Wallace: ‘When the story’s true and you got nothing else, attack the leakers’

On the Russia Bounty plot, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany attacked alleged ‘leakers’ during her press briefing. Nicolle Wallace says, “I know from my experience in government when a story’s true and you got nothing else, attack the leakers.”

7/1/2020 1:03:00 AM

Regarding the White House's response to US intel that Russians purportedly offered bounties to Taliban fighters to kill Americans, NicolleDWallace says 'I know from my experience in gov't when a story’s true and you got nothing else, attack the leakers.'

On the Russia Bounty plot, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany attacked alleged ‘leakers’ during her press briefing. Nicolle Wallace says, “I know from my experience in government when a story’s true and you got nothing else, attack the leakers.”

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NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace Leaking classified information is illegal. But the press and Democrats don't care. Same as with the killing of Americans in Benghazzi under Obama and killary Clinton. NicolleDWallace As in your experience with the Embassy in Benghazi and blaming a video for the murder of US Troops and an Ambassador? While BO and HRC hid for 4 days? That experience?

NicolleDWallace we invade afghan 19 yrs ago they return fire do you really want to add a war with russia the mike tyson of war they have 6500 f====g nukes 8 nukes eastern usa gone NicolleDWallace I hope that the inability to make this story stick or have an impression shows Americans are not over and angrier over something else now. Namely the rioting and senseless racial destruction thst happened 2 weeks ago. Thst msnbc downplayed and distorted

NicolleDWallace THEDINGUS aka POTUS has attacked more Federal Agencies than he has Russia ! NicolleDWallace You should. Weren’t you front and center on the Russia case. Hmmm where did that go? Are you implying that Mueller was faking it? NicolleDWallace She is a garbage relic of a murderous regimen. Don't know why you are so invested in her. Hating Trump just isn't enough.

NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace Stop this bullshit propaganda! NicolleDWallace This country has an easy decision in November. Go with 'Bunker Joe's Victimhood Society' and the Seattle mess spread across America. Or Go with Pres Trump and VP. Pence and have 12 more yrs where all Americans prosper who r willing to leave Mom's basement.

NicolleDWallace White BLM activist assaults black man for tearing down Black Lives Matter signs. Woke. NicolleDWallace PLUMMERS DNC ...AGAIN...!realDonaldTrump NicolleDWallace Geez😂😂😂 NicolleDWallace What? So anonymous sources created a bizarre story. The White House denied it and brought up the anonymous sources, so therefore the story is true. Welcome to MSLSD, everyone.

NicolleDWallace The experience of lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction. NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace AND HER MOUTH SPEWS BULLSHIT NicolleDWallace Trump is attacking the leakers. Calling the RussianBounty story a HOAX! The TraitorInChief has got nothing to lose. NicolleDWallace There's a better still of 'Colle somewhere. Find it.

NicolleDWallace It gives the diehards something to hold on to to keep disbelieving their eyes and ears. Not much of a factor for everyone else. NicolleDWallace 'When the story is true' - That is funny stuff! Thanks for the laugh. And keep pushing this hoax. Huge help to realDonaldTrump's re-election campaign.

NicolleDWallace Nicole is soooo superb with candid honest intelligent presentations NicolleDWallace A corrupt, inept administration led by a commander in thief NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace hahahaha yeah no different than a cheater (man or woman) getting caught ..they get loud then wanna claim victim and blame the person who caught 'em ...then, 'it ain't want it looks like' BS!

NicolleDWallace Leaks like this cause more harm to troops & country❗️The news don’t give a shit as long as they’ve got a headline to sell‼️ There r things that go on behind the scene that should not be in the news, that’s what national security is! NEWS‼️ I’m sure Pres. would protect military‼️ NicolleDWallace Witch.

NicolleDWallace When all else fails, retread the “fake Russia” stories ... wow, the MSM and their DeepState handlers are getting desperate. —- no one believes the BS anymore. You lost us. Lying isn’t good. NicolleDWallace MSNBC 😤🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 NicolleDWallace msnbc, wallace are neither believed nor trusted

NicolleDWallace No more excuses and deflections. Trump is guilty and so is Senate Republicans for providing cover. They are complicit. How much more evidence is needed to show Trump is derelict in his duties as Commander in Chief. He works for Putin not the US. NicolleDWallace 🤣 NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace Russia backs Iran Obama Biden yet they gave Iran millions and American gold and a 10 year glide path to nuclear weapons as Soleimani there general was targeting American soldiers. You in media and Biden are pathetic hypocrites. Media spinning stories to push agenda is fake news.

NicolleDWallace I recall the last RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA CRAP. 3yrs & $40 million later it was all a hoax. Hoax rerun. NicolleDWallace Uh... Nicole when you were in the White House you had class, integrity and a conscience... All of which you sold to MSNBC NicolleDWallace She knows. NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace Who the hell are you telling this Biden is as corrupt as the devil. Oligarchs & Joe Biden

NicolleDWallace SHE DID IT MANY TIMES IN THE BUSH WHITE HOUSE... DONT LIKE HER. NicolleDWallace Potus has checked out. We can't wait until November. We need a president NOW! NicolleDWallace Dems have zero memory. NicolleDWallace that’s what Obama did so it just be true NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace I think Nicole Wallace has a hatred for Donald Trump...anyone else picking up on that .....almost every second of her time influencing viewers is about someone she hates

NicolleDWallace Lol NicolleDWallace With Follow-Up Report, NYT Subtly Undercuts Key Aspects Of Its Russia-Taliban Bounty Scoops NicolleDWallace The Department of Defense continues to evaluate intelligence that Russian GRU operatives were engaged in malign activity against United States and coalition forces in Afghanistan To date, DOD has no corroborating evidence to validate the recent allegations found in source reports

NicolleDWallace yet the Pentagon said today they still dont know if its true or not..but dont let the facts get in the way of your narrative NicolleDWallace Yep, that's been the name of the game for his entire presidency. NicolleDWallace Yeah Trump!! She's a lightweight wannabe.. NicolleDWallace Totally free-wheeling press conference with no prior screening of reporters at all. And he still was a mess.

NicolleDWallace Dems want Biden to face Trump in Nov, but that's 4 months away. People are dying NOW because of his stubborn selfishness. We need ACTION - against Putin, to buy PPE, to order mass tracing/testing, to set the example...he must go. TrumpResign TrumpKillsUS TrumpKillsAmericans NicolleDWallace Leaking is illegal you TWIT

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