Warren made $1.9 million from corporate and financial legal work

The senator had come under pressure from Pete Buttigieg to disclose her compensation from private clients.


NEW: Sen. Elizabeth Warren disclosed receiving $1.9 million from private legal work since 1986, including earnings from large corporate clients

The senator had come under pressure from Pete Buttigieg to disclose her compensation from private clients.

Buttigieg’s campaign has been calling on Warren to release her tax returns from before 2008, when she did private legal work for some large corporations similar to the ones she now rails against. The Warren campaign is not releasing her tax returns from 1986 onward, arguing that providing over three decades of tax returns after she already released 11 years' worth is an unreasonable standard that other candidates are not being held to.

by client she's providing is more specific than her tax returns would have included.

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Warren’s private legal work has been a prime target for past opponents who have tried to paint her as hypocritical — a self-proclaimed champion for the little guy as she takes big money from corporations.

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That is just 60,000 a year for 33 years Thats... not actually that much. I'm confused.. She wasn't even in politics until just recently.. So how is this a problem.. There wasn't even the pretence of any corruption since she wasn't in politics at all So the headline is saying she's a better option than Trump

Hypocrisy It’s for work done, not a donation or contribution. Sounds like she got underpaid. Seriously, Politico … oh, wait, this must be a story about pay inequity, even at the highest socio-economic levels. Got it. DoBetter ElizabethWarren 2020Election ewarren ..AND? What's the freaking fuss about a lawyer having corporate clients & then starting a political career? I honestly don't see the fuss...

Over 33 years? since 1986...do the math

Ericsson agrees to pay over $1 billion to resolve U.S. corruption probesSwedish mobile telecoms company Ericsson has agreed to pay over $1 billion to re... What’s the point? These corporations see corruption as a smart business decision. They make more than they end up paying in fines and continue to operate with minimal sanctions. And the same ericsson company expects to benefit from US Govt subsidies thru the US Int'l Development Finance Corp. opicgov for 5G telecommunications network infrastructure assistance to developing economies. Is this why they are 'cleaning-up' their relationship with the US?

Meanwhile, PeteButtigieg flatly declines keeping big money out of politics. That’s 33 years....did you guys do the math? At least she showed her earnings unlike the current occupant of the White House Over 33 years. This is a non-story. So she made less than I do per year So, basically 69,000~ a year? Ok.

Who cares what’s your f’ing point? Still underpaid. About 66k a year. Which is about the norm for legal work. So what's the issue again?

Ericsson to pay over $1 billion to resolve U.S. corruption probesSwedish mobile telecoms company Ericsson has agreed to pay over $1 billion to re... Cause this is corrupt and illegal and stupid. Funny, why wasn't Trump all up in this business with his 'concerns' about corruption? lol

Trump's supporters freaking about this when he is fighting in the courts to keep ALL HIS TAX RETURNS SECRET YOU FUCKING WITH ME 1.9 million in 3 DECADES COME ON 🙄 Will she give it back to those nasty big corporations? Since 1986. The patriarchy is real, folks. Nothing but the best from Politico... New: Sen. Elizabeth Warren disclosed receiving just under $58k per year since 1986 for legal work, including earnings from large corporate clients. Fixed it for you.

Hit piece So about $57,575 dollars a year? Wtf politico. Shit headline. Shit tweet. Shit story. And what is your point? It's like you're suggesting there's something crooked about it. There isn't. This is just pathetic reporting. She's a lawyer who's allowed to make money. And for a lawyer, that's a very modest amount of money for that period of time.

Elizabeth Warren Made About $2 Million for Legal Work Over Three DecadesDemocratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was compensated nearly $2 million over three decades for doing consulting and other legal work, at times providing counsel for U.S. corporations. So? Try affording a house in Cambridge without a little consulting on the side in you're a professor. Good for her!

$1.9 million divided by 33 is $57,575.76 She earned $58k per year as a 'large corporate lawyer'. The fact that you call this newsworthy is fucking nauseating and a grave indictment of the state of affairs in this country. I hope you're still capable of feeling shame. Well there you go, women always get paid less than men for the same job. Senator Warren was underpaid for her work.

Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwn. Warren2020 Yawn So to quote several hundred others, your point being? Roughly 60k per year isn't much for a lawyer, wouldn't you say? Or was that, perhaps, your point? Politico, shame. You claim to write the truth but twist it to falsity. WTF headline is this?! No shit she made $2m over the course of 30+ years!

So, $52k over 36 years... Soooo she had a job that paid her an average of $57,000 a year... Once again we find another woman doing the same job as many of her male counterparts and being paid far less than them. This is the sort of inequality that HAS to change. But it won't while rich old men sit in the Oval Office, Congress and the House.

How the Cool Kids of the Left Turned on Elizabeth WarrenThe socialists of Jacobin magazine used to treat Elizabeth Warren like a promising alternative to Bernie Sanders. Now they write as if she’s almost as bad as Joe Biden. What gives? 'Cool kid on the left.' That's an oxymoron if I ever saw one. Probably her insurance company reach around, 'Medicare For All Who Can Afford It'

Smart people often earn high fees for their expert services. That’s $58K/year. Must not be VERY big corporate clients...or she needs to raise her rates. Does anyone see whats going on here legal work my ass this so called teacher in my eyes is a thief and liar she is now in the pockets of corporate america . war makes them money Not a one works for the AMERICAN PUBLIC vote for me I want to get rich screw you

By East Coast standards that's not even upper middle class. Wow. Thought she would have made more. So what? Good for her! Thats not alot Really? That is the headline? So $66K a year? Wow. What a monster. What is the story here? This is a woman who worked, was underpaid and is now seriously trying to make our country a better place.

ewarren released her taxes from 1986 that's 33 years ago. trump hasn't released one year tax returns. Why hasn't realDonaldTrump released his taxes from 1986 - 2018?

As poll numbers slide, Warren wrestles with Medicare for All dilemmaWith support for Elizabeth Warren&39;s White House bid sliding since the release last month of a divisive plan to overhaul healthcare, the Democratic presidential contender has made an effort to refocus her campaign in early-voting Iowa on her signature anti-corruption message. Now that Warren has

That's over *calculates* 33 years, honey. So? This is even bigger than the new coke scandal of the 80s. My heavens. That just sounds like she was an underpaid & non-corrupt attorney. What is the point of this article? all good. Do the math. Big deal. OMG a lawyer making money, disgraceful. Um...I would hope ANYONE would have made this after over 30 years of working. WTF kind of journalism is this?

A bunch of sexist malarkey. That’s about 59 grand a year. Very low for a qualified attorney.

AP Interview: Warren says voters are ready for female ticketAP Interview: Elizabeth Warren says she believes Americans are ready for a presidential ticket with two women at the top, rejecting concerns from some Democrats that a woman can't beat President Trump. Hell yes! Voters have been ready. For a while now. However, Warren isn’t the one. She’s too wacky. Well they can't

57k/ year. This is indeed criminal that a woman should be paid so little over three course of 3 decades. Holy shit, Warren makes $57,575 a year. From 1986. 32 years of hard work. About $59,000. About the same as a full time nurse. What's the big deal? Your point? She's a well respected attorney who gets paid for her expertise.

I make more money as a millwright ffs She's not the remedy, she's part of the problem. That's a piddling amount, all things considered. Get a life. So what? And... Big deal. Nobody can make money but Trump, I guess. Wow, that's so little. So what you're saying is women should be paid more? Thats like $58k a year. I earned more than that a year working as an industrial mechanic. That didn't involve going to an expensive law school. Trump's spent over $100 million on golf trips.

So BFD. Let me fix this. OVER THIRTY YEARS Elizabeth Warren earned income, less than $70K a year. Seems she, like many women, was underplayed given her experience and credentials. Good for her. This is shockingly low for a lawyer doing private legal work over that kind of span of time. $66K is entry level attorney salary. Sit down Rs.

Warren had a job for the past few decades that netted her about $60,000 a year--terrible scandal, according to trash publications like yours. Ocasio-Cortez worked as a bartender and was poor--terrible scandal, according to trash publications like yours. Women can never win. Woman got paid $60,000 a year for legal work. OMG, what a scandal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your misogynistic agenda is showing, Politico.

I don't get it... Do you want it to be a bad thing? Because it's not... And I'm a huge Berner. So... If she were a Republican candidate, wouldn't the headline sound more disappointed? TL;DR, it’s a whopping ~$66k/year.

So this is news? I think you mean she made 57K per year. Just irresponsible Are you kidding me? 30 years and less than 2 million? Chicken feed for someone of her caliber. Now, divide that by 33 years So? She is a lawyer. Love her!!! Warren2020 So what? Seems to me, she was grossly underpaid. Looks like she’s on stilts

Over a 30 year period, doing work that was legal and ethical. So your point is...? over 33 years. averages $58k/year. SINCE 1986?! STOP THE PRESSES! LAWYER EARNS SOME MONEY!

That’s 33 yrs of work. Do you know how to divide? And You are terrible This is: A. Not new B. Not news Delete this nonsense. AND...?! Good for her, imagine how much more she could have earned if she was in an equal pay scale with men That's a 33 year stretch of time. It's laughable that this is supposed to make her look 'corrupt' or just vaguely bad.

Over how many years, again? Jeez! I've made more in the last 15 years than Warren made in the last 30! And I'm just a lowly artist selling my work on shirts and totes. So a licensed, practicing lawyer was paid to advocate on behalf of her clients, and she disclosed the earnings. If only a certain, current occupant of the White House would disclose his earnings for the past 30 years. trumpIsACorruptLiar TrumpIsADisgrace

Jesus hopping christ on a pogo stick. You don't say. 'Highly capable woman makes a living'. Now let's talk about Hillary's emails... Uh-huh... and🤷🏿‍♂️ Even $1.9 million over 5 years isn't scandalous for someone with her skillset. Or is it because she😱 worked for corporations?!? Escándalo!🙄 And.... Cool, now do Trump.

That’s all she made? Wow. Would be 6x that amount if she was a man. Sad. OMG she's one of them...a rich person. 30+ plus years getting paid 70% what a man would have been paid. (Do better Politico) Media: How many times did SenWarren - disclose tax records; file for bankruptcy; shut down businesses; shaft employees & contractors; hire undocumented workers; pay off porn stars; self-deal; appoint unqualified family to manage national affairs; lie; cheat charities? CREWcrew


At least you guys mentioned the 30 years... *over almost 30 years Do the math. Since 1986. Showing that she was massively underpaid for her work. A white man would have whined incessantly if only paid that amount for 30 years work. how is this a story That is what attorneys do. Work for money. Try writing about corruption instead of someone making an honest living.

Wow - roughly 67k/yr for legal work! Shocking! I mean it’s shocking how much you guys are trying to stop the change she would bring to office $1.3M more than previously disclosed. Seems she only did so because of pressure from Buttigieg. And? BREAKING: Woman Made Money!!!

She made over a million from work over thirty years, oh noes That's like... $58,000 per year. Wow so rich, much money. Waiting for your investigation into trump $$. Or Ivanka, or Jared and 666 Fifth Ave..oh wait... Sen. Warren Made About $60k/year as Attorney* Wal-Mart Greeter Reports Making $1.2M Over 40-Year Period! 😑

Yes, presidential candidates should disclose information about their earnings, tax returns, etc... Women getting paid In this economy Is this legal? She makes decions that affect these corporations. OMG!!! SHOCKING!!! SENATOR WARREN RECIEVED OVER $1.9 MILLION BETWEEN 1986 TO 2019! GASP! LEGAL WORK! HORRORS! WHATEVER SHALL WE DO?!? FIND OUT AT 8:00 ON THIS HORRIFYING REVELATION OF NON-NEWS!

Old news PeteButtigieg I have respect for so many on the the democratic stage. Try it. You may get some votes. Save the fighting for Trump. WhyYouShouldntBePresident

Ace journalism. 😂😂😂 So- don’t most of us work for corporations? Doesn’t mean we don’t recognize-and need to take some power from them. A woman made less than appropriate amounts of money doing a job well done. Shocking. She should have made more. Over the course of 30 years, idiots. Incredibly dishonest headline. I expect this kind of partisan misinformation from conservative rags, but this is a new low from you all.

Warren earned that pay. Come on..over 30 years. Get a life . Report properly instead of click bait Averaging $53,000/year for God's sake. Let's get real Politico, seriously. You mean she worked and got paid? 🤷🏼‍♀️ and ? Great.. breaking news... whatever.. Let me fix the headline for you...Warren says she “ONLY” made 1.9 million from private legal work since 1986.... there you go!

So what? She’s entitled to work. Over 30 years. Over 30 years. Over 30 years. She got paid about 60,000 a year over a thirty year period. Misleading headline. Do better. Wow, 1.9M in 33 years..... just think how much she could have made in 33 years if she had been a dude! Now do “affordable” university income 🤔🤔🤔

All the people doing math on this from 86-19 are missing the fact she stopped practicing about halfway through those years. So double those numbers from ~60k to ~120k, and it’s still a nothing burger. Breaking news. She got paid to work. How much has a man her age received from private legal work since 1986?

This is a gd joke! $1.9M over 32 years.... do the math. That is less than $60,000/yr. Do better! Maybe you should rewrite the headline to say Warren earns an average of $57,000 per year from outside legal work.

What's with the headline, Politico? You insinuate she is not trustworthy, yet she is answering questions. In the normal world, this would be news, but we're in Trump bizarro world, where he won't even show his grades, much less his tax returns, and lies about everything else! Over 30 years. You forgot that in the headline. Crappy editors or click-trolling idiots? Or both?

JohnOSullivan36 They hide their funds and expect you to believe them. I don’t trust Bernie or Warren period. And she doesn’t have six billion dollars to make her health care insurance work. It’s a lie. If Republicans are okay with trump not releasing his tax history, why must Democrats stay to this precedent?

I wouldn’t vote for her but she does have right to practice law. Seriously, this is “newsworthy”? 1986-2019 = 33 years That's an average of 57,575.76 per year. Not striking at all. Kinda low actually... JohnOSullivan36 She worked as an attorney and charged money for it? Breaking news One article I read long ago: Warren was a corporate atty and fought against women who had faulty breast implants. I have found her smarmy for many many years. Not a fan.

helensita57 Glad to see she worked for her living, earned a reasonable lawyer wage and is not beholden to those attending secret fund raising campaign events...a la Trump and Buttigieg.

Good for her Can we move on now back to fighting Trump and focusing on issues that matter to us? I don't think the purity tests being the only focus is productive.She doesn't need to prove herself her record speaks..own it So she made peanuts So? How dare she work and get paid!! gailgirl66 Ridiculous. How much has trump earned?

I made more building cabinetry. 🤷🏼‍♂️ JohnOSullivan36 So you’re trying to be as pathetic as theshill ? SheWasUnderpaid

JohnOSullivan36 Also know as person earns a living. JohnOSullivan36 I could care less unless it was from Russian oligarchs. gailgirl66 So 33yrs of wages for legal work in America? Seems ok to me Over 30 years-please What about the 12 million in 8 years? What about her daughter having a Hunter Biden job on a George Soros board. George bought her and her family long ago. Liz is in deep corruption and lies. If Soros calls she never swipes it.

Over 3 decades please So... 58k per year for a lawyer? So she's undercharging? Warren start charging more! Wow it seems shocking to you (based on your headline) that women can make money. Do better . PS-look forward to your call to all candidates to release their tax returns. Thank you! Wow, a Harvard professor earned $1.9M over 30 years. It like that never happened before.

This is not all that much.

Now do all the GOP candidates in Congress. Less than $60k/year for 33 years...I think your headline is describing what a job is, no? On top of the 200k a year salary from Harvard she obtained by falsifying her heritage? so elizabeth warren made a living? how terrible of her 🙄 'So what?' 'It was a long time ago' 'What about Trump?' If you find yourself saying any of these phrases, you don't understand the point of a primary and why this is a problem. She's been helping the people she claims to be against. Her record makes her completely untrustworthy.

These two knuckleheads better get it together instead of creating Republican talking points. Unfortunately the Dem candidates will eat themselves like in 2016. This kind of moronic reporting is why we can’t have nice things. Yeah, so? Swing. And miss. So her crime was... Having a job? Colour me shocked. 66k on avg per year. This is a bad headline.

WhiteLotus3_9 More power to her. This headline is dumb and misleading This is idiotic 😂😂😂😂 What is the point here? Same. And? So, she worked for a living for decades. That's much more than the trust fund babies have ever worked. And, just how has MoscowMitch become so wealthy? Libs lie, always My dad made $60k a year as an assistant professor in a mid-sized state school in the PNW 30 years ago. If he'd stayed in the job he would've made more than Warren by now.

This is what's called 'ethical behavior' - disclosure, disclosure, disclosure; what DJT and team have no idea what it means.

This is spam Delete your account. Seriously, the only news here is that a woman was underpaid for a career of legal work. In BOSTON, no less! So? SO WHAT... you make it sound dirty...🤮🤮🤮😡😡🇺🇸🇺🇸 VirginiaBloom9 So what! chrisjollyhale The math here in the comments is assuming she’s provided legal work every year. Could be more contractual on a more sporadic basis

gailgirl66 So what?! This is ridiculous to try to shame her for making money!! GOOD FOR HER. SHE PROBABLY DESERVED MORE. NOT A STORY.

gailgirl66 Think you mean earned VA hospitals are very low efficiency, the system is stiff. Veterans are always delayed for treatments. Omg. But her emails! Ffs. Any of you journos at politico/wp make a lot - a lot more - would that exclude you from candidating? Just a question. What's the limit ? If you work in the private sector? 30k/year? And btw totally disingenuous lead headline.

gailgirl66 So? Even aggressive toxic Bernie bro’s can’t spin this, right? 1986? That's not much for a lawyer over 33 years.. So? What were the sources of Comrade Trump's earnings? I am so glad they paid her for her professional work! Now ask Ivanka how much she made in 2019. 1.9m over 30+ years? That's like $50-60k a year.

1.9m / 33 years = 57k a year (before tax). for a lot of the work she wasn't even compensated. she charged what most top lawyers charge. enough with the clickbait headlines. Oh the outrage!!!!! My Gawd! She took home $55,882.35/ year on legal work! Literally unbelievable man… Holy shit what a statistic! can y’all please GYFOH with headlines like this, and perhaps do some actual journalism?

Senator Warren received payment for services rendered. Wow. She’s more badass than we knew!! Reaching....seriously reaching. That is like $58-$60k a year, so effing what. The woman had a job and she did it well. Sometimes to put food on the table, a roof over your and the kids heads, and send them to a good school, you work for people/businesses you personally don’t like. What a stupid piece this is.

Over 33 years. Spread out over 33 years. Not a very successful corporate lawyer then... I gotta ask. Do the math. Are you proud of this article? Do you think you’re adding value by writing this?

So what? She worked and earned her money. Let's tear her down right. We have someone who stole and cheated and lied and he is the White House. Smh Listen to the leader of our party Barack Obama don’t shoot at each other in a circular firing squad. Cut this out right now. Exactly why I’m voting for SenSanders.

Another failed attempt. No matter if you meant to present it as an outing of 'scandalous behavior' or a shout-out to decent, lawful employment throughout her life... You went on to fire your shot & completely missed it. This is not even a discovery. Holy shit. Really? 1.6M over 36 years? That’s a decent wage but not outrageous. You lot need to get your shit together- this is hardly even impressive, let alone anything even worth mentioning.

1.9 million dollars over 30 years is... not that much? For doing her job? Is this supposed to be a scandal? That that seems like a lower number than I would have expected, given her qualifications. Is the criticism that she allowed herself to be underpaid?

That is roughly $57,565.00. Why is this even making news? Perhaps because she was grossly underpaid for a woman with her education? So what!!!! It's not how much she made --we know she is terrible with money-- it is who she worked for. Whose interests she furthered. Since when can women be paid for work, this goes against the Bible.

Lol not surprised. Like i said all politicians are bought Woman with degree earned money. More at 6 Jim. wtf r u doing Like, I'm very much going for Sanders rn, but wouldn't feel bad voting Warren. Who gives a F if a candidate earned money from corporations while they were a lawyer? That just says she knows more about them, not that such a paltry sum would jeopardize her interests.

Ratio She's always bragging

And? Is there a point 1.9 mill ÷ 24 = 79,000 a year minus taxes and expenses not much left but fair enough. Good stuff Ms Warren Honesty is Your gift to peoples being cheated by these corrupt thieving politicians dominating the field at the moment! $57k/year is news? Why are you still doing this shit So?

You do know this is a positive... Who thought this was worth publishing and why are they in such an important role at politico? How deep does this rabbit hole go? So $55K per year? She must have multiple mansions and private jets with that kind of money. 😐 Wow. You cracked it. A brilliant female legal mind was grossly underpaid for three decades. Fantastic journalism. Real A+ stuff.

She’s been a successful lawyer. However, that’s not actually a large amount for her to have made in 33 years. Jeez, you too? Give me a break. Do better or close up shop So? Isn’t that capitalism? Why are y'all making this a misleading big deal?! Another bought and paid for career politician Dayum. girl is talented! *** Imagine being outraged at a woman earning legit money for her work. Oh, wait, you don't have to imagine...

Quick, walk me to my fainting couch and fetch me my salts. That's all? Over 30 years? About $65k a year, then. Nonstory. BFD it’s over 30 years. How is this even a headline? Partners in law firms usually make more than that in one year.

Over 30 years. Headline fail. What a greasy way to write that headline. Why are you presenting it as if that wasn't a cumulative total from 30+ years of a moderate middle class salary? NEW: IQ45 still not disclosing ANYTHING, as he continues to ignore subpoenas and hide his tax returns. Or, just over 33k per year? Lol. You GOT HER! 😂

and? people just found out pete worked for Mcinsey and he's pressuring warren for private legal work 😐 Yes yes, Politico. We get it! You want four more years of Trump! We get it! Jeez! Smear attempt by the media they are scared of her. So what? That’s nothing compared to MoscowMitch, who got his 20+ million from foreign oligarchs.America has a propaganda problem. The RepublicanParty has committed treason. Do your job.

Now do one of this mind blowing stories on every other candidate. Local lawyer fairly compensated for services; reports earnings on taxes. Media, yall just never learn, huh? “Elizabeth Warren earned a normal salary for thirty years”. Fixed that headline for you. Politico more like Gossip-co. Trump is here promoting his hotels and golf courses but we’re preoccupy ourselves with this insignificant news

That’s like reasonable af, if not underpaid A quick Google search says that lawyers in the US make $113,000/year on average, almost double Warren's earnings. Unless your point was to highlight the GenderPayGap, this is not news. Hey dumbshits, that 58k a year. Tragic underpayment for a female lawyer. Remove this garbage headline.

Shame on you, so misleading. That is 65,000 a year! That is over 33 years; which translates to less than 55,000 a year? is that supposed to mean something? Aren't people supposed to earn a living? That's it? I thought it would be more.

It seems that Europe does not believe in men more, they voting for women, The West goes to women after the failure of men. ...thats not a large amount over decades lol Was that supposed to sound scandalous? That’s over 33 years. 2mil/33years = Wait for it It’s... Just over 60k a year. She got paid $60k, not 2 million.

This headline pisses me off. paywomen Should she have worked for minimum wage as an attorney? A man would’ve made more for the same work over the same period of time. That's not the real story 👇🏾 What's your point? This is a disingenuous headline and you know it. Also, even if she made 2 million a year..who cares She can make a living. She only made 60 + a year but no scandal even if she made a fortune.

destruction_bay And ? Good for her! She achieved the American Dream. . This bullshit SmearJob is just one more reason to avoid your BullshitMagazine. amazing as hell how you earn 1.9 million over 33 years as a lawyer well that's going to upset the purity-police This is nothing I’m in the Information Tech field and did better than Warren? In less time. Sounds like she hit a glass ceiling to me.

ClaraListenspre Good for her. At least she earned her money honestly and didn’t have to dip into Putin’s pockets!

What, no mention of Hillary's emails, either? I mean, at least be consistent with your misogyny here. If she were a man she would have made more money. Thanks for pointing that out. So? politicoJumpsTheShark How is this news? At least she did it honestly and legally unlike most GOP members Cool, Bloomberg just spent 37 million in two weeks.

Meanwhile, where are Trump's taxes again? . politicoJumpsTheShark In Australia you can earn $60K per year being the personal assistant to a lawyer. If your overall point was how drastically underpaid she was, then yeh, we agree.

Joe Biden made almost 2million dollars from the US government from 2009-2016, more to follow!!!!!! so what would have been $2.5m for a male Harvard Law professor? given her expertise in bankruptcy, one imagines that the consulting work was in risk management, just like the complex litigation mainly involved bankruptcies in multiple jurisdictions /yawn

So... she's underpaid. A qualified woman made $1.9m in 33 years of private practice. Bad thing for a different reason. When she throws stones she best be ready for someone to throw them right back at her. Funny it took this for her to reveal this amount of money. Im telling you people, she will say and do ANYTHING to try and win this election. I don't trust anything she says.

I’ve made almost that much in the last 35 years as a blue collar, union member employee of a Fortune 100 company. Are we demonizing people who work for a living now? Is my income to be presented as nefarious and shameful too? A pleasant $57k-ish annually. So the fuck what? Good for her! Tell me one single goddamn man who wouldn’t use this as a badge of honor.

NO, not new - dumb inaccurate story. This is very misleading. DoBetter be a better journalist. Since 1986. Something like $64,000 a year. A living, but not riches.

So what she got paid for doing a job is that a scandal now in trumps America that a woman actually made money That's only $65,000 a year! 'There are five cases that the Warren campaign says it does not have compensation records for, including consulting for the former directors of Getty Oil in the late 1980s during a bankruptcy filing by Texaco' Free consulting for an oil company or something else?

That's a lot of fucking money BFD. But her emails, Politico. Do math.. 33 years.. 1.9 million.. 57K a year... 🤔 What would she have made during that time as a male? An average private sector income of $57,575.76 per year is news to you guys? Really CitizensFedUp You misspelled ~ 66K per year. Much less than what many males running for office make.

Good work Senator What’s the purpose of this story? That is over a 34 yr period? Are you looking for cheap headlines instead of responsible reporting? Disgraceful! That’s less than 55k a year 😂😂 Holy shit! She made $1.9M over a period of *34* YEARS! Actually as a lawyer this is not very much. Move along, no story here.

LOL. What's the big news? Are we supposed to be horrified she made so little doing corporate work over a 30-year period? Look, if she's in the tank for corporations, why are they so afraid of her? $60,000 per year as o e of the top attorneys in the country. If she had chosen private corporate practice instead of teaching and public service, she would’ve made that in a year. Elizabeth Warren has earned every dime she’s been paid and we are very fortunate for her expertise.

2/ EVERYBODY GAVE TRUMP A TOTAL PASS! NOW you are going to get all “investigative journalist” on us? Oh Hell no! 🤬😡 That averages out to just under 65k a year, which I was on track to be making with a few more annual raises as an *executive assistant* before I became too ill to have an office job. Please, do tell us all what exactly is wrong here?

So what? her policies are very progressive and do not favour corporate interests. Now do Pete

Cool, another election cycle of smearing successful women. FFS NotThisAgain Media is the enemy of the people. The most corrupt people in this country either work for Trump or in the news media industry. She did a job and made a little more than $55k a year. Your point? Misleading garbage headline. You should delete it.

Over 30 years? Seems appropriate OMG!!! She worked 30+ years ago as a lawyer?... and made money? The horror... 🙄😒🤨 Women are underpaid. ok and so the fuck what? At least she damn disclosed it! Has Trump? No! Also, notice that is since 1986! What, over 33 friggin YEARS? And if you average that out over 33 years that’s 57,575.76 per year! 57 thousand PER YEAR people! REALLY? 1/

I don’t get the story here. You’re talking about 1.9 million over a 33 year time period. That’s nothing. Why are we collectively supposed to clutch our pearls, exactly? Less than $56k PER YEAR!!!!!

Good for her. So since editors write headlines: sfheuser, out of curiosity... what the fuck were you thinking with this? She was grossly underpaid, which is exactly what happens to most women, let work together to elect her president so she can help change this for the next generation of women. So? Warren came under pressure from Pete Buttigieg to disclose her compensation from private clients.

So what? 'Disclose' being the operative word. Women are underpaid in comparison woth their male colleagues. How much did Trump make over the same period? Get his financials or STFU. So what!

Irresponsible reporting, even if it does reveal Pete Buttigieg being a dick in the presence of experienced talent. Educated woman makes money. Wow I have mo interest in Liz anymore corruption from pocahontas So she made a middle class salary in consulting for 30 yrs. BFD. Oops another democratic hoax , she got caught in another lie seems as if she's actually in bed with the corporation...looks like she'll be dropping out soon liberals will no longer support her.

ooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!! $60K/year. this cannot stand. So she made about what Pete made in three years at McKinsey? Go to know PeteButtigieg Lis_Smith! Now fk off. Pretty short money. Next. Not a Warren fan but this is a BS story.

Shes as pure as BernieSanders So what? Post news or don’t post, Politico. Are you kidding me? How is this even a headline? This is goofy as hell. She got PAID for her WORK? *gasp* Say it ain’t so 😒 Based on her ability to communicate and problem solve, she has been woefully underpaid. $57K per year is big news? She disclosed HER earnings and yes, she did work for corporate clients. Where is your story on how Trump is STILL hiding his finances and how we still don't know who paid HIM? You used to be a source of balanced coverage. WTF happened to you?

Its a salary for legal work in 33 years . This post also shows that most people can't do basic math. OVER 3 DECADES! Fix your stupid headline and check your misogyny, guys! How dare she put food on the table. 1,9 million divided by 33 years is average 57k per year. lower than average for legal work.

So? She’s smart and she’s earned money. Is she supposed to take a vow of poverty to help others? That’s really not much considering 33 years!! Ok. That's 66k a year. That is nothing for a lawyer. So over 30 years. How much did McKinsey pay Pete? How much has Biden earned? We know Bernie made money off his campaign to buy real estate.

What if this headline was written for people to understand? OMG, she made, like, 65k a year for WORKING?!? Outrageous! $1.9M/(2018-1986) = $59k per year. That doesn’t seem like a ton of money for a lawyer to have earned. NEW: That’s over 33 years which comes to an average of $57,576 per year. Get serious Politico.

Lol it equates to $56,000/ year... Shit up and find real stories to report on. eyeroll canyoumath

Pay to play? Sounds like it. this is literally called having a job This is such a disingenuous headline. Journalism is such a joke these days. $57k a year since 1986. This is not news, unless we’re talking about gender pay inequality. A girls got to eat. $1.9 million over 34 years isn't exactly Scrooge McDuck money. It's $55k a year.

This is not a story. Since 1986 as a lawyer. Now do this with other politicians. Good! Over THIRTY FOUR years

OK, so lawyers make money from doing legal work. Good for her. YOUR MISLEADING HEADLINE CAN KISS MY INFORMED ASS. Operative word: private legal work. Good for her.! ♥️🇺🇸 Are y’all serious with this? If you divide the total amount out into the number of years, that’s only about $50K+ a year. Seems an appropriate amount for an attorney.

Pocahontas is toast! WarrenDropsOut ElizabethWarrenDropsOut But, but.....those evil corporations. She also increased the student loans by receiving $400K to teach a couple of classes. Hypocrisy... She’s a lawyer. Point? So what.

Ah! The cat is out of the bag! Let the chase began! 1986 Come on, now. Now you're really stretching it. These crooked politicians get in office only to enrich themselves. So what? Successful women really scare some folks, I guess. $57k a year? How much was she paid and by whom? That's far important than this giant lump sum.

You could have said that, despite being a highly regarded lawyer, she only averaged around $70,000 in annual earnings over nearly three decades. But you didn't. Interesting. Liawatha Warpaint always looking for that wampum.... Who among us who have been earning income since 1986 or longer, have not earned a total income of over a million dollar. (Our bills ate it up, tho'😃)

Why does the Media give her any attention? Her entire career is predicated on her ability to lie, and scam, and you all act like she’s great. She is a con artist. Andrew Breitbart was right about the DemMediaComplex. Frankly, it’s sickening. Why is that an issue? 55K a year for 34 years. Put it in perspective.

Why is this news? Is this just an fyi? Well, corporations are people too ! I heard that somewhere ! Are we making a mountain out of a molehill? Since 1986? Over thirty years? The horror! Good for her... so what’s the story here So? I made $1.2 million teaching school + side jobs in 35 years. And I had to engage in things I railed against (excessive testing).

1986 corporations were a little different. Most corporations doing well were liberal as fuck and not devising ways to fuck over the public. Of course they still needed counsel and it appears she was underpaid. Sorry, 'long' division. So ya doing this because Twitler doesn't think Biden will be his Challenger? What's your salary?

Over 30 years? Whip out your long division skills! Saturday night fever over 13 years? I made way more than that!! Joe Biden Health Insurance (ObamaCare) Will Not Dismantle It, As Trump GOPs That’s approximately $55,800 per year earned by a true friend of democratic capitalism ewarren. Well we all knew that she just lied about it constantly

1.9 mil over 33 years is ~58k per year. It's probably higher since she hasn't been earning the same amount the past few years. Still, that's hardly unreasonable. That's a middle class wage. How did she have time? I guess Senators don't work very many hours. Otherwise she wouldn't be able to have such a lucrative second job.

At least she did. Almost as if she’s not afraid.

Who cares. She’s Allowed to work or pay Hypocrite How much has Trump disclosed? She was robbed 😂😂😂😂 And? What's your F'n point? Sooo what! We need to pay our bills!!!! Mayor Pete is awaiting his apology So what I’m sorry, did you say 1986? Actually, it could be 1996 or 2006 and I still wouldn’t give a s$&t.

Why is this news worthy? She is good at what she does and this isnt all that much money over such a long time.

Gee, she works for a living. Isn’t Capitalism the greatest? $2M in legal fees over the course of 33 years isn't the scandal this headline implies. So what? I guess I don’t see the issue. People aren’t allowed to work for corporations ever? Why not work for them? Are people going to be judge for working now?

Warren wants to high tax millionaires. Not her of course Let’s hope if warren is the nominee and president she can undo some of the damage she enabled as a high powered corporate lawyer Ok. What? Oh my god! She got paid to do work? How is this a news story?

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