwhelming fire suppression/superiority in a combat environment. Meaning-shoot at the enemy with lots of bullets while maintaining accurate aim to kill the opponents. As a $oldier who's used assault weapons, I can tell U that's a TRUE STATEMENT


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