Washington NFL Team's Sponsor FedEx Formally Asks For Team Name Change

FedEx, which paid $205 million in 1999 for the naming rights to the Redskins' stadium, says it has 'communicated to the team in Washington our request that they change the team name.'

7/3/2020 6:53:00 AM

FedEx, the title sponsor of the Washington Redskins' stadium, is asking the team to change its name following a report that investors are lobbying for the company to cut ties with the NFL team.

FedEx, which paid $205 million in 1999 for the naming rights to the Redskins' stadium, says it has 'communicated to the team in Washington our request that they change the team name.'

on Wednesday that letters signed by 87 investment firms and shareholders worth $620 billion had asked FedEx, Nike and PepsiCo to cut business ties with the team unless it agrees to the name change.FedEx CEO Fred Smith is a minority owner of the team. However, the majority owner, Daniel Snyder — who bought the team in 1999 — has shown no inclination to change the name.

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Aletter to Nikefrom investors cited Black Lives Matter as having"focused the world's attention on centuries of systemic racism.""[We] are witnessing a fresh outpouring of opposition to the team name," it said."Therefore, it is time for Nike to meet the magnitude of this moment, to make their opposition to the racist team name clear, and to take tangible and meaningful steps to exert pressure on the team to cease using it."

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What about the Yankees? Offensive towards Confederates Pirates? All they did was rape and murder, Browns? Offensive towards brown people Reds? Offensive towards native Americans Vikings? More rape and murder and there's many more!!! Change it to the Whiteskins Warriors RIDICULOUS! LOOK UP RED MESA HIGH SCHOOL THEY CALL THEMSEVES RED MESA REDSKINS! They literally picked the name themselves! IF THEY DONT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT HOW CAN A WHITE PERSON! QUIT GIVING BOICES TO PEOPLE WHO DONT MATTER

Cowards. Let them try living without FedEx and see how their businesses change. Be a leader NFL RIP Dear FedEx..stick to delivering packages & stay out of politics.. Did it REALLY take the killing of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and an astonishing number of others to change the racist, bigoted name of a football team?

FedEx as a full blood Native American, I oppose this move, keep it “Redskins” .. we are proud of who we are ✊🏽🇺🇸 notashamed notoffened FedEx I notified all my suppliers to no longer send Parts by FedEx as I will no longer accept a company who trys to tell me or others how to run my business. Haven't bought from Nike in two years,.. same reason I AM THE CUSTOMER

I will watch no more, forever... So, can they change it to whiteskin? 🤷‍♂️ Ppl will get angry? How about blackskin? No? How about yellowskin? I like yellowskin. Most chinese are yellowskin and a team named after it is kind of cool in a pro league. Redskins Nike MayorBowser POTUS realDonaldTrump Redskins coachdelrio councilofdc NFL nflcommish RealJamesWoods w_terrence DavidJHarrisJr GrahamAllen_1 Crushed berries gave local Native Americans’ skin a red hue. Red skin=Redskins. Learn your history & stop looking for racism.

Washington was a slave owner. May as well change Washington name while we are at it. Washington Redskins and other teams from pro's and college I hope all of you keep your name's people it is only sports. The Washington Redskins have had this name since 1933. And we all know this is a plot by the left to tear down everything that they don't agree with!!

Why don't we get rid of all nicknames so no one is offended? All teams can have dark grey, and light grey uniforms, and we can remove all personality from sports. 'Today's game between Seattle and Chicago being played at the field in Seattle.' Change it to white skins. White people are not embarrassed and are proud of their skin color

Cancel culture is ruining the world. Good luck. In the end, you will regret your decisions. All done without researching where the name originates. It’s not intended as an insult; it was actually done so to honor a few individuals. Ridiculous. Another example of woke white people telling other white people what to do. Meet FEDEX CEO

I second this! Washington Freedom Fighters! Washington Independence The Washington SJWs. How about it guys? Keep the name Dan...just change the mascot... Nobody cares. This could try has so many other things to worry about, that actually matter Change it to the ‘Whiteskins’. Now there’s a catch 22 for ya. Wondering what if any reaction there would be if the team made the ever so slight change to “Washington Rednecks” ? And changed the logo to reflect the change?

So ‘wokies,’ is the ‘Washington’ part of the name okay? Time to boycott FedEx along with the NFL How bout a simple answer from FedEx to these people...... No. What’s wrong with Red Skin many are proud of their heritage... if not why promote “Black” lives matter? I wonder how long the CFL will let Edmonton Eskimos remain?

An old one DoTheRightThing NativeLivesMatter ChangeTheName Washington Warriors it is 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Don't stop there. The Tar Heels is probably the most racist team name in all of sports. This corporate conscience activism is a problem. The persons in the board room wield way more power than individuals and we’ve allowed this tiered system to be created. justShipPackages

I sold my FedEx stock! There will be no NFL in our home any time soon! And so the Redskins will change the name of their stadium instead The Marion Barry's, cause they CRACK in the 2nd half. I grew up on the Oklahoma border and know hundreds of American Indians and have heard them talk about this. NONE OF THEM CARE. Only entitled white liberals waste their time on things like this.

Finally. Investors doing it. Really? Which investors? Go ask The Seminole Indian Tribe what they think of Florida State using the Seminoles as their mascot? South Park was ahead of its time Ironic that this country celebrates diversity but at the same time is trying to erase it. Tribal Sports Network & Red Road TV are putting together the first-ever study of tribal citizens' opinions on mascot issues. Not people who heard their ggm was Cherokee but actual tribal citizens. Results come out next week of the 1200 tribal member study.

Washington Marxists should satisfy all the BLM people. The first of many to come. Cleveland Indians, KC Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Blackhawks and any Native American protest. The Tomahawk Chop will go away, thank God. I suggest ‘Swamp Monsters’ keithbaldrey The Washington Senators. Washington Swamp. Then drop FedEx and Nike.

Next up: Pirates Patriots Buccaneers Saints Vikings Cavaliers Indians Cowboys Chiefs Padres Yankees Indians Braves Blue Jackets Senators Black Hawks Chicago Blackhawks next. united NHL NHLBlackhawks I'm part native and the only thing I'm offended by is that idiots get so offended about this but not the Vikings logo. Overly PC/cancel culture is fucking the progressive movement hardcore

Go Skins! This name change is total BS Good. snyder will let them walk. he's said forever he will never change the name. i can't imagine pressuring is going to help. who knows. So it’s because of the investors? Swinging for Woke... ahhh, just missed! In honor of MLK, change it to Washington Kings! MLK WashingtonKings

It’s the right thing to do right now- so do it A name change means big money for all the new merchandise they will sell with the new logo and name. I don't get why the team is against it. Hey, , you don’t have to lead with the slur in your coverage. Just buy the DC Defenders rights from XFL. Better logo, name, and colors.

White people telling Natives what they should be offended by. SMH D.C. Comics ? Washington Lobbiests Change the friggin’ name already and sell merchandise on new & old up the ass...c’mon Dudes wake up I'm changing the name of my service to UPS. Screw you palefaces RedskinsMatter Cut ties with FedEx. Redskins is not racist. Chiefs are not racist. Block media stories about these things & media will lose power & money! The keyword filter on Parler...allows you to stop seeing these stories... If media cannot make money on stories...it will run others!

This is the part where a bunch of white fans bring up that old survey of 500 people... “not all natives are offended by the racial slur” Tell them to go fuk themselves. Team officials are reportedly considering renaming the team after 13th US President Millard Fillmore to better reflect their mediocrity

All they gotta do is change it to a fox and call themselves Red Tails or something like that. Ain’t that hard. They could keep most of the same letters if they changed their name to the Washington Foreskins. Redskins Anything on Vanessa Guillen's murderer from you capital Schmuck's or nah? Thank God, once this is done, racism will be solved! Let's focus on statues and names and never work on the actual challenges we have as a nation. Good job activist investors focusing your attention on the important investments

Go Caucs! D.C. Redskins is such a bettwr name. Perhaps the most blatant public racist statement - too bad it takes money to make something so simple done On a side note, humanity would be much better if we got rid of currency altogether. Do the right thing and what else do you need It's good business sense to change the name.

Name change is long overdue About damn time! What should the new Redskins be called? The ancestors are proud. Love always wins. Aho. Finally. Just a matter of time now. Did they not know the team name of the team they were sponsoring when they agreed to sponsor a team?

FedEx Asks Washington Redskins to Change Name, Team Plays at FedExFieldAnother HUGE development in the movement to change the name of the NFL's Washington team ... with a major business partner pushing to drop the moniker. BLM is a terrorist organization!!! To what PLEASE CHANGE IT

FedEx requests nickname change for Washington's NFL teamDelivery giant FedEx, the title sponsor for NFL team's stadium, joins other advertisers in requesting Washington change its nickname. I’m surprised you don’t change your name, USA Today...because you hate this country. What a load of nonsense. Don't do it ? Lol nickname?

FedEx, the Washington Redskins’ Most Prominent Sponsor, Asks the Team to Change Its NameFedEx, the Washington Redskins’ most prominent sponsor and the namesake of the NFL team’s stadium, called for the franchise to change its name, a company spokeswoman said. DEFUNDTHENFL I'm so tired of this crap...... Anyone ever seen a ram in LA

FedEx requests Washington Redskins change team nameFedEx, which owns the naming rights to the Maryland field where the Washington Redskins play, has asked the team to officially change its name, long condemned as an anti-Indigenous slur. About time! get it done! Such bullshit. Will never watch another NFL again and will start using UPS from now on. Perhaps someone should ask the native Americans? Just a thought. But hey. White liberals. Please speak for everyone

NFL's Tony Dungy Won’t Say Washington Team Name On TV, 'It's Offensive''If the team doesn’t want to change, the least I can do is try not to use it.' The Washington part is worse jpauley23

FedEx, which paid $205 million for naming rights to the Washington Redskins' stadium, asks team to change its nameFedEx, which paid $205 million to name the Washington Redskins' stadium, asks team to change name Backlash time! They had no problems with the name when they first paid.