Warren’s Plan to Boost Social Security Is How to Beat Trump

Democrats need to get serious about the national emergency that is the 2020 election with some actual popular ideas.


Elizabeth Warren's plan to boost Social Security might be the best general-election appeal any of the candidates has devised yet. jonathanchait writes

Democrats need to get serious about the national emergency that is the 2020 election with some actual popular ideas.

Increasing Social Security benefits? Even more popular. A 2014 survey found 86 percent of Americans agree that current Social Security benefits do not provide enough income for retirees, and 72 percent agree we should consider raising future Social Security benefits in order to provide a more secure retirement for working Americans. A poll last year found that two thirds of respondents would be more likely to vote for a candidate who would raise Social Security benefits, with just 18 percent saying they’d be less likely.

Social Security has largely disappeared as a first-tier issue since then. Trump promised to protect it, using the issue to distance himself from fellow Republicans. But his budget plan would cut $26 billion from the program over a decade. (As a share of its total cost, that is a pittance, but most Americans think any dollar amount ending in -illion is large. Why not let Trump try to explain that $26 billion is not a lot of money?)

He is engaging in an array of the lowest tactics that will be brought to bear on any presidential campaign — racist and sexist demagoguery, vote suppression, abusing government authority to pressure independent news media, inviting Russian hackers to intervene on his behalf, and any other dirty tricks he can dream up over the next 15 months. Democrats need to treat the task of defeating Trump as the national emergency it is.

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jonathanchait This poor chic needs Mrs. Hillary Clinton to speak for her. If this chic gets in, is Clinton Vic President? And Bill Ag. jonathanchait FreedomDividend is better. jonathanchait But the Congress won’t support that. Neither party would agree. jonathanchait She can’t do that as President. That’s not her job. The nutjob has no idea what she is talking about

jonathanchait Bad luck folks jonathanchait So, more and more taxes? How about resolving the malfeasance of fiscal responsibility in government first. Taxing our wat to 'prosperity ' is not the answer. CatherineMPHR jonathanchait That’s ridiculous propaganda, Bernie has offered to expand SS for years. This is another example of Pocahontas stealing from Bernie and the press generating dis information.

MelissaJPeltier jonathanchait However her energy ideas are nuts & would be exposed. Delavegalaw jonathanchait Sadly she is way down in the Democrat 2020 polls. MelissaJPeltier jonathanchait Seniors vote! Delavegalaw jonathanchait If you totally ignore AndrewYang and the FreedomDividend. YangMediaBlackout YangGang

Elizabeth Warren’s Social Security Plan: Raise Benefits by $200 a MonthElizabeth Warren unveiled a plan to give all recipients of Social Security benefits an extra $200 per month and to pay for it by raising taxes on the rich Even SHE admits it won’t work: Love it Communist

Delavegalaw jonathanchait The $4800/yr boost for couples is a life-changer. Pay off credit cards, make car payments, fix eyes and teeth. Please do this yesterday. ewarren jonathanchait That would be nice...lol. Hope she gets super majority democrat house and senate to help her. I'm 62 and working until 65 😎🤪😎

Warren unveils far-reaching Social Security planWarren’s proposal would increase payroll taxes and establish new investment taxes on the highest-earning Americans. gillsterein She’s lurched center with her not-really-Med4All plan, so it’s either a net wash or perhaps even an inch towards the center Vote DEMOCRATIC no matter who. No one can sit home because the candidate that they supported is not on the ballot. Don’t get mad VOTE and get the REPUBLICANS OUT OF DC. it is a must for the survival of our democracy. Vote Democratic all the way no matter who!! The middle class can’t pay anymore!

A top Senate Democrat unveils plan to revamp the capital gains tax, fund Social SecuritySen. Ron Wyden, the ranking Democrat on the Senate finance committee, proposes raising taxes on capital gains to the same rates as ordinary income. Will they get to Mark to Market their unrealized losses? Of coarse a thieving Democrat wants to take other people’s hard earned money! Lower capital gains tax.

Elizabeth Warren Urges New Social Security Taxes on WealthySen. Elizabeth Warren is proposing new taxes on wealthy Americans for the Social Security trust fund, making her the latest Democratic presidential hopeful looking to tap the coffers of the nation’s top earners. Hell yes. the problem with all ponzi schemes is eventually you run out of other people's money! 🙄👎

Elizabeth Warren proposes major expansion of Social SecuritySen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday unveiled a proposal to overhaul and expand Social Security, beefing up benefits with a hike in payroll and investment incomes taxes on some of the country's wealthiest households. I thought the House already had passed plan to raise social security and strengthen it, the raise would be about $200 a month Are you paying for the increase? The fake Indian, a person without integrity, spouts off all kinds of grand things in an effort to buy votes. But there is no money to pay for it. CNN is an ASSET for the democrats, socialist/communist.

Elizabeth Warren proposes sweeping increase in Social Security benefits, financed by wealth taxesSen. Elizabeth Warren proposed an across-the-board increase in Social Security benefits, financed by new taxes on high-income Americans. Socialism She will not be well received by Wall Street she will lose should she get the nomination Free free free

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