Washington Post Warns What Easing Texas COVID-19 Rules May Do To Rest Of The Country

Gov. Greg Abbott is “gambling with the health of his state and beyond,” the newspaper's editorial board stated.

3/3/2021 12:10:00 PM

Gov. Greg Abbott is “gambling with the health of his state and beyond,” the newspaper's editorial board stated.

GOP Gov. Greg Abbott is “gambling with the health of his state and beyond,” the newspaper's editorial board warned in a scathing column.

Abbott was “gambling with the health of his state and beyond,” it said.“The governor’s decision may cheer those feeling rebellious, fatigued and impatient with the year-long pandemic restrictions,” wrote the board. “But the result of opening too soon will be viral spread, and more suffering.”

“The winter holidays and the third surge were awful,” it concluded. “A fourth surge — which could spread beyond Texas — is the last thing the country needs just as vaccines are being rolled out. Mr. Abbott is throwing a match on kindling.”Fears over Texas’ relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions were echoed by White House senior adviser Andy Slavitt, who described it to MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Tuesday as “a mistake.”

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So Texas decides to not be part of the national electric grid. That failed and people died. Now Texas decides to flip off public health recommendations. It's sad the elected officials of Texas think so little of the people of Texas. ProLifeMyAss I think we will be okay...so many have been vaccinated with more and more sites being opened! We should be more concerned about all the immigrants coming into Texas due to the Biden open border policy!

Let's give them 2 weeks. I got a bad feeling about this one. He is what Texans voted in...... regrets? This is not gonna end well.. Forget the Texas gas debacle, this is a case of fools rush in- Again! Next, you might see FREE state of Texas .. Go for it Texas!! 'newspaper's editorial board' Nobody worth paying attention to then. Got it.

This has to be infuriating to all the nurses /doctors working in the hospitals. This Governor doesn’t care about the people of the health and well-being. This is going to be Very Bad. Politics vs. Science. Winners: 'unscientific' politicians & businesses. Losers: more life losses and family bereavement.

This is like cutting the power before the cold snap. I guess the freedom to get sick is very important in Texas. It would be nice if Texas and Mississippi keep the disease in their state so the republicans can whip themselves They'll go against everything that is proposed by Democrats. GovAbbott Resign... You already have blood on your hands, why add more.

What a fool this clown is. Texas better wise up and get rid of this guy. I love the people of Texas, that’s why I’ll sacrifice them to make a political point! MalcolmNance JoJoFromJerz belbetenoir ericgarland Stonekettle kasie Really!! How do Texans vote for Qanon conspiracy theorists like this? The calibre of politician is in the trash can

Exactly Energy cockup deflection from Abbott...ah but what the hell,it's politics,kill another few thousand, nobody will notice Why did he do this? If we as a nation didn't have to cover all the cost of the healthcare, I'd be all for letting these tards go 'yolo' Texans are smarter than Gregg Abbott. Abbott IS the anomaly. Texans will continue to wear masks and demand the same from other Texans.

You know, idgaf what political party a state decides to elect. I would expect every member of every party in any state, in any country, to accept science , and place the health of their constituents before politics. This man is a disgrace to common sense. GregAbbott_TX will kill more Texans than the storm

It's amazing the type of things Republicans will choose to politicize. Good people are tired of this fake bs GregAbbott_TX txgovresignNow ! GovAbbott YOU'RE A NASTY MAN WHO ISN'T THINKING ABOUT WHAT THIS COULD DO TO NOT ONLY TEXAS BUT OTHER STATES AS WELL. IMPEACHABBOTT SaveAmerica And in direct opposition to 75% of Texans. Almost like these Republicans are begging to be voted out. I think he’ll get his wish.

It’s time to grow up kids. No more horsing around. 'It was COVID-19 that cut my sweet daddy’s life too short....A mask is FAR LESS uncomfortable than a ventilator. Wear your damn mask. Please. No one should go thru this.' — Abigail Breslin