Walgreens and CVS temporarily close some stores as Covid surges

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Business, Walgreens And Cvs Temporarily Close Some Stores As Covid Surges - Cnn

1/14/2022 11:37:00 PM

Two of the biggest retail pharmacies in the U.S. are temporarily closing some stores and pharmacies on the weekends as the latest surge in Covid-19 causes staff shortages.

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Free NyQuil for employees. We all know they just 'Re-branded' the common Cold 🙄 CVS needs to close for good. They have held my Step Moms rejection medication numerous times Due to them saying Non-payment. ( still hold it even when she proves they have been paid.) ITS Rediculous! So how many ppl wanna bet the tests they are using are cropped just like the first bunch.

Just more scare tactics to get people vaccinated. No vaccine for me. All my family members who are VACCINATED and have the BOOSTER are SICK! Open your eyes people. Something is definitely not right with this POISON VACCINE. Well, everytime Walgreens is only store open during holiday, everyone in the county will be in there and that's what happened. Ofcourse chances of staff getting covid went much higher.

They deserve a rest and to enjoy weekends with family. Not good for business. People goes into the pharmacies unmasked.. everyone is not on the same page in the world. Until people work together the virus will triumph Matamko au kauli za viongozi zizizofuata Katiba, sheria na maadili ya utumishi wa umma iwe marufuku kwenye KatibaMpya tunayoitaka. Sifa hii ya katiba ni muhimu ili kudhibiti tabia za uongo na matamko ya hovyo ya viongozi. KatibaMpya WenyeNchiWananchi

Too many drug stores. They will be closing many for good. Nothing to do with the pandemic. We will be fine there is a Walgreens or cvs almost every block. Come to think of it this might just be an excuse to close locations and lay people off

Massachusetts school using dogs to sniff out Covid-19 - CNN VideoCNN's Gary Tuchman reports on an elementary school in Massachusetts using dogs to sniff out Covid-19. This is first real and important story from cnn in a long time. Trained dogs can sniff out disease months before it shows up on medical tests. Dogs are almost 100 % accurate sniffing out Covid. Compare that to instinct Covid tests that show false negative a lot. ?

Our local CVS had to cancel our PCR tests because the 3 employees that tested had Covid. I thought that all the pharmacies made their employees get the shot. Or does that mean that nobody wants to work there due too forced vax, crime in stores, pay sucks or all of the above DM me now Advising people to take precautions after entering the store is not the same as denying entry into the store. I see unmasked customers walking around all the time in these stores. Still see people walking around wearing cloth masks.

Go into their stores and count how many staff are masked. Thanks Biden

Many Drug Store Cough And Cold Remedy Aisles Left Bare During Latest COVID-19 Surge'My first thought-- did I miss a national recall?' asks Mark Casanova, MD, following a recent unsuccessful shopping trip. Flu season plus mass hysteria equals... People waking up, know common cold meds can fix it.

COVID surge pushes San Jose State to delay in-person classesSan Jose State joins several other public and private universities delaying the start of in-person classes amid a wave of COVID-19 cases. WOW IT TOOK ME TO COMPLAIN TO MAKE THIS SMALL COMMENT. HOW ABOUT MASK , TEST THEY GIVE APPOINTMENTS SUTTER HEALTH IF YOU ARE LUCKY 2WEEKS AWAY. CHECK OUT WALGREENS, CVS NO MASK SO HOW CAN WE GO TO A BETTR MASK?

As omicron drives surge in COVID-19 cases, HealthCare.gov sign-up deadline arrivesPeople looking for health insurance in the grip of the omicron surge have through Saturday to sign up for taxpayer-subsidized private coverage under the Obama-era Affordable Care Act.

Biden to send military personnel to help hospitals in Rhode Island as COVID-19 cases surgeStarting next week, 1,000 military medical personnel will begin arriving to help mitigate staffing crunches at hospitals across the country, including Rhode Island. RadioFreeTom Freedom rings 🔔. Go about your lives, people, says Tom. 😷

Adams May Relent On Remote Learning With More Than 200K Students Absent During COVID SurgeAfter days of resisting pressure from a growing contingent of educators and students, Mayor Adams says remote learning may be an option for NYC public schools after all, while roughly a quarter of students have been absent during the current COVID surge. It should not have taken this long to create a remote option for kids, if families asked for one months ago. City agencies and our leaders need to stop with the whiplash policies and mandates and instead LISTEN to what the populace has been saying all along. Note that one of the facts is wrong in this article. Kindergarten students are not yet being included in the surveillance covid testing. Just first grade and older. As a kindergarten parent, I think this should change to include 3K, pre-K and K ByJessicaGould bysophiachang Already known as the one of the worst mayors in NYC history