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Wait, Is It Nevada, or Nevada?

Ne-VAH-duh or Ne-VAD-uh? Test your knowledge of how to pronounce U.S. state names.

2/20/2020 12:00:00 AM

Ne-VAH-duh or Ne-VAD-uh? Test your knowledge of how to pronounce U.S. state names.

Politicians on the campaign trail often confront the question: Is there a right way to pronounce a state’s name?

Texaspronounce the state's name?Tex-UZ (final consonant sounds like a Z)Tex-US (final consonant sounds like an S)Other states, like Arkansas and Illinois, suffer from what linguists call spelling pronunciations, Dr. Preston said, which is when people intuitively pronounce a word based on its spelling.

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That’s how you get “Ar-KAN-sas” and “Ill-ih-NOISE,” Dr. Preston said, though both are considered incorrect according to the states’ residents, who typically say “AR-kan-saw” and “Ill-ih-NOY.”States that end in an “a” have an alternate “ee” pronunciation that preserves a late-English dialect primarily used by older people, Dr. Preston said. For example, he added, they will pronounce Virginia as “Vir-JIN-ee,” Alabama as “Al-ah-BAM-ee” and Indiana as “In-dee-ANN-ee.”

And sometimes, he continued, words are just hard to pronounce.“I’ve heard a number of really interesting pronunciations of Massachusetts,” Dr. Preston said. “My favorite is ‘Mass-uh-too-shitts,’ but I also hear ‘Mass-uh-too-sitts’ frequently all over the United States.”

Bill Kretzschmar, a linguistics professor at the University of Georgia who provided American pronunciations for the online Oxford English Dictionary, said that reference books should not be treated as the ultimate authority on pronunciations, which could change over time.

“People like me who have put down pronunciations in dictionaries are just witnesses to what people say,” Dr. Kretzschmar said.Despite this, some states have tried to officially standardize pronunciations.In 1881, the Arkansas General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution that declared the state’s correct pronunciation as “AR-kan-saw,” and in 1907, a resolution was introduced in Missouri to establish a “true pronunciation.”

Dr. Preston argued that so-called correct pronunciation was typically whatever language was preferred by the upper-middle classes in different areas of the United States.“The language police are often people who want you to say the right thing and don’t believe in change and think younger generations, immigrants, ethnic minorities or a lower class don’t have the good sense to speak correctly,” Dr. Preston said.

Language changes were inevitable, he added, and legislating pronunciation would be difficult with the First Amendment in place.“It’s like changing your clothes,” Dr. Preston said. “It’ll happen every once in a while even if you don’t like it.”But Dr. Green, a proud Nevadan, doesn’t see that happening in his state. “I think we’re likely to stay with Ne-VAD-uh,” he said.

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It's chow-dah. Get it right! Pronounced however you want 🙄 Ne-vah-dah, no duh. The way the ppl who stole the land pronounce it or the way the people who named it pronounce it? Ne va da 😉 Ven-Ndaa Only 40% of responding NYT readers know how to pronounce Colorado... copolitics From an old friend who grew up there: Ne-VAD-uh as in add.

Do I care? FiveThirtyEight it's your favourite! 😆 Reno you will get spit on for saying VAH Has no one in US ever heard of ? Suppose people have different accents,I think as long as it is spelt correctly. Ne-vah-duh Ne-va-da !! C’est simple . Les Américains vous réfléchissez trop 😘

Clearly the duh part is right I think it is Nevada. lived there worked there for twenty yrs or so,,it is nevada/. from reno to las vegas to parump /.to the red district whore houses it is still nevada/. Say Hawaii. Wrong! Vegas will do just fine! Neva Duh Bangor Maine is Bang OR NOT Bang er Life is too short ...

Don't care - duh! Also.....Ore gun NOT Ore Gone The former if they can’t get their caucus results right. See, eg, Flor-I-duh. VAD Ne-VAH-DAH it's a Spanish word. No debate there.

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