Walker, Rubio Among Few Republicans To Defend Trump Over Church Photo Op

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Protesters were cleared using tear gas on Monday so President Trump could pose with a bible at St. John’s church.

Sen. Marco Rubio and Scott Walker, the former Republican governor of Wisconsin, were among the few GOP politicians to rush to President Trump’s defense Monday, after the president posed for a photo op at St. John’s church, an event made possible only after peaceful protesters were cleared with tear gas and flash bangs.... [+]

from the White House Monday, June 1, 2020, in Washington. Park of the church was set on fire during protests on Sunday night. In a startling split screen that played out on cable news networks on Monday afternoon, police used tear gas to disperse peaceful protesters surrounding the White House grounds, as Trump delivered a speech in the Rose Garden in which he called himself “an ally of all peaceful protesters.

Trump then walked beyond the White House gates to a battered and graffitied St John’s church — known as the “Church of the Presidents” because every president since James Madison has attended — to have his picture taken holding a Bible.Monday that Trump was angered by coverage that he was rushed inside a bunker as protests raged in D.C. on Sunday and wanted to be seen outside the White House gates.

Critics were quick to slam the president for the move: “He tear-gassed peaceful protesters and fired rubber bullets...for a photo,” presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said on Twitter. Only a few Republicans, notably Rubio and Walker, came to Trump’s defense: Rubio blamed the media for falling for the “calculated & deliberate tactics of professional agitators” and said the protesters “knew the street needed to be cleared before 7pm curfew.”


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I have read multiple articles written by extremely competent and credible therapists, who work for places like Yale and Harvard, that are expressing concern about the President’s capacity to lead. It is time to stop defending him. The emperor has no clothes. Stop enabling him.

What a weirdo

SenRubioPress Senator Rubio, you tweet quotes from the Bible, is this all a game you play to get votes? Of course it is you are a shameful disingenuous man, VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020

🙏 Oh Lord God Almighty, through the immeasurable power of your Son Jesus Christ, Please prove to the Whole World that You are the Almighty on behalf of our Beloved President Donald John TRUMP.... Help him at this moment and disappoint ALL his enemies 🙏

Stop being criminals by destroying your jobs your city yourself!!! Join the police academy 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


THANK YOU President Trump for holding up The Bible as a “symbol” of Christianity in these trying times, not a photo op as Democrats were so swift to claim...but as “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”!...IF ANYONE IS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF A “TRYING SITUATION” and Photo Op...its Biden!

The Episcopal church lost over 50% of their parishioners a few years back, because of their many Christian-neutral stances, including the position that the Bible was just a good read. In our area, they’re almost extinct. Having a Bible at St Johns is an improvement.

We defend Trump.

Peaceful? Having crossed barriers and having refused to leave? Sorry, you cannot demonstate in my yard! What makes federally owned property any different

He should practice putting his hand ON the bible. Something tells me he will be testifying a lot after his time in office is over.

BlackLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

The reason we’re not talking about COVID19 is that the jobs had a shot at coming back to America and the powers that be don’t want that. China jobs means more profit and American jobs mean America is Great Again, and we can’t have that now, can we?

Better than holding up a Molitov Cocktail

That really proves nothing devil comes in disguises this isn’t a movie where if the devil holds a bible or enters a church he burns... trump is an ass and racist along with his followers ... I said what I said he is a cult leader

Cops murdering citizens in public is barbaric & unacceptable, prwacefully protesting these actions shoujd be encouragiez and embraced. However, protesting with malice and intent to bring harm to innocent citizens or to destroy property can not be tolerated and must be resisted!

I prefer a president that doesn’t need tear gas to go to church

marcorubio follow me here. You say protestors purposefully clashed with police. NO ONE knew trump was coming out. It was sneak attack on purpose for a photo op. You’re spineless.

everyone knows that marcorubio is an arse kissing trumpbot. FLORIDA vote this man out of office.

Trump looked like Humpty Dumpty leading a pack of thieves. Something right out of Mother Goose.

'Walker, Rubio Among Few Fascists To Defend Trump Over Church Photo Op'. There, fixed it for you.

Blasting people out of the way to create a path for Trump. St. Johns said they had no idea Trump was coming - he didn't ask their permission or inform them. Trump is a showman with no compassion, empathy or leadership skills whatsoever. The people who support him are worse.

I support my President, MFs

The tear gas story has already been debunked

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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