Virus Outbreak

The latest news on the worldwide virus pandemic.

4/9/2020 3:33:00 PM

BREAKING: 10% of US labor force now out of work since virus slammed economy as 6.6 million file for jobless aid.

The latest news on the worldwide virus pandemic.

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God bless them all....... Don't think there won't be a ripple affect. For the country it like Death of a thousands cuts. Little cut here, little cut there, and pretty soon, the nation dies. So, conspiracy theroies abound, until they materialize, then, there no longer theory, but fact. Gee, how can this be? It's not as if businesses have been ordered to close or anything......🙄

Still, not one Governor has a plan. NONE. TDS governors = hide and go broke. Not much of a plan. STILL AVAILABLE. How to handle everyone and everything work-related without 'going crazy'! 20 to 30% by end of April unemployment 50% by end of May Many small business start up founder who do not take a salary now need to Start payroll services.

Si This shit really is unbelievable It has to be higher than 10%. We need to open up the economy now. Enough is enough. If this continues the economic impact will be far greater than any impact from c19 Which is why we need to be looking for other ways to make money. Thank God I traded on the side so now I’m going hard FT chasing down pips to create an income to support my family during these times. Do you know how you can trade Forex at home. Let me know if you need help. DM me

The denial of human transmission in the beginning from China has caused a global shift that even they are not aware. There is now a global shift in bringing manufacturing local rather than China for the unemployed masses. China can kiss its manufacturing base goodbye. Blame the Chinese Csysel Trymp has failed us.

China will pay in the end. Americans quit buying Chinese products. We will get to a depression, like it or not. Trump did it again. The virus did not slam our economy. The media mass hysteria created a knee jerk reaction while the Democrats played puppet master slammed our economy. Now our elected officials are violating our rights daily. In case you forgot an important document, here it is:

This has nothing to do with any virus. lizziesandee This is what’ll happen when you shut the entire country down! Hi not to be rude just a quick warning to all! Repent and have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ! for by grace you are saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God! I ask humbly! Look to your King james bible for more info! God bless you all!

Maxe4444 Will they all vote Trump? Unemployed COVID19 Well no shit that’s what happens when you shut the country down... we need to start opening business back up now!!!! Luckily if the Chinese virus has you down and out of work you can spend time on chinese software like Tiktok and Zoom and reflect on the amazing job China has done containing the virus in their country. All make sense right?

Covid-19 This madness needs to end. The “cure” cannot be worse than the disease. Open the economy. Chris4Whitehorn The only plan for a pandemic was to shut everything down. What happens after that? No one knows because that is as far as the plan extended. That's very bad planning by the people who were paid to think about these things.

we are out of work because the media for once manage to put all of us on lockdown The virus didn’t slam the economy The fake hysteria did Here are the death panels led by GOP and the orange monster. And none of us in Florida has gotten any of our unemployment benefits. 3 weeks without a paycheck. Florida government sucks!

Open the country up before 4-30. Silly to keep them closed on most states. Take away the 4 struggling and open the others. And why wouldn't they, when most states TRIPLE their weekly unemployment benefits. Here in Virginia, benefits went from $375 to $975 !! That's just insanity! Americans are ranking in the 17million being out of work and Republicans knowing this even a month ago. But they act like it’s Democrats fault when it’s Republicans who keeps showing nothing at all for the real Americans who feed us all! When real Americans are dying but $$is it

Democrats are cheering for 20%. Halfway there, Democrats! Help me with the math: .10x=6.6M X= 66M? USA population = 360M 66M/360M= 18.3% Uhoh. I’m really surprised that the people without jobs are sitting at home and taking it and not getting out there and fighting for there rights and forming protest to open up this country . GavinNewsom POTUS realDonaldTrump

So only 60 to 70 odd million people work in the US...out of 300 million? Surely not? Stats are loaded Chris4Whitehorn Give me a break. It is already closer to 30%. I live in Iowa and there’s companies advertising that they need help. So there’s still people who don’t wanna work especially with the new stimulus package.

Wow! A large percentage of jobless claimants are not out of work. They are on temporary layoff until employers get SBA PPP loan and hire them back. Just what the democrats wanted. Anything is fine with them, as long as they can hurt Pres Trump. His economy was too good, people were too happy with him, so this is what they wanted. They don’t care about people, only power and votes.

Having a job is essential And it is surely higher than that as a lot of people are unaccounted for. My guess is in reality it is closely to 14-15% right now. It is time to reopen our Country! 🔻Difficult To Imagine DEMOCRAT party Would..” 1] “Difficult to imagine Media [D PARTY] attempting to quash all hope of a cure.” 2] “Difficult to imagine Media [D PARTY] Warning Public To Remain In FEAR [COVID-19] up until the Election.” ....”Be WILLING to Sacrifice Lives.”

Draconian. VOTERS: Covid19 is orders of magnitude worse because 4 weeks ago Donald Trump 👉rejected all intelligence, medical & scientific reports 👉announced to nation the number of Covid cases in the US would soon “dwindle down to ZERO” You happy all of you- happy to report this- the nation never should have been shut down!

Fake news. Good thing we're importing more immigrants. And the H1B, H4ead,OPT visas are still allowing more foreign workers to come in and take any jobs that open up. Promises broken. I think I would care more if I worked and at the same time I'd respect, oh nevermind- that was earlier today in group therapy. I was going to mention being demeaned for teasing Nathan. IDK, I guess he hurt. So then I did, and cried 'cause no one believes me.

10% could be infected by were home instead. Be safe everyone In response to the COVID19Pandemic we have designed and began installing these Counter Screens for C-Stores, Hotels, Banks, etc. These provide protection for Retail sales staff and the public! Feel free to DM me for information on how to order and get protected!

How in the world are they going to get their healtcare now that the do not have HealthInsurance and no money ? Maybe the BANKS will remember it was the USA citizens tax payer money that bailed them out 10 years ago- let’s see what they do for all these people who need financial help now. pathetic! You can do other jobs like uber, lyft, Doordash, Walmart, Target, and other warehouse jobs. But you just too lazy cuz you can't work because your upper-class arrogant, entitled snobs that can't do any work at all. Too lazy get up to change the TV station if gay porn comes on tv

BREAKING: 90% of the USA workforce are still working and contributing to the economy. MGamal91 انت كويس يا بيبي؟ It's now 17 million...strange since we're are told PaycheckProtectionPlan loans are already going who's paycheck did that protect? realDonaldTrump IngrahamAngle dagenmcdowell Do you suppose it has something to do with the order to stay at home order from the communist DNC

seanmdav **Unemployment insurance gives them $600 a week above the base unemployment benefit TubbsShow America needs to go back to work, stop selectively telling business' to close, America needs President Trump! This situation is different then 2008 recession. In 2008 people were out but no job! In 2020 - job is outside, people not going! This is temporary - recovery very very soon. Not like 2008 recession. Be calm... joblessclaims JobsReport

Oh boy Still no blame to china?really...china earned so much from usa and Europe now time to payback on each human death in world time to make strong case against china in international court..stop buying chinese products.. Thanks China! Thanks for opening the doors to Wuhan again, we just may never get out of this bc China is determined to ruin the planet! ChinaMustPay ChinaVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChineseVirus19 CommunistChina

China makes up over 60% of all medical supplies so why did they go on the open market and buy up more before this virus dropped? Connect the dots..epoch times did...go look Chine who spread this virus is sure loveing this...ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied ChinaVirus China is not our friend. It’s almost as if the country is on lockdown and only life sustaining businesses are open? Why is this a headline

The virus didn't slam the economy ya bucket, our govt did. OpenTheEconomy OPENAMERICA Trump, to Americans: Trump is running out of people to blame. Trump Medicine for corona Basel 90% are working. Hows that for a spin... KikiCocoaa ☹️ I think we need to find a way to redirect our economy so that it can function without close human contact. Delivery services are still operable. Farms have to stay open. Hotels could become extended stay (housing). Planes could be used to transport supplies, maybe? Just ideas.

Donald Trump is doing great!! USA 1 USA 1 USA 1, America is FIRST!! In all the WRONG categories!!! AmericaFirst WOW!!! Wonder how much time it took them to figure that amazing stat up? When you have an entire country ordered to shelter in place. That's what is going to happen! The intent of the left

Not just a 10% unemployment, but many of us are working with mandatory salary cuts. Today’s total 16,095 US deaths are very sad.(yet, not all accurately confirmed w/wuflu). 6.6 million out of work.I believe it’s time to fire Dr Doom & Bleak Birx. Get back to tired of being led around by those two. Hope for America. SpreadCalmNotFear

K how many are illegal immigrants cos that would be a nice visual to show how much of a strain they put on our systems an if we listened to trump about it this problem might not be happening send em home take care of us first RealVirusFakeCrisis ChineseVirus OPENAMERICANOW This number doesn’t include the people who have yet to file for unemployment, or are choosing not to because of the hassle or doubt that it will come through.

This isn't as alarming as people want to believe it is. What matters is what happens to employment when the country 'opens back up'. A lot of people filign for unemployment have no job because their restaurant, bar or business is closed for at least a month if not more The fragility of capitalism is leading to mass suffering and deaths but let’s invoke Cold War mentalities blaming China for our failings instead ChinaLiedPeopleDied

morgfair So are we getting tired of 'winning'? How many had the choice to keep their employer designated health insurance? It's ok, I'm sure the high deductible ObamaCare options JoeBiden is pushing would be perfectly ok. That sucks. I hope they know Instacart is hiring. It's a flexible way to make a ton of money while shopping for groceries on your own fuckin schedule! Apply to shop using my link: or promo code MATTL751B1

DCampbell212 Much worse than that. Many haven’t been able to file yet. You could double the population in New York City and that would equal the unemployment rate. So if you own a company and you still have people working for you right now let’s hold off on the “let’s grow new business talk.” It’s exhausting and overwhelming.

if you or someone you know has been laid off or will be laid off soon! Come join me and to keep that cash flowing. H1N1 killed less ppl, without steps taken by the public to avoid spreading it over the course of a full year than this virus has in 2 months while millions avoided each other. Yet some STILL fight the idea that it's a threat. That fight has/will cost jobs, money and lives.

people need to be tested so people can go back to work Filed 3/20 Application NOT PROCESSED Limited access to CA_EDD and NOT processing faxed applications Workers calling up their State Reps. No help. How can Michigan have the PUA system implemented the same day GovWhitmer implements it? UnemploymentNumber

Now more than 10% without a paycheck, yet, the stock market just keeps ripping higher.🙄 Neat! Look, ma! I'm part of a statistic! This shutdown should have never happened. Thank you media for inciting a panic over nothing. only half of Americans actually work , the numbers could be much much worse. Financially and emotionally destroyed 330,000,000 US lives over 15,000 deaths. Let’s talk about the greater good 😏 COVIDー19 COVID coronavirus Trump2020

This is only the amount of us that CAN file for unemployment. Majority are losing hours even though we have some small semblance of an income barely hanging on by a thread. Thanks china and media. 😒 You must organize against this self immolation. This political coup in motion. We must now begin to prepare for the future… With 10% of the population in the US out of work, we face a depression not a recession. We will recoup in time, but we must take care of those who do not have shelter and/or food! It is up to all of us! inittogether

seanmdav Who cares stay at home practice social distancing we can all beat this you mig by not have a home to live in or a dollar to your name and nothing to eat. But let’s keep social distancing!! 'This is their new hoax” - Trump on 2/28/2020 Everyone you dealt with daily pre-corona,clerks etc are out of jobs no healthcare, unable to even logon to old systems to request help start talking about these peoples lives are in ruins and outcomes may become equally as tragic

Associated Press is demonic using 6.6 in headline you guys could have set up flir cameras at the airport but no. Taiwan gives us the best example- nutz in the most riches country we are doing nothing- we give them our medical staff and dont care . wel I care :) Biden is going to have a cake walk towards the presidency.

Virus didn't slam the economy, State governments did. Uh, not breaking news🙄 10% of the US! My grandparents used to tell stories of the Great Depression. The first slap—stock market crash. Reality settling in. Psychological devastation. In the end, the only thing that mattered, they said, was kindness. Help a soul in need. Kindness. Think about it.

_ReaalAmerican_ Yet, the market goes up. Forget logic, trend, and numbers; this is a casino and not a market. They fix the game as they desire with their limitless funny money. Pull your money out of these markets and teach the FEDs and their crony government a lesson. that's terrible... it's like as if Obama became president again or something 😳

Bill Maher got his wish. FireFauci Those unemployed? They're also out of any type of job-dependent healthcare. We need to demand Sanders' MedicareForAll plan. Reality has endorsed Bernie Sanders; WeThePeople need to do our job and vote for him, regardless of his status as a candidate. filmyourhospital

The government slammed the economy. There I fixed it for you U guys suck. You should be questioning models & doing investigative work not focusing on getting trump. Had u done this at least your outlet would have pushed back on the narrative that this was a virus that was worthy of closing our economy. Stop relying on social media!!

Thank you realDonaldTrump for not taking this pandemic seriously, for lying about it day after day, and for putting morons in charge of combating it. You sure know how to Kill America where it counts: economy and health. Let’s have a poll on for Americans to answer if they want the country reopened now. The decision should be made by people who are affected by this shutdown. Not politicians or medical experts.

I have qualified coworkers who still haven’t been able to file. The number is much higher than this All these numbers match my data and that's great news! It means everything is perfect in my research and exactly accurate! It’s going to get worse before it gets better. jimdonovancbs3 ☹️ I'm worried about when the bankruptcy filings start.

It’s actually much more than that, if you were able to count those of us small business owners who do not qualify for unemployment benefits. 🙋🏻‍♀️ While Trump golfed and held rallies rather than prepare the nation for what he was told was coming. It's more than 10%. Way more. It's always extremely underreported

How is this breaking news.. the country is shut down what the hell did the government think was going to happen A closed eceonomy won’t be sustainable for much longer. Bullshit it's more than 10% Holy Cow. Who is in control of the calculator? Why work when you can collect $24 per hour from the government to take a 3 month vacation. Another reason socialism is Baaaaaad!!!

The virus didn't cause this. The government did. I wonder how Trump will spin this? Will he blame the previous administration? The media is so giddy about this! Does that include people who Try but CAN'T file? Why on earth has the CDCgov officially stayed to doctors to declare cause of death as COVID19, even when COVID19 is NOT the cause of death?

Its waaaaay higher than 10% It’s 6.6 million people, many of which have families. This nonsense has to stop. Gradual reopening of the country for work needs to open now. OpenOpenOpen This shit hits different now 😩...low key y’all peep them new commercials 👀 “ we don’t touch your pizza now “ 🥴🍕 wtf was they doing before 🤔🤨

No sh't sherlock, that is what happens if you shut down the economy even for valid reasons. MZHemingway realDonaldTrump unemployed is Trumps gift to Democrats just before 2020Election Stay healthy stay employed and make bank y'all But hurry, please buy our T bills! Maybe we've overreacted, just a little huh?

Our economy could not have been that great if so many people are living paycheck to paycheck. Yes… Unemployment was low but many people had SEVERAL jobs. Minimum-wage is impossible to live on and I pray that this crisis will open peoples eyes!! We STILL have no leadership/TESTS! Try living on unemployment in AZ. Its 240 a week. Barely enough for toilet paper and sanitizer.

California governor crafting coronavirus stimulus package for illegal immigrants. I don't care if you like realDonaldTrump or not, this isn't a cause for celebration. No one should celebrate this just as a means to get rid of the President. We should find ways to support local businesses and keep people employed as much as possible all the while being safe.

The virus didnt slam the economy. Govts did. Hungry Wolves will attack I feel so bad for the unemployed...😭😭🙏🏽 MZHemingway Get people back to work. Test them before they enter the work place with the five minute test. Don't worry Trumps economy will be roaring! Because the mandates force people out of jobs. Plenty of work. Not allowed to do it. Lemon

Watch the Real Estate market And you think the finance crises was bad, just watch !! Glad to see the dems fucked us again blocking small biz funding. Thanks Nancy!!! Getting out of hands Thanks China OK now here’s the question, if they are filing for unemployment then the employers cannot keep them on the payroll and issue them checks. (The famous loan and forgiveness deal that’s circulating from the $2 trillion plan)

BlameCHINA MZHemingway Why isn't anyone talking about Trump caring more about the health of people than his great economy? He knew shutting everything down would hurt the economy, hurt him politically, he did it anyway. That's the kind of President I want. MZHemingway It's too bad AP, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN aren't fully unemployed as well.

seanmdav Translation: Spygate Russia Stormy Mueller Impeachment - nothing could slow the US economy, POTUS rallies, JoeBiden deterioration & populist uprisings around the world, so the Globalist ghouls w/ EnemyOfThePeople MSM FakeNews destroyed everyone’s 401ks. KAG2020 Trump2020 Imagine that, you force business to shut down and unemployment soars - what did you expect

The Virus didn't slam the economy, the bad modeling and idiotic policy responses did. seanmdav “BREAKING: 10% of US labor force now out of work since elected officials slammed economy”.....there i fixed it for you. MZHemingway And realDonaldTrump allowed Fauci to lead the charge. Well played Tony. 😡

seanmdav Did the virus cause this or did the government cause this? Wow help us Jesus Open the economy. That’s why donnie wants no oversite with the stimulus money. He wants billions if not a trillions of it. He could care less about a depression with that money? This has never been about the American people.

“Ten percent” lmfao Unacceptable. I think it's a lot more than 10% So only 66 million people work in America? Strange since there are 194.3 million between 18-64 according to 2010 Census And that's just the people who have filed for unemployment. Wonder what the true numbers are if we included all the self-employed people that can't or haven't filed, people that don't qualify due to nationality/immigration status, etc.

It's even higher than that. There are a significant number of people on _unpaid_ LOA because of COVID-19 -- feeling that their health and/or the health of their families is more important than the public's need to wander their local retail stores b/c they're bored. But it was the biggest weekly gain in the stock market since 1938. Oh right that didn’t work out very well...

realDonaldTrump was right motherfuckers I rebuke this in Jesus’ name. May the tides turn and His light come upon the world. In you name King we recieve your glory. Amen. This is only going to get worse. Living a life is more important than leading a life... Wow that’s considered 10% Have to figure out a plan to open things back up.

Wrong. When will the system crash and not take anymore? Does this mean 90% of labor work force are still working? Bernie, Biden and Trump will cause inflation. That is the real enemy of the people. They are ALl Democratic socialist. With all the businesses closed around my city, this 10% unemployment seems low.

NYTLiz Thanks for the fear mongering done by the fake news Pretty sure it’s more than 10% Not really breaking news when nearly the whole country is shut down Unconstitutional Nothing to see here. Chinese weaponized germ warfare couldn't have been targeted, right? WHO WuhanVirus ChineseWuhanVirus ChineseCommunistParty

Stop blaming a virus, it was government that “slammed” the economy The virus didn't slam our economy. we did that to ourselves And that's with a bunch of 'essential' food service employees still at their posts. Perhaps also a sneak peak at the automated future where more and more of the jobs are taken up by machines and automation.

6.6 mill.=10% of the U.S. workforce, means the U.S. has a approx. total of a 66 mill. workforce out of a 2019 est. total U.S. population of 329-ish mill. 269 mill. people do not work in some type of capacity- retired, disabled, incarcerated. Putting it in the wronghole economy. yet the dumb American population will probably still vote for that orange looney because they think they are winning. its pathetic

So out of about 350M ppl only 66M is considered the 'Us labor force'? 🤔 The 'pro-life' party is doing a bang up job MakeAmericaGreatDepressionAgain 10% of US labor force out of work .. In the midst of a crisis, we now see that having a trashy reality TV show president isn't such a great idea after all We need a real president VoteTrumpOut realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse VP GOP senatemajldr GOPLeader

6.6 million MORE realDonaldTrump Thanks Trump! If Trump didn’t squander months of preparation it wouldn’t have gotten this bad This is why we need emergency UBI. The devastating effects of covid-19 on economies such as the U.S are not just creepy but scary. 14k death from this virus in 20 day is scary number , start saving for the worse to come.. lock down the states and go back to basics of living for a month or two!

0.1% That's the percentage of people in the US that have the virus. Unemployment will cause much more damage then this virus. Stress will lead to sickness. Depression, suicide. We need money for our necessities. Open the country! winning adamfeuerstein Sounds very bullish Did democrats just block extra funds for small businesses?

Also don’t forget all of the people that still haven’t been able to file because the website doesn’t work and the phones are always busy. Shocking number, but also probably an underestimate because so many labor offices are backlogged Arriadna Those who are not sick need to get back to work. Scream & yell liberals all you want, but that’s a reality

These are only the people able to get through the phone lines / online systems to complete their applications. After 2 weeks of calling and being told incorrect information, I finally successfully completed my application yesterday. Thousands are still trying I am sure. 'What is the expected response for the government mandating that businesses close?'

It's more than 10%. If you haven't had a job yet, you aren't counted in unemployment If you are a student, you aren't counted If you are unemployed for too long, you aren't counted. If you are self-employed and now don't have work, you are not counted. So 90% of us are still going to work, gotcha. Operation burn out the middle class is going great, we closed all the small Businesses and are currently burning through the middle classes savings. You can work in a factory with thousands everyday but can’t go to get a hair cut.

Impossible to get through to labor Department for unemployment insurance in NY. When all claims in NY are finally counted add another 10% 💔💔💔 Probably much more than that due to the slow processing! How many more millions have not been able to get through to file claims? But Wall Street and giant corporations are getting their money, so it's all good, right?

It will be worse People that filed for unemployment a month ago still haven't received their unemployment from the first filing week. The State's Unemployment Offices are hiring more people to process claims, but the funds aren't getting to the People because of the problems in the mail system. There is something seriously wrong with this virus bullshit. It seems that China duped realDonaldTrump and other world leaders in an effort to control the world, and punish the US for sanctions. This whole SCAM needs a SERIOUS investigation.

All because of China WuhanVirus ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied ChinaMustExplain Someone should tell wall street. The Dems are approaching climax at this news. KariVanHorn Can someone ask IvankaTrump to come up with another 15 million jobs Not sustainable, get to testing everyone Damn foreigners taking all the jobs!!

Gee, how can this be? It's not as if businesses have been ordered to close or anything......🙄 It’s way more than what’s reported. Should fix the heading to say: 10% of US labor force applied for unemployment. Much more than 10% are out of work Correct, because mass panic is most certainly a virus. Open. Back. Up.

Time to get back to work. This over-hyped “pandemic” is riddled with deceptions by China, WHO, CDC. So many predictions factually flawed, death certificates deliberately named CV19 without testing the deceased. List goes on and on. Wake up, people! Mainstream media beats the quarantine drum 24/7, yet can't figure out why the unemployment numbers keep going up. It's either willful ignorance or a total lack of self-awareness.

Probably way more. Both me and my wife were laid off (service industry) we've not even filed yet. kimhalliburton Unemployment is likely going to top out at around 25 percent, as more and more businesses go under. Each time people lose their jobs, they also lose their ability to spend money, so that means more businesses will go under. It keeps multiplying. A depression is coming.😢

Trump can't blame Obama or Democrats for this. That number only represents people who are eligible for unemployment benefits. The true unemployment is probably around 80% of the labor force out of work. 10%ofUS 10% of US unemployed? If everyone is staying home, shouldn’t it be HIGHER than that? I know that a high number of humans and a high %... but... if 10% (a guess) are medical workers, are the other 80% working from home? I expected more like 50% unemployed?

Way higher than 10%. That number is a joke. All because someone wanted to eat bat soup This is beyond belief. The common flu has killed way more people. Open our country back up ASAP! Lives are being destroyed, not by corona virus, but by media hysteria & power hungry politicians not giving a damn about Americans! We need to take our country back!!

That's good And you clowns wouldn't vote for Bernie....good luck with your healthcare Is the Left finally coming around to the fact that massive amounts of people losing their jobs is not a good thing? The Right has been trying to address this and the Left just keeps saying that if you talk about jobs right now, then you don’t care about human lives.

And cost of living is still increasing. Makes sense. it was hard enough to find work before this shutdown that.... This is really a sad situation,How can you buy 3 weeks of groceries ?especially when you can only buy one of many items including meats and paper goods. Hmmm. Wall street will rallies on such thing as they will get free money from the federalreserve $SPY, $GLD

Wtf did all you morons think was going to happen when you pushed the federal and local governments to shut everything down? Only fools depend on their government to same them. Well done Trump, you piece CB of shit realDonaldTrump can we stop winning now and start listening to professionals, so this can end? Thanks in advance. Dickwipe

Is that the same 10 percent IvankaTrump was responsible for creating? Democrats rejoice!!!! Next two weeks that should drop as people go back to work. I think that’s very low considering many of us aren’t filing for unemployment’s complicated when self employed people haven’t don’t taxes and don’t have a simple paycheck way of verifying no income.

6.66 For such a time as this. ScriptedNation ScriptedNews 'JM by the DIGITS' BMGProject Event201 WuhanVIRUSVaccine 65M/18MOS predicted. TheBIGOne to NUDGETHEFOLK for 'Fundamental Transformation of America' for the NWO ilk Radical END Agenda. TheNextPandemic totally bull shit. We great USA how could be this? Date fabrics. We are great again.

it is called ' capitalism', ignorant people of USA love it,worship it ,so eat it, Good thing healthcare is tied to employment in this country 🙃 Try to hide your glee just a little bit. No economy this century has been as bad as the Trump economy. TrumpDepression stockmarketcrash 10%? How is that figure not 50% or higher? 90% of people are store clerks or medical personnel?

Come on. The Republican Party just wants us to spend more time with our families Hey MAGA - Are you tired of winning yet? kag Americafirst COVIDIOTS Time for a rerelease. UB40 - One in Ten That doesn't mean they are unemployed. The Associated Press — also known as Capt. Obvious — strikes again. No shit, Sherlocks, whatever gave you the clues?

This number is not even close to accurate. Practically impossible to file a claim here in NY thus many people who can't make money right now like salespeople, waiters, bartenders, chefs, etc. Would be nice if some of these people felt the urge to do something positive for their country. Rather than stay home, go work for an essential business as a food delivery, grocery store clerk etc etc. assuming they werent a high risk to COVID (age/preexisting conditions)

I hope they have the unemployment insurance funds to pay these people and they don't have to file for government assistance or bancruptcy We've made our decision. Economic depression wins out. Get ready to reap, mfs. The globalist scam is working. BREAKING: This is not news. If it were really 10% the Gov't wouldn't be giving out 1200 dollar checks.

10% are collecting unemployment It's the quickest+only way for millions to get money right now, independent of post-lockdown prospects. ^This going up is not necessarily bad right now. More people are getting the resources they need. Post-lockdown will be the real signal... So sad and so preventable. I think we will survive this we have been here before

10% are you kidding me. Try 25% and climbing. Again, propaganda coming from a 'reliable' news source, whatever that means. There are many more that haven't been able to get through. Huge backlog, that number is only going to go up when they do. Leaked photo of the press working through how this is Trump’s fault somehow.

ToriInNC1 Found this facemasks realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse POTUS SpeakerPelosi JoeBiden Oh Great, that's just Great!🤔🤨 We were told the stimulus was going to keep employees on payrolls. What happened? WBRCnews StopTheMadness Open the Country back up !! People need to go back to work while we still have jobs ..

A complete failure as a so called president and as a human being in general. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Obamacare provided 17+million Americans with healthcare. TrumpPlague kills 14000+ Americans and takes away healthcare from 17+ million Americans. VoteBlue2020 VoteBlueToSaveAmerica April jobs report is gonna be one for the ages (not that we should be celebrating this).

trumpeconomy Bad Hombre Trump should resign. realDonaldTrump With a startling 6.6 million people seeking jobless benefits last week, the U.S. has reached a grim landmark: Roughly 10 percent of workers have lost their jobs in just the past three weeks. More than 20 million Americans may lose jobs this month.

Lots more than that. Cannot get into computer. Like I had to buy five tickets( round trip so ten ) to go but got lockdown soon after booking the flight. Hong Kong, Manila, Vietnam, Tokyo and Macau. Spent over four hours on computer and $1300 phone bill 50% of small businesses looking certain to crumble, this is going to get a lot more worse than people realise

If SA would achieve 10% it would mean that the MYANC government is actually doing its job and SA economy would be in the best condition in 26 years!!! 6.6 million Americans filing for unemployment. More than 16 million over 3 weeks. My opponent Jim Jordan voted *against* stronger unemployment benefits/food security during this pandemic. I want him to look every single one of these 16 million people in the eye and explain why.

Pickpockets, muggers, and beggars are really hurting right now It’s almost like putting an incompetent pile of personality disorders in the White House to “oWn tHe LiBZ” wasn’t such a hot idea after all. Is anyone surprised? Now, guess how long it will take to put all of these people back to work. Anyone else tired of “winning” under the Trump administration?

Watching the media you would think 50% are out of work. JesseKellyDC👀 Jeeeeeez katalin_pota Where the fuck are the checks? Have you thought to pressure these clowns? Damn hoax depression is coming 😨 RNative2 Is it 6.66 million? thankstrump China wins. They are global leader now. All Because of Trumps Lack of Leadership COVIDー19

6.6 M jobless? lmao. It is not accurate.. my friends applied for unemployment bc his compamy close only 3 weeks .. he still apply for enemploylent.. i think jobless is only 1 M but people keep applying even their compamy asks them to stay home for 3 weeks lmao open the economy now 10%? Orange Corona Pandemic

Does that surprise anyone? Good ThursdayMorning tiger DIAGNOSED WITH coronavirus at BronxZoo, in New York City Six other tigers and Lions at the zoo are also showing symptoms.... He’s blamed the WHO, the Chinese, past presidents all the way back to Washington but especially Obama. He’s blamed the governors, the congress and especially the democrats. Past members of his administration and the media But trump says he has no responsibility at all

Ship at center of virus outbreak raided by Australian policeBRISBANE, Australia (AP) — Police wearing protective gear boarded a cruise ship to seize evidence and question crew members of the vessel linked to hundreds of coronavirus infections and 15 deaths... Cast Away 2020 government tragic blunder They called it low risk My foot

Virus OutbreakVirus update: • Chinese city at the heart of the virus outbreak reopens. • Deaths in New York reach nearly 5,500. • British PM Boris Johnson spends a second night in ICU. • Emotional toll on medics in Europe emerges. Follow all AP coverage: Fauci..... Seventydaydeadlydelay POTUS Hoping and praying the virus is eradicated here and everwhere soon and all over the world

Virus OutbreakVirus update: • NYC virus deaths exceed 3,200, topping World Trade Center deaths. • Death toll reaches about 11,000 across the U.S. • British PM Boris Johnson in ICU, on oxygen. • A 90-year-old NY woman survives coronavirus. Follow all AP coverage: This is nothing short of a nightmare. 😔😔😔

Virus OutbreakOfficial: Navy leader who called fired commander of coronavirus-plagued aircraft carrier 'stupid' submits his letter of resignation to Defense Secretary Esper and tells staff he is quitting. It is high time he quits,i urge realDonaldTrump to quickly reinstate the victimized navy commander who has even contacted coronavirus he got shit canned like a bitch Good

New York's virus toll tops 9/11, while Wuhan ends lockdownFrom AP Morning Wire: • NYC virus deaths pass 9/11 attack toll. • China's Wuhan ends 76-day lockdown. • AP Exclusive: Emotional toll rises in Italy, Spain for ICU medics. • A forced choice for Wisconsin voters. SIGN UP: They waited for so long before taking action. Death came swift. Please don’t put a tag on face mask, it will contaminate the mask! Thanks! Bill Gates praises the 'country' of Taiwan in their first class job in fighting the CCPVirus. Follow the Republic of China for the best results. CCP China FreeChina coronavirus

China's Streamers Experienced Traffic Boom Amid Virus CrisisChina's TV networks and streaming platforms benefited from an explosion of viewers amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report by Beijing-based ticketing company Maoyan. Details: