Washington Post: Cdc Document Warns Delta Variant Appears To Spread As Easily As Chicken Pox And Ca

Washington Post: Cdc Document Warns Delta Variant Appears To Spread As Easily As Chicken Pox And Ca

Washington Post: CDC document warns Delta variant appears to spread as easily as chickenpox and cause more severe infection

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7/30/2021 4:55:00 AM

The Delta coronavirus variant surging across the US appears to cause more severe illness and spreads as easily as chickenpox, according to an internal document from the CDC obtained by The Washington Post.

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The public needs to keep up with the changes made to adapt to Covid Delta variant. It’s dumb to be upset with the medical community for trying to help people survive this changing virus. So. It is doing what it was designed to do. What they should focus on now is who made it and find them. And then torture them close to death

So what? That is what it was designed to do. What you all should be doing is trying to find the people responsible for this and torture them near death. can they, like, give us some data instead of leaking “internal documents” plzzz… I’m so glad I trust GOD more than the GOVERNMENT.BECAUSE GOD is in control of all things in the EARTH…. GOD doesn’t create anything he can’t cure…. My family and I have been very healthy we are Covered in Jesus Name!

When I was 16, ONE person came to school with the chickenpox. 3 weeks later more than 20 of us (out of a class of 116) were home with chickenpox. All I got from this was a scar on my nose. Covid can leave much more damaging scars. GetVaccinatedNow I survived the chickenpox. Had them in my butt too. V E N T I L A T I O N In schools!!!!!! And masks. And distance And LOTS of outdoor stuff.

What’s a surge? Have always been curious: Flu vaccines have been around for decades, but barely scratch 30% efficacy, if that! Along comes covid, and within a few months, no less than THREE “vaccines” with greater than 95% efficacy. Someone (cbs, MISTER Fauci) been lyin’! م Sarx0111 يبيع حسابات نتفلكس مضمون ورخيص شهر ٢٠ وسنه ١٠٠

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