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VW’s Electric ID. Buggy Recalls ’60s Car Culture in All the Right Ways

Cars columnist Dan Neil takes a drive in VW's ID. Buggy, a 'Nerf-like' electric update on the classic Meyers Manx dune-buggy design


Cars columnist Dan Neil takes a drive in VW's ID. Buggy, a 'Nerf-like' electric update on the classic Meyers Manx dune-buggy design

This romping off-road prototype won’t find its way to dealership floors, but the electric platform on which it’s built previews the brand’s thrilling plans, says Dan Neil.

ONCE UPON A TIME near Hollywood—in Newport Beach, actually, in the 1960s—a boat-builder named Bruce Meyers laid up and sprayed up fiberglass bodies for Volkswagen-powered dune buggies and called them the Meyers Manx. When one of these stubby bastards landed on the cover of Hot Rod magazine in August 1966, the whole world became a fan. I was raised about 2,000 miles from the nearest cactus, and I couldn’t sleep at night for wanting a Meyers Manx.

Last week, during Monterey Car Week/investor-class motor jamboree, I finally...

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

i want to have one. They’re trying to make up for lying about how much their cars exhaust, unfortunately they only started to “care” when they have a financial insensitive, not because they actually care, fuck VW forever Just needs autopilot cchukudebelu Helter-skelter.. And if it rains, or you desire shade ?

Where do you recharge in cactus country?

VW Bets Future on Electric People’s CarVolkswagen lifted the curtain on the first of a new generation of vehicles it is betting will take the electric car out of its tiny market niche and make it the new car for the masses. VW electric cars have zero* emissions. *when being tested by the EPA only K. Are they all this ugly though? Indeed, Eletric People definitely need cars :p

Claims data points to high-end electric car risks: AXAElectric luxury cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) may be 40% more likely to... Away from the topic: please read my story and donate or retweet Inept idiots , satellite signals grids throughout The world. Patterned images on our highways or towers . Use some common sense ,idiots . The picture is a bit misleading; you'd have that same issue with Volkswagen beetles, Porches, Renaults, etc.

BYD's profit triples as China's electric car boom continuesChinese electric car maker BYD Co Ltd posted a 203.6% rise in first-half profit ...

Forget Electric Cars Says U.K. Parliamentary Report, Get Brits On Bikes InsteadReplacing gas-powered cars with electric cars is no answer to the climate crisis, an influential committee of British M.P.'s today told the U.K. government in a hard-hitting decarbonization report. I can’t wait to be featured on your 30 under 30. Can we split the difference and go with electric motorcycles? ZeroMC If we're consuming more than our planet can naturally produce and polluting more than we can effectively recycle ... What do we think we might actually need to do - to make an actual positive difference; to our planet, the environment and the climate?

It's time for Tesla to redesign the Model S sedan — here are 9 changes I'd like to seeThe electric-car maker has been tweaking the Model S, but the company hasn't yet committed to an all-new version. elonmusk High Performance Variant: Tesla (SpaceX edition) 1/My opinion on the article. The author has not done a lot of research on Tesla and what their current plans are. Multiple contradictions on interior wants. Do you want sporty, luxurious/bling, or minimalist. ANYone that knows Tesla knows they will continue with minimalist tech. 2/ Badging and colors. Again, Tesla has and always will keep it very practical here. Tesla is focusing on profitability currently, which means it will forego flashy badging and colors to meet a minimal demand. The Tesla emblem brings plenty of eyes and notoriety.

Tesla's stock jumps after report of investment interest by German automakersShares of Tesla Inc. rallied 2.5% in premarket trading, after a report that some German automakers have interest in buying a stake in the electric car maker....

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