Virus Outbreak

The latest news on the worldwide virus pandemic.

3/30/2020 3:25:00 AM

BREAKING: More than 1,000 people have now died from the coronavirus in New York state, more than two-thirds of them in NYC. Find updates here:

The latest news on the worldwide virus pandemic.

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NoahCRothman I wish the media would give equal time to what tests are being done and graphs on that info. Drug companies like Eli Lily and J&J are testing and I only hear about in on CNBC. I think it would help us to hear about what’s being worked on and not just graphs of numbers and death. When will the media hold The governor and mayor accountable for lack of preparation? NYC is a terror target and the first responders have no PPE? This is a disgrace!

I don’t know why I decided to read the replies, but I did and the majority of people here in these replies are the absolute worst of humanity. Good thing NYC has 30,000 ventilators in warehouses! WilliamLamberth your boy James Dunn just blocked me because he is weak sauce af so let me try you: LOCK THE STATE DOWN NOW. ARE YALL BLIND.

How many could have been saved if NY allowed RightToTry for all patients? I have a feeling the total number of fatalities in NYC will exceed that of the Two Towers. And that's really sad to think about, because this was more preventable than that. TheBuffaloNews Nyc Is insanely more dense than the rest of the state.

USA healthcare failed But I heard the Chinese parade was awesome Are all States and countries now using exactly the same methodoly when capturing data. Something seems off. Italy New York City Small errors can have major consequences. FairQuestions I have read that if they determine you to be an asymptomatic carrier of Covid-19 in your post-Mortem, they legally add your death to the Coronavirus death toll? Is this true, and if so wouldn’t it drastically affect these numbers?

The issue is the Chinese. Not Trump. Not Obama. Not Cuomo. Chinese came over from Wuhan. They infected others. Those folks should’ve been quarantined. Instead they toured the city blah blah blah. We must quit going to and from China else this will be the new norm. FairQuestions Thanks to numerous moronic NYC officials telling people to ignore the Administration's warnings and to go out and gather, have events, parades, lots of fun... they are responsible for NYC being the virus shit hole it is... google it if you do not remember

Looks like Cuomo spending $13,000,000 on 'I 💗 NY' signs & millions more on solar energy versus buying the 16,000 ventilators as he warned to buy, has come back to bite him in the butt. Poor NY, I live in Utah and we are prepared & ready thanks to our Governor. And realDonaldTrump is responding to UK tabloids gossip

Good luck with blasio. You’ll need it Tragedy! But Trump says this will go away looks a miracle. What happened? NYC has no social distancing and it's hard to spread out. 24,000 died last year from the Novel Flu NoahCRothman How many people would have died on any given day from any cause today in any city? It’s not that I can’t sympathize it’s that it is unrealistic to believe that death isn’t inevitable for each of us, however the cause

Proof? peterjhasson Horrific Democrat catastrophe in NYC. Lying, mismanaging mayor and governor. peterjhasson Flyover country isn’t looking so bad, huh? realDonaldTrump FYI How many by complications? Tip of the iceberg. BS They didn’t all die FROM cv, most of them died WITH cv Huge difference Sending pray's to all the people in N.Y.,Stay Safe.

Someone must be held responsible for this, who are the idiots who allowed this to happen? From or with? NO MASK NO SERVICE Trump’s failure to act in a timely way is to blame. TrumpGenocide DemocratsTheEnemyWithin Very sad! NY did not take it serious in the beginning! China has lots of blood on their hands

Trump wants *credit* for a good job if only 100,000 americans die... Read this thread 🙏🏽 NoahCRothman Will Cuomo or De Blasio be taking any responsibility or blame? No? Only Trump... Gotcha. Meanwhile.....

Virus OutbreakBREAKING: President Trump says CDC to issue 'strong Travel Advisory' for parts of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey to slow coronavirus spread, in place of quarantine. Find updates here: CDC scrounging to come up with something to say because this is the first time hearing of this The virus does not move people do!!!! Man Puts Dick In Blender To Slow The Blade

China sends medical aid to Pakistan to combat virus outbreakPakistan's foreign ministry says that China has sent a plane loaded with medical personnel and supplies to help with the fight against the spread of the coronavirus in the nation of 220 million people. The least they can do for destroying the world The old 'feeling guilty' help...👍 Best of luck then

Turkey halts intercity trains, limits domestic flights over virus outbreakTurkey halted all intercity trains and limited domestic flights on Saturday as part of measures to contain a fast-growing coronavirus outbreak, as the number of cases jumped by a third in a day to 5,698, with 92 dead. Chinese animals must be destroyed for the world safety The Chinese Virus is creating chaos around the world. What a reflection of China's unwanted influence. coronavirus WuhanVirus COVID19

Virus OutbreakVirus update: • World virus cases top 600,000; 28,000 deaths. • Virus prevention measures turn violent in Africa. • Virus halts cherished Mideast traditions. • Parents and children across the U.S. find new ways to connect. Follow all AP coverage: I really wish any trump supporter could explain why, if things are so great here, the USA has more cases than any nation on earth? Trump told us over and over that “it was under control”, that it would magically disappear”, that “he was doing a great job” What makes this good

Analysis: Virus pulls federalism debate into 21st CenturyA flu pandemic was ravaging the world, killing indiscriminately in almost every country, including more than 600,000 deaths in the United States. Woodrow Wilson did not address the nation on the subject of the pandemic of 1918-19 a single time. While his posture on the flu seems passive, even reckless

Europe, US virus deaths surge as Trump reverses New York lockdown threatEuropean nations have been harder hit than the US on a per capita basis with over 20,000 deaths - around half in worst-hit Italy, as millions across the continent continue to be under lockdown and the streets of Paris, Rome and Madrid eerily empty.