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Warner Bros. Film Chairman Toby Emmerich Floated for a New Job

As the studio navigates its day-and-date HBO Max plan with talent, David Geffen pitches the exec to Netflix

5/5/2021 8:10:00 PM

As the studio navigates its day-and-date HBO Max plan with talent, David Geffen pitches the exec to Netflix

With 18 months left on his contract, is Warners film studio chairman Toby Emmerich exploring job opportunities? While it is far from clear that Emmerich will leave the studio after more than 20 yea…

The Kitchen. The exec was named president of the film studio in 2018 and promoted to chairman the following year. Emmerich’s contract was last renewed in October 2019 and runs through the end of 2022.A WarnerMedia rep, when asked for comment about Emmerich, confirmed that the exec is under contract and stated, “Any other speculation is just that, speculation,” noting that he “has a wonderful relationship with [studio chief] Ann Sarnoff and there is no truth to the rumors.”

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One Emmerich associate speculated that a call from Geffen to Sarandos may have been intended to help Emmerich gain leverage in a future negotiation with Warners.Another industry veteran says that while Geffen has said he no longer wants to be involved in the entertainment business, he still likes “to move chess pieces around” and has been making behind-the-scenes calls “just looking for action again … trying to extract information, like the old days.” If he gets someone a job, this person adds, “he calls in favors for the rest of your life.” This person adds that Geffen played a major, previously unreported behind-the-scenes role in getting Paul Simon to sell his music catalog to Sony Music Publishing, a deal that was announced in March. Geffen did not respond to requests for comment.

It’s been a challenging several months for Warners, particularly for Emmerich. As Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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BYE TOBY EMMERICH!!! 👋🏼 MakeWBGreatAgain Those Fools. WarnerMedia ATT just fire the POS already ffs he’s done enough to deserve the sack 100 times over 2019 was an abysmal year for WB. Just saying. Everything has been going down hill since 2017. Oh good for them One more step closer to RestoreTheSnyderVerse.

💰💰💰 FireTobyEmmerich RestoreTheSnyderVerse ⏳ IStandWithRayFisher RestoreTheSnyderVerse At this point this studio is just garbage. Wtf you doing warnerbros ? betzler_ramon RestoreTheSnyderVerse Damage control

Behind Warner Bros.’ Search for a Black SupermanSources tell THR that Ta-Nehisi Coates is crafting a Kal-El in the vein of the original Superman comics and will have the protagonist hail from Krypton and come to Earth, possibly sometime during the 20th century This has to be the dumbest idea since new coke ... TaNehisiCoats DCComics Sometimes wonder what is this penchant with color for everything? Will we have a white Black Panther, a Chinese Superwoman and gender neutral superkids? Jus askin.....Oprah thursdaymorning Is this report accurate though? Are you sure it’s Kal-El and not Kalel? Because Kalel (aka Calvin Ellis) is also Kryptonian.

FireTobyEmmerich I'll make this easy for the studio. I don't come back as a fan til he isn't the only guy in the entire group saying what gets greenlit and what doesn't. Until that point, I'm out. TobyEmmerich RestoreTheSnyderverse FireTobyEmmerich RestoreTheSnyderVerse toby!! go home!!FireTobyEmmerich RestoreTheSnyderVerse

Snakes like each other FireTobyEmmerich So you made up stories?

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Please Don't Renew His Contract I Will Say Before He Gets Retired FireTobyEmmerich Please please please sack this pos Renew his contract then. FireTobyEmmerich RestoreTheSnyderVerse netflix refused this guy like a plague! They are smart, so time to ATT be too and FireEmmerich That's call KARMA. No jobs for clowns 🤡 like you.

Sports players do the same shit just bs RestoreTheSnyderverse

Publishing Briefs: Ari Lennox Signs With Warner, Primary Wave Acquires Sturken & Rogers CatalogA list of the latest moves in publishing, including new deals for Ari Lennox with Warner Chappell Music, Primary Wave Music and more.

IStandWithRayFisher FireTobyEmmerich Oh please let him go FireTobyEmmerich RestoreTheSnyderVerse Nah WB don’t care about that This petty man has caused a lot of bad press over the last 4 years. He must be removed from WB ASAP. ATT IStandWithRayFisher RestoreTheSnyderVerse Keep him away from Netflix. Netflix are doing way good that the shit WB us are doing.

Пора лечить этого Рудина. Его беспоокоят зарплаты сотрудников. Судя по нюансу - всё ещё перетряхивают обрыдшего 'Пересмешника' - так точно жлоб. А где Николсон, управляющий гневом? David Geffen huh? We were right about this guy the whole time. Emmerichs Day Job. FireTobyEmmerich Catapult Tester...... The guy is deadset useless. Can't read trends or the market. What's he even there for? Saying no to fans and giving Zack Snyder a shit time. I didn't even know the job of a studio effective a few years ago. Why? Because they were obviously doing it well. Now? I know too much.

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Toby wbpictures listen.. ZackSnyder got to netflix before you. Stop harassing the man just leave him alone and let him be at peace! Thank god RestoreTheSnyderVerse Toby emmerich will ruin netflix in 1 week. Dont let his ass near netflix fence. Let warner bros keep that hack richiecastaldo FireTobyEmmerich RestoretheSnyderverse

it says: Emmrich contract ends on December 2022 and Netflix executives did not see a place for Emmerich at the streamer. A source close to Sarandos said “no call was placed to him, and there was no discussion about a position.” A Netflix spokesperson declined to comment. YES This is a really nice way of saying they want to can Emmerich, and are looking for a landing spot for him. Interesting how the trades just parrot this lie.

Emmerich was behind one of the biggest, most public acts of movie sabotage in recent history I.e. the SnyderCut He colluded w/ Tsujihara & Johns & kicked ZackSnyder whilst he was down! WarnerMedia jasonkilar bring Zack back, RestoreTheSnyderVerse and let Emmerich go.

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Which job? Yes ByeBitch ToxicWarnerBros 🖕 Shit, stay where you are. Don't go to Netflix with your racist ways and ruin shit over there He should be out long time ago but seems that WB is more focus on protecting egos than giving a product to of quality to the fans. Bye bye Toby! Just go far far away...

netflix, that guy in this period is still ruining DC Comics into WarnerBros. He does that since 2017. He deserves to be fired. Do not give him a chance to sabottage your platform. This guy should leave cinema studios and leave customers in peace. Been waiting for this day That is GOOD NEWS! 🥳

Go to Burger King, Toby. This guy just needs to retire and leave Hollywood. FireTobyEmmerich FireWalterHamada Keep that man the f—k away from Netflix. netflix please never appoint this guy for any job.. Toby met Zack at Netflix: 'You wont let me live, you wont let me die Tell me, do you bleed?' netflix better canceled any calls from wbpictures unless WB tells them the true story of the reports during the JL 2017 reshoots, Toby is one of the big reasons, Zack was able to pitch AOTD to Netflix AlwaysBetOnDead RestoreTheSnyderVerse

Keep him away from Netflix NETFLIX STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN. YOU ALREADY HAVE A PERFECT PLAYLIST OFO IES COMIN UP. DONT SCREW IT UP Tick-took RestoreTheSnyderVerse while you still can.

Keep Emmerich away from netflix he’ll run it into the ground like he has wbpictures Instead of listening to fans Emmerich & WB make projects they “think” fans want. Of course, good ideas are born all the time but how a/b making projects fans support? SnyderCut jasonkilar Ser_Jon_Arryn you were right 😏

Ok. But why Netflix? RestoreTheSnyderVerse Hell yeah Bye So the article earlier was his a distraction/SMFH. GTFOH 🎉🎉🎉🎉 While we are at it can we get rid of Ann Sarnoff too? 🥺

NO! STAY AWAY FROM MY NETFLIX! Is this the Opening Zack Snyder has been waiting for? How is it a Fanbase thats LITERALLY breaks the internet WEEKLY responding to various stories on Social media constantly gets ignored. Howcould a company NOT want their money? its time folks! RestoreTheSnyderVerse