Warren Moon Calls Drew Brees' Apology 'A Start,' Wants QB To Help Black Community

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Hall of Famer Warren Moon says he truly believes Drew Brees didn't mean any harm with his stance on the national anthem protests ... but now that he's apologized, it's time to step up and put his words to action.

"I think he has to maybe now get out there and try and do some things physically to show that he's putting his money where his mouth is and maybe get on camera to talk about those things so people can look in him in the face, look him in the eye and see if he's sincere or not."Moon says Brees isn't the enemy people are making him out to be ... but can use this as an opportunity to hear from others with different experiences.

"I know Drew as a person and I just don't think that's him ... I just think he needs to -- and like a lot of other people around this country -- they just need to listen, they need to learn, and they need to see what's going on."


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Fuck Drew Brees and his apology

WMoon1 can start by shutting his sexually-harassing mouth. Nobody wants to hear his opinion on anything.

He already does a lot in New Orleans!!!

Moon must have dementia .. Brees has done more for New Orleans then people who were born there combined

I’m pretty sure he has and a lot more than Moon ever has!

That’s right Warren Moon 🌚 Shake his ass down BlackLivesMattters GeorgeFloyd Whitelifematters GeorgeFloydChallenge 🐃

He already has! Wtf! Lmao!

Drew Brees has done his share for the black community, Especially during Hurricane Katrina. He’s done a great share for New Orleans. His teammates know him and what he’s about. That should be enough

Yes, a start. See drewbrees now you’ve bowed and apologized for simply having an opinion they will always demand more from you and it will never be enough. You’ll be living the rest of your life on your knees.

Drew needs to stay on his knees at all times in the locker room & not look anyone in the eye

Apologize for what. He should apologize for being a coward.

No. Nope. He only apologized because he got so much public backlash

How about you guys stop giving racists quarter in your comment section for clicks HarveyLevinTMZ ?

Damn what does he think Brees has done? That’s the part that sucks, if after all Brees has done to rebuild New Orleans, If he doesn’t have space to give his truth, then the already fucked and one side doesn’t want to listen


Warren moon. Please check out all that Drew Breeze has done for the city of New Orleans which is filled with communities of all races. He does not exclude anyone when it comes to assisting his community.

New Orleans proper is 70% black. Brees has donated millions towards Hurricane Katrina relief and helped rebuild academic & athletic facilities, parks, playgrounds. But yeah, he needs to help the black community.

We don’t need his kind of help


Warren just hiring your wife please

This all looks like a cultural shaming and moral extortion at the highest levels. Very fascistic and totalitarian.

I can’t believe Drew Brees wants to stand for the anthem.. bigot!

Brees didn’t say anything wrong.

He has. He’s given more to minority communities than a lot of the anger babies nerd raging over his stance on the anthem.

I don't know about anyone else but I'm completely washing my hands of anything or anyone affiliated with blacklivesmatter This is all about control now and I refuse to have one race control the way I live life and also control how the police departments perform there duties.

Yes. Send him to my community, please


Nothing wrong with second chances!🤮😡😎

No more apologies! Enough. This is all a bullshit show orchestrated by leftist leaders. You are all being lied to.

What a surprise..


Brees had done a lot for the poor & black community in New Orleans. His arguement wasn’t racist and he has a right to say what he said. That being said his timing lacks understanding of what blacks are voicing today and his apology was all b/c of the backlash. Like all the Karens

Warren Moon can kiss Drew’s ass

33 million so far Sir, and your donations exactly?

Anyone know what Warren Moon has to to help his community?

He singlehandedly brought NO back from the brink of becoming a wasteland after Katrina through his HOF play. He’s donated millions to the black community. He loves his country and doesn’t respect traitors. Quit persecuting the man with ridiculous & unfounded accusations.

I love Warren Moon and the two-step drop and shoot. Loved that offense.

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