Wallace: It’s time to move past the shock of Trump’s ‘servitude’ to Putin

.@NicolleDWallace: “I just keep thinking about everything in front of our face, about Donald Trump’s affinity, affection, loyalty, and .... servitude to Vladimir Putin. And as shocked as I am by this new story, maybe it’s time to move past the shock.”

7/3/2020 1:18:00 AM

.NicolleDWallace: “I just keep thinking about everything in front of our face, about Donald Trump’s affinity, affection, loyalty, and .... servitude to Vladimir Putin. And as shocked as I am by this new story, maybe it’s time to move past the shock.”

On the White House not planning to immediately respond to the Russia bounty plot, Nicolle Wallace says “I just keep thinking about everything in front of our face, about Donald Trump’s affinity, affection, loyalty, and at this point servitude to Vladimir Putin. And as shocked as I am by this new story, maybe it’s time to move past the shock.”

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NicolleDWallace Unchecked irrationality is the greatest existential threat we currently face as a country and as a world community. In a functioning society, this would be checked by the fourth estate not fueled, hired, and mainstreamed by it. Nicolle, this is your checkpoint. NicolleDWallace Putin’s bitch

NicolleDWallace Lies and fake news. Traitors NicolleDWallace Again you’re lying! Trying to push a fake news leak that the post sent out so MSNBC Has to play on it😡wait until Trump wins! He will keep making America great again and you’ll keep denying the truth or just not report it😡just as bad! Fake news again 😡

NicolleDWallace Oh I moved past shock and right to white hot rage! Hope many more Americans are seething about the betrayal of our soldiers. This is treasonous activity by the WH NicolleDWallace When the rule of law is eventually restored in the USA, the GOP must not be let off the hook by claiming that they were only following orders. This shameful and shameless party has done incalculable damage to America at home and abroad which may be irreversible.

NicolleDWallace Nicole has been hyperventilating about Russia for three years. Shes a hack NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace 👮‍♀️ NicolleDWallace flajeffreyt NicolleDWallace Fat Old Elvis President strikes again. NicolleDWallace Looks like you put on a few pounds, NicolleDWallace, during the quarantine?

NicolleDWallace This dope NicolleDWallace Now do the last admin selling our uranium to Russians. You always accuse Trump of doing what the Democrats have actually DONE! NicolleDWallace Who could ever trust Nicolle Wallace? NicolleDWallace Putin owns The Trump family NicolleDWallace Oh the Russians again? RussiaHoax 3.0

NicolleDWallace Any person with an IQ over 2 knows this Russia stuff is BS. NicolleDWallace Shifty, 'The Hoax', Schiff new about it in February. Is his loyalty to Putin too? NicolleDWallace 🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣🤪 RUUUUUSSSSSSSIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHH NicolleDWallace I keep thinking about all the destruction these so called peaceful protestors are causing I keeping thinking how loyal the Democrats are to promoting racism and causing racial division... Yeah what worst the assumption of trumps betray or the factual events of the democrats

NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace While you democrat freaks whine all day, I'm going to celebrate this great nation. Go ahead and cry...meanwhile I will laugh at your idiocy. Do the world a favor and swim to China waltb31 NicolleDWallace Well trump is Putin's puppet and everyone knows that so tell us something new about the knucklehead because everyone knows what a liar he is and he doesn't care about the American people or anybody but his own sorry fat ass

NicolleDWallace Communist News Network NicolleDWallace Once Trump is out of office, Putin will discard him like a used condom. NicolleDWallace How does Nicole Wallace keep that job after saying so many brain dead things? NicolleDWallace Wtf are you talking about schiff and pelosi was briefed anddid nothing .trump wasmt briefed at all and still hasn't been says all agencies.

NicolleDWallace Russians!!! How many times has MSNBC called the POTUS a 'conspiracy theorist' NicolleDWallace Only deranged liberal lunatics believe the Russian stuff. NicolleDWallace Better not move on!! Democrats better keep demanding answers and getting thme for once!!!!!!! NicolleDWallace About as shocking as night following day. trumpisafraidofputin

NicolleDWallace America Hater and Marxist DWallace still peddling debunked Russia Hoax. The poor thing. 💪😆👌 NicolleDWallace FAKE NEWS... NicolleDWallace Pound his ass into the sand every opportunity you guys have. I am so tired of hearing the right excuse his collusion and major amount of missteps. There are only a few reasons he should ever communicate w/Putin. Ukraine, missiles, defense and humanitarian aid.

NicolleDWallace What a joke you are. FakeNews NicolleDWallace Shut the hell up with this Russia hoax already. NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace Wallace is irreverent. NicolleDWallace 100 Years from Now! NicolleDWallace Absurd on its face. What incentive does Trump have in 'servitude' to Putin? What does Putin have that he wants? What honest person would rather live in Russia under Putin than in the US under Trump? Could any reporter even survive in Russia publishing anything critical of Putin?

NicolleDWallace ABOUT TIME!!! NicolleDWallace When it's all said and done the world will know that his actions were due to all the money laundering dirt putin has hanging over his head. NicolleDWallace It’s with almost certainty Putin has calculated strategically that Americans won’t take realistically the actions, words and deeds of Donald John Trump and this our failure falls directly into his overall schemes of controlling a nation via proxy 🇺🇸

NicolleDWallace RLOL. These people still going on about Putin puppet. this has been debunked so many times and the mainstream media just keeps trying to push this lie. So trumps in Putin's pocket, okay, explain Venezuela, the us tried to over throw the government that Putin wants in. 😂 NicolleDWallace MSNBC don’t match facts, under President Trump US shifted oil contracts from Russia to US. Killed 200 Russians in Syria, deported up to 100 Russians believe to be spies. Under Democrats rule 20% the the World’s Uranium was sold to Russia. This should have never happened .

NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace Nicolle Wallace in keep with MSNBC hiring policies and job responsibilities has continuously exhibited bias and moronic viewpoints. If you want to move past the shock, just change the channel. NicolleDWallace Lol, you guys are really out there. Trump 2020 ! NicolleDWallace Exactly. Let's start talking, on air, about trump's ties to Putin and other foreign leaders. Everybody acts like it's such a mystery...trump is OWNED by Putin. SAY IT, every single day.

NicolleDWallace Exactly.. and stop asking people if “have you ever seen anything like this before?” “What is trump thinking? Why is he doing these things?” 3.5 years in and you always ask the unanswerable. NicolleDWallace johnnybeasley11 NicolleDWallace It was time to move past the shock when Russian Ambassador was invited into Oval Office. Since then it has been time to act

NicolleDWallace Can you tell me more about Maxwell and her link to Epstein? I can’t seem to find it in your feed. NicolleDWallace Lol putin has to be laughing at these idiots NicolleDWallace Putin owns him. Totally. NicolleDWallace Of course you would, the only company dumb enough to hire you is MSLSD and you have to tow the FakeMedia line.

NicolleDWallace How in the H***** can you LIE like this..!!! NicolleDWallace this is how they win we just stop being shocked and we should not we should be marching everyday we should be screaming tweets everyday if that is how he listens but that's the issue he does not listen or care and why should he but we should we will be here when he is gone

NicolleDWallace More Russia propaganda. Ridiculous NicolleDWallace Just keep grasping. Just keep grasping. NicolleDWallace There hasn't been anything to be shocked about ever since Spicer declared...“the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe.” NicolleDWallace I couldn't agree more NicolleDWallace. I would like to be part of the strategy that works to defeat him in November. My doctorate work included a look at his profound lack of character. We are dealing with someone who has been lost since 2 years old.

NicolleDWallace Please book yourself into Bellevue. NicolleDWallace I moved past the shock after the Oval Office meeting with Lavrov and Kislyak the day after firing Comey! NicolleDWallace How much they pay to stir the hate and divide out country traitor, who you work under, where we're you in the 8 years of Obama where was BLM shit and defund police and reform and equally huh Who you fooling madam

NicolleDWallace You know what won't be in front of his face? WearADamnMask NicolleDWallace Really? Because it doesn’t seem like you’re thinking at all. Just seems like your stories are solely driven by your personal hate of Trump. NicolleDWallace Keep trying to influence the few viewers you actually have. CantFixStupid

NicolleDWallace Maybe its time to wakeup and stop pushing you're fake russia narrative. Maybe you should move past your ignorant hatred for America's president and move to Russia with putin, since you like to talk about him so much. NicolleDWallace It time for you to shut up and report the news for a change. Ever heard of “we report you decide”. Try it. Maybe your ratings will rise from the ashes!

MalcolmNance NicolleDWallace This is exactly what makes Nicolle so valuable. She knows when to facilitate and when to guide. Here, instead of just hosting more gasps at Trump’s behavior, she demonstrates her discernment to say, “Okay, time to recognize the pattern is real and has meaning.” Good for her.

NicolleDWallace Nicolle, I’m your servant 😊 NicolleDWallace FFS, just stop with this Putin BS. It's disgusting you are still clinging to this red scare narrative. Grow up already. MalcolmNance NicolleDWallace The time to move past the shock was in 2016 when he said Russia if you’re listening... MalcolmNance NicolleDWallace Thx.

NicolleDWallace is like Marcia Brady. Russia. Russia. Russia. NicolleDWallace Opinion host and we all have one of them. NicolleDWallace How’s that Russia collusion hoax coming along NicolleDWallace? Is Mueller going get him any moment now?😆 NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace Just another Hoax Nicolle and what does the 'D' stand for?

NicolleDWallace YES! It is way past time for the “media” to abandon its shock now that the damage is done, & there are literally months left to his term. Thanks for nothing. NicolleDWallace Shock no longer describes how I feel about the Trump Putin relationship.... disappointment, embarrassed, mortified or saddened does better.

NicolleDWallace “servitude”? Next time insert the douche in your ear. It’s not doing your snatch any good. And switch to radio. You have a face for radio. NicolleDWallace Just getting a jump start .. MalcolmNance NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace You’re ridiculous Nicole, I used to be shocked by the stupid things you say . Seek help.

NicolleDWallace Should we move on W war crimes? 🤔 NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace Cant wait for the meltdown on re-election night. NicolleDWallace Why hasn’t someone dug to the true bottom of it yet❓🤷🏼‍♂️ NicolleDWallace Russians just passed a law banning gay marriages. No wonder the left hate them.

NicolleDWallace Broadcasted mind control is a hell of a drug. This woman fell out of George Orwells pen. NicolleDWallace I wonder what the GOP and Moscow Mitch would do when Trump would invite the Red Army to hold a victory parade on Fifth Avenue.. The cowards would probably rationalise it again, traitors are very slippery

NicolleDWallace I’m still waiting for Billy Barr to weigh in and tell us, he has applied his vast intel experience to the matter and can assure us this never happened. NicolleDWallace Money, money, money. NicolleDWallace I think it has come time to actually show proof of this, or this story needs to go away.

NicolleDWallace No doubt Putin has something on Trump NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace Remember when Trump sold our Uranium to the Russians? Remember when Trump delivered a “reset” button to the Russians? Remember when Trump secretly told Vlad, he’d have more flexibility after the election? Weird, me neither.

NicolleDWallace Aren’t you the person who voted GOP for George Bush merely because you said the Democrats were the party responsible for your having to ban the evening news from your house so your children wouldn’t hear Ken Starr reading sex transcripts into the Congressional record? Shallow. NicolleDWallace Just admit it!!! 45 is a traitor,!!!

NicolleDWallace Ok msnbc whatever you say. you think putin ordered Trump to do this👇 NicolleDWallace We as a people need to d eal with it, then move past. It's still going on now... NicolleDWallace To move past it so readily — would that be normalizing it too much, tho? NicolleDWallace We will have to, but every day something else. We need to focus on Treason and not let them distract us with other dramas, no matter how heinous. Call in those kickass X DOJ lawyers.

NicolleDWallace TDS on steroids with NicolleDWallace every single time 😂 NicolleDWallace trump is even more loyal to putin than RParty’ is to him NicolleDWallace Maybe it’s time to move past the hoax. NicolleDWallace The time to move past the shock was three years ago NicolleDWallace Out here in the hinterlands beyond DC, we have known for years the man for what he was, what he is, and what he forever shall be.

NicolleDWallace Americans are outraged that MSNBC is still running with a discredited story. Yet, pallets of cash were sent to Iran, who actually did offer bounties. Then President Trump Killed Soleimani, which MSNBC thought was bad. MSNBC are traitors. NicolleDWallace MSNBC - NICOLLE WIDEASS -AGAIN GAVE THE PUBLIC FAKE NEWS ABOUT BLOOD MONEY ON USA TROOPS A STORY MOST THINK WAS ADAM STIFF W/HELP OF NIC. WIDEASS TO SPEAD FAKE REPORT!

NicolleDWallace Maybe Mary Trump's book will explain why he is so pathetically star-struck with dictators and other unsavory characters. Why he is impotent in the face of a crisis. Possibly a full catalog of his phobias. Why, IOW, he is full-on bat-sh*t crazy. NicolleDWallace Lest We Forget Mueller’s answers to find our own solace through to Nov. 3.

NicolleDWallace MoscowTrump TrumpIsATraitor NicolleDWallace Maybe it's time to stop manufacturing spin and lies and hire some real reporters. I'll keep an eye on the Friday back page a few months from now for a retraction. LOL NicolleDWallace I believe NicolleDWallace Yes I agree Nicolle, he's a traitorous, criminal, fascist who needs to go!

NicolleDWallace Not until we know the details of that relationship kenjeong NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace I’m wondering if this has been in front of your face too? Dr Russell McGregor (KillAuDeepState) Here is the DOJ SDNY indictment press release re: Ghislaine Maxwell. Strange it happened so soon after Q highlighted the Berman firing from the SDNY ....

NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace GOPCowards NicolleDWallace Yeah and Trump is a racist... Bla, Bla Bla... NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace Stop thinking....you don't do it very well. NicolleDWallace EST. 2016 NicolleDWallace Never forget our active duty soldiers trying to win a war with a price on each of their heads.

NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace I'm thinking.....we ALL know Epstein was merc'd by people with connections and unlimited resources. NicolleDWallace I wish there were still some reputable news organizations nowadays. All we have are activists. NicolleDWallace This is FAKE propaganda and this woman and her news group should go to jail for spewing lies every day!

NicolleDWallace It is rare that I disagree but the hypocrisy has finally reached a level where it needs to be called out. Can you just imagine the outrage if this had been Obama. I listened to Andrea Mitchell float the idea that the briefers were somehow responsible. I respect her but WTH. NicolleDWallace To lessen OR eliminate influences that Putin is currently enjoying over his puppet Trump, let Sarah sarahcpr also do her 'magic' on Putin. Then make sure Trump will want to watch how 'ridiculous' Putin, whom Trump adored, really is JuliaDavisNews juliaioffe nycsouthpaw CNN

NicolleDWallace Just because the NYT published the story doesn’t mean anything. Investigate on your own or wait until there’s real evidence of what happened. Instead you go out on a thin limb? NicolleDWallace O. K. Karen !! NicolleDWallace Faux shame...for sure NicolleDWallace WE SIMPLY CAN’T AFFORD TO TRUST TRUMP TO PROTECT OUR SAFETY AND RIGHTS FOR 4 MORE YEARS. HIS TRACK RECORD IS PROOF! Scaramucci is 100% RIGHT ABOUT HIM RUSSIA, 131K COVID Deaths, 47M Jobs Lost & OVER 19K LIES ON TRUMP’s WATCH. HE CAN NEVER EVER BE TRUSTED!

NicolleDWallace I got there when he said, “Russia, if you’re listening...,” with no repercussions. NicolleDWallace VOTE!!! NicolleDWallace NicolleDWallace Talking shite NicolleDWallace His apathy approach is getting American people killed in real time. NicolleDWallace About time. Yes, please. And every time another guest says 'It's inexplicable' please stop them with 'No. It's isn't actually. There IS one logical explanation that too many REFUSE to face & accept.' trump has ALWAYS ignored US Intel! He gets his from foreign govts. TREASON.

NicolleDWallace Not so easy ! 🤔 NicolleDWallace I'm not shocked. Disgusted, yes... NicolleDWallace Why do CNN uses their host and reporters like they are a credible source? Is almost like sponsored content by CNN. NicolleDWallace Putin's got a photo of trump rooting a goat.......... NicolleDWallace Trump 2020

NicolleDWallace The only reason everybody has allowed this go to go on so long is because they didn't want to tarnish the office of the President NicolleDWallace A little late. Most of us did that a long time ago. It’s a little more like pissed off at this point. NicolleDWallace Way past time. Keep going, you may eventually catch up to the American people, you know...those folks you seem to know nothing about.

NicolleDWallace Sanctiona must be out of love 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚 🧡 💘 NicolleDWallace Means to ignore it once again ? NicolleDWallace Unfortunately, sadly, Nicolle, you built this. You've spent decades boting for and enabling this racist shitshow. This is on you and every single Republican. Period. NicolleDWallace

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