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Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway raises Amazon stake by 11%

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway raises Amazon stake by 11%


Warren Buffett 's Berkshire Hathaway raises Amazon stake by 11%

Warren Buffett 's Berkshire Hathaway revealed an increased Amazon stake in a government filing Wednesday.

"One of the fellows in the office that manage money" bought some Amazon, Buffett told CNBC's Becky Quick in May, on the eve of of Berkshire's annual shareholders meeting in Omaha.

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Berkshire Hathaway is evolving. Smart Damn... Single man impacts the world's biggest company! And the banks hapyyy Im happy Just before a recession? Isn’t that the wrong time? $BRK.A and $AMZN will fall the hardest, excluding $BYND and the other unicorns, of course. Fair value of $AMZN should be around $550

Good luck Oh the follow on droolers Buying bezos’ shares as he sells. Which genius manager is buying this for Berkshire? LiveSquawk Double Downing.

Jim Cramer is not worried about the yield curve, says Warren Buffett is buying bank stocksCNBC's Jim Cramer says the strength of the consumer sector and Warren Buffett 's confidence in back stocks are key reasons not to overreact to the yield curve inversion. Jim is an idiot. Pay no attention. The yield curve is nothing and this scare campaigns happened last year for fews days but the this time the funds who caught short yesterday when Trump delayed 10% tariffs decision they found another reason to push the market down and they close the short with profit. jimcramer I'm a lot more concerned about 10yr real yields at 0.0% than the 2s/10s curve doing what the 2s/5s curve has been doing for the last 9 months. yieldcurve

Well will see how he's doing on this amazon bet. The retail industry is counting pennies to survive. Halo Papa Ukulele...How are you?!wkwkwk!Right!. (ssst Papa biar Netizen/PenguasaElit Indonesia pada tahu Gue!Aku tuh sok akrab orangnya YA!) This man just bought the dip

Warren Buffett Is a Huge Backer of U.S. Banks Warren Buffett ’s Berkshire Hathaway holds nearly $100 billion in financial-services stocks, underscoring the size of the billionaire investor’s ongoing bet on the future of the U.S. economy. Nih Yang Suka Gue!Aku sebut di UpdateStatus di Fbook Gue dulu dgn nama 'Papa Ukulele...!'...Right!. 😳😳😳 🤔

Warren Buffett says this is what he'd do to live a happier life—if he could live all over againAt a university lecture in 1998, an MBA student asked Warren Buffett what he'd do differently if he had another shot at life. The billionaire's response will change the way you think about happiness. MakeIt He would have bought bitcoin in 2009 MakeIt Date more strippers? MakeIt Get a room ...

As 2020 race heats up, growing worries Warren and Sanders will split leftist voteAt rallies at the Iowa State Fair last week, 2020 White House contenders Elizabe... At this point we Democrats need to stop fretting about who wins the primary and make it 100% clear that 2020 is 100% about getting rid of the orange stain in the Oval Office. FallInLine heckyessica Those two would have little chance in a general election.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Are, Actually, Here to Make FriendsEven as their campaigns heat up, the two candidates have routinely declined to attack each other. Definitely giving off TheHoneymooners vibes. Can't imagine this pres and veep combo.

Opinion | Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Will Never Forgive MeFrom WSJopinion: If I knew I wouldn’t have to pay my student debt, I’d have chosen a better school and a more interesting but less lucrative major, writes semanahte opinion semanahte Well isn’t that the shame of the century? opinion semanahte Give a person an inch and they will take a mile opinion semanahte That’s the point

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