Live Updates: George Floyd Memorial And Protests

Live Updates: George Floyd Memorial And Protests

Washington, DC, will not have a curfew tonight

There will be no curfew in Washington tonight. The city's police chief says Wednesday's protests were peaceful and no arrests were made.

6/4/2020 8:40:00 PM

There will be no curfew in Washington tonight. The city's police chief says Wednesday's protests were peaceful and no arrests were made.

A memorial service to honor George Floyd, a black man who pleaded that he couldn't breathe while he was held down with a knee by a former Minneapolis police officer, will be held in Minneapolis, as protesters continue to rally across the US following his killing. Follow here for the latest updates.

Virginia governor announces Robert E. Lee statue will be removed "as soon as possible"From CNN's Carma HassanThe monument of General Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia. Andrew Barfield/ShutterstockVirginia Gov. Ralph Northam said he is directing the Department of General Services to

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remove the controversial Robert E. Lee Monument“as soon as possible.”"That statue has been there for a long time. It was wrong then, and it's wrong now. So we're taking it down," the Democratic governor said during a news conference in Richmond.

The announcement comes as thousandshave been protesting in the USto decry the death of George Floyd, police brutality and racism.The governor said the Lee statue will go into storage while they will work"with the community to determine its future."

"Make no mistake, removing a symbol is important but it's only a step. It doesn't mean problems are solved. There are still monuments of inequalities that exist in our commonwealth and in this country," the governor said, calling for change and healing.

Northam explained that he and the General Assembly were able to overturn laws banning the removal of the confederate monuments by passing new legislation.“This year I proposed legislation to let cities and counties decide what to do with monuments in their communities. Take them down, move them somewhere else, or add additional context. That law takes effect in four weeks,” Northam said.

That legislation does not apply to the Lee statue because it is state-owned, Northam said.“It sits on a 100-foot circle of land, a state-owned island surrounded by the city of Richmond. The whole thing is six-stories-tall. It towers over homes, businesses, and everyone who lives in Virginia, from elegant Monument Avenue to the public housing neighborhood of Gilpin Court,” Northam said.

The statue weighs 12 tons and sits on top of a pedestal.“…[W]hen it is the biggest thing around, it sends a clear message: ‘this is what we value the most.’ But that’s just not true — anymore,” Northam said.Some context:been at the center of an intense national debate

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in recent years, with opponents of them saying they wrongly honor long-deceased supporters of slavery.Those who defend preserving the statues, including many historians, argue they shouldn't be destroyed because they can impart important lessons about the ugliness of the past.

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There is still time to learn, but only for those who want to learn VallejoPd you can learn a thing from several major cities around this Country and get rid of these curfews... CNN commentator: 'Look at these peaceful protesters.' FoxNews commentator: 'Look at these violent protesters.' jaketapper Wait until saturday......

Look at those idiots . Go to Chicago where black on black killing is every day and throw your self on the ground.Go to the abortion clinic where must abortion are from black people Listen to this with your eyes closed and heart and mind open. love to watch such episode, In India, people are tamed and coward where in Washington they are brave

You shouldn't be in charge of a boy scout troop, how did you get this job. To let your city burn, that how history will remember YOU. Our city has respect for the mayor and police. Keep Trump out of it and everyone can manage themselves 😀. Because of the new wall? Just as Trump decides he LIKES the 'hunker in the bunker', 'president at war' narrative, building barriers to support that narrative.

👍 Make room because the people are coming! What Trump is doing is about to be undone! Peaceful protests are acceptable, unlike the anarchists, looters distorting common cause.

D.C. mayor encourages peaceful protest, urges public to honor curfewWashington DC Mayor Bowser says city's police dept. wasn't involved in the tear gas and flash bangs used against peaceful protesters near White House on Monday. 'At no time did we assist the federal police with the president's movements.'

Nationwide Protests Continue for Eighth Night: Live UpdatesLarge numbers of peaceful protesters are defying curfews in New York City and outside the White House in D.C. Bad idea...then they ask why How To Use the ACLU Mobile Justice App via YouTube georgefloydprotest Protesters march down I-10 in New Orleans and stop traffic on 5th day of demonstrations

Why Trump has the FBI, ICE and TSA patrolling Washington streetsPresident Donald Trump's message of law and order has manifested itself in Washington, DC, in a way he's threatened to do in states but has not been able to achieve. I'm sad that the struggle for equality has been hijacked by the battle for the soul of our country, but I truly believe that if we can overcome one we can solve the other. Trying to make himself relevant with his law and order talking point! What past President used this to his advantage? I am the law the other party for the lawless Some kind of logic Trumo would use. Every white person, read this: blacklivesmatter

Primary Election Snafus Show Challenges For November VoteD.C. expected most residents to vote absentee, so it cut the number of polling sites from 144 to 20. But hundreds didn't receive the ballots they requested in time, so they voted in person — overwhelming the system. Some waited up to 5 hours to do so. Follow TheNAJournal for real non-partisan journalism. Wow...they cut the voting polls?! Is it 1920 all over again? November is coming. Farewell realDonaldTrump

Reuters Top News @ReutersProtests against police violence continue after dark in Washington, D.C. Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of a people Who will not be slaves again Democry is going or coming? In US killer has a face... In Kashmir only the victim has a face...

Watch George Floyd protesters sing 'Lean On Me'WATCH: A large group of protesters in Washington, D.C. joined together in singing 'Lean On Me.' Yea okay. COVID-19 will be smiling because she is winning the war. Terrible. Lean on me and pass the COVID! URGENT: Converted Christian who is against Khamenei is denied asylum in U.S. before Good Friday!