Tech, Warren Buffett Finally Traded İn His Flip Phone For An İphone - Cnn

Tech, Warren Buffett Finally Traded İn His Flip Phone For An İphone - Cnn

Warren Buffett finally traded in his flip phone for an iPhone

Warren Buffett finally traded in his flip phone for an iPhone


Warren Buffett finally traded in his flip phone for an iPhone

Warren Buffett, one of Apple's largest shareholders, finally owns one of the company's most popular products.

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Jesus. Should have bought a Coffin How many times do you have to tell us? If you're confident your followers read most of your tweets then you should also be aware that you're boring them with repeat news, not that a billionaire changed his phone is news anyway!! I wonder why he accepts gifts and then uses them against the donor. An elegant man would thank you politely and would not accept you. Apparently this American style of culture :) Greedy above all. What tax breaks for this interview? Because it smells of manipulation.

Sellout Was it personally delivered to him by Tim Apple? What? Mr. Buffet is going 5g? Good for him. I am watching CNN - RIGHT NOW—. Trashing Bernie!!!!! Not good... Fox never trashes Trump .. and God knows Trump deserves to be. How does the Democratic Party except to win with this behavior? Not sure I trust too much in Grandpa's takes on technology

Ok boomer Finally out of the Stone Age

Warren Buffett says Apple is 'probably the best business I know in the world'Warren Buffett told CNBC that Berkshire Hathaway's 'third largest business,' after its insurance and railroad interests, is its stake in Apple. Is it because it enslaves Chinese people for its benefit? When WARREN B talks about INTEGRITY CHARACTER and ETHICS...that MUST NOT be sold for profit...and he overwhelmingly supports APPLE...knowing full well their outright use of illegal CHILD LABOR and many places ILLEGAL CHILD 'SLAVE' LABOR to make products...BUFFET's lying. It’s a shame you don’t have better reporters to ask a simple follow up question, WHY? Coke and Am Ex pretty impressive businesses as well as Geico in their heyday And quite the flip flop from a guy who said he would never buy tech SMH BeckyQuick TheDomino

迈阿密一个叫奥斯梅尔·马丁内斯·阿兹寇的商人从中国回来后,出现了类似于流感的症状,他想自己是不是被感染了,于是去医院做检查。打算拍CT,一次CT要收费270到5000美元,这超出阿兹寇的预算,于是他只作了个血检就回家。回家后医院给阿兹寇寄来了一张账单,一次病毒检测竟收费3270美元,人民币约2.3万 Better for him to see which candidates he needs to dump money into on an Apple rather than a flip phone. who gives a rat's ass I’ve seen 7 people with flip phones this week, and it’s Wednesday.

Please report back when he’s medically dead, because no one cares

Longtime Apple fan Warren Buffett has finally traded his flip phone for an iPhoneThe billionaire founder and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has long been a fan of Apple Inc., but for years has relied on a cheap Samsung flip...

Warren Buffett interview highlights: 'Good' when stocks fall, likes Apple a lot, coronavirus impact“I’m a democrat, but I’m not a card-carrying democrat.” Warren Buffett is, however, a card-carrying capitalist. “We will see what happens,” he said yesterday about the 2020 election. AskWarren Lmaooooooooooooooo Old codger will save you Isn’t he sitting on like 120b cash

Warren Buffett finally gave up his flip phone and got an iPhone - Business InsiderThe legendary investor Warren Buffett, who owns billions in Apple stock, finally gave in and got an iPhone. And may I say that no one, NO ONE, of any substance, spine, or credibility gives a rip? I too want to be so rich that they make articles about the phones that I use Bad move. The underworld uses old-school flip phones on purpose because they are harder to track & hack info from them. Plus no camera or microphone!

Warren Buffett Says He Finally Ditched Old Flip Phone for Latest iPhoneBuffett says his ancient flip phone is a thing of the past, and he's now an iPhone user. Why can't other billionaires be quaint and cute like Buffet? Surprised he’s still alive

Warren Buffett calls coronavirus outbreak 'scary stuff,' but says he won't be selling stocksWarren Buffett, the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc , on Monday c... BFD. A global thermonuclear holocaust would not dampen his long-term support for stocks. littlepachit Yea because he’s like 100years old?

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