Virginia to Take Down Confederate Statue After George Floyd Protests

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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is planning to announce that the state will remove the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, following nationwide protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is planning to announce Thursday that the state will remove the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, an administration official said, following nationwide protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd in police custody.

There were already signs in Richmond that the days were numbered for Confederate statues. Mr. Northam and fellow Democrats in the Legislature earlier this year approved a law that would have allowed cities to decide for themselves what to do with such statues...


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What a disgrace to those brave soldiers who fought for what they believed, good, bad, or indifferent. He was also a graduate of West Point, and fought in the Mexican War. You are a political hack!

Should we bulldoze all confederate victory battlefields too ? America loves being willfully ignorant.

Take down all the racist statues. Keep taking them down. There should be protests at every racist statue location. takethemdown

But you’re ok with spending taxpayer money to maintain a Trump Presidential Library. Celebrating the biggest loser who’s done everything in his power to ruin this country. Now that’s funny. 😂

This is a never ending saga and they will never be appeased. They appear to be hypersensitive. Things of this nature should be the last thing they are concerned about in this world. Let’s not get caught up in this drama.

It is really unfortunate that government is trying to destroy our history. Lee was part of history and he fought for his beliefs and country.

This should not happen, no changing American history.

Will he be in blackface again while doing it, or is he going with the Klan hood?

Can't rewrite history, try as you will, but we can learn from it.

Lol, ok.

Did you print that Joe Biden along with many other Democrats voted to restore Robert E Lee's citizenship status back in 1975?

All because a convicted armed robber, drug addict and serial criminal with poor health was accidentally killed. Whoever made this decision is a coward.

ISIS and Democrats remove history

More of history will be taken down. Pretty soon children will have no history to remember good or bad.

He was not a bad guy. And was certainly a good general. But...he lost. He stood for the side who’s fundamental belief was slavery, veiled in state’s right. They lost. It’s one for the history books now.

Monument to fallen soldiers? Not to man that betrayed his oath and attacked the nation he once fought for! How many more died because Lee kept Virginia in the fight?

That's illegal. To all Afrosmericans: 1. civilwar was Not on deliberation slaves 2. civilwar was like WWI & WW2 -like Most great power wars back to Punicwars on economic dominance 3. Union killed millions of deliberated slaves by starving or turned them to wageslaves

Confederate generals that had served in the US military betrayed their oath to the constitution and were worse than Benidict Arnold

ralph - prefers to be the one on the left...but could be the the one on the left....take the statue down and RESIGN

Yay boooo to racism and booooo to racists

Tear the old down so we can build the new

Martin Luther King statutes shoukd come down also.He watched women being raped and cheered on the rapist. Look it up.


'Coonman' is going to virtue signal? Imagine that. I'm so surprised.

bout damn time. ALL confederate statues must be torn down

How the hell does this make any difference? Those who erase the past are doomed to repeat it

They oughta remove the Governor!

You erase history, you repeat the mistakes virginiaIsLost

Don’t be a sheep

acaldwellwsj Trying to change history will not do anything

The sanitation of history continues....

Erasing, whitewashing, revising and rewriting history is educational and historical terrorism.

Virginia Governor: reopen Virginia.

Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson - Warriors of Honor - Pt.1 WarriorsOfHonor SouthernHeritage

This reminds me of some 1984 shit

There goes the Robert E Lee - Joan Baez

Replace it with US Grant!

Replace it with a statue of GeorgeFloyd

About time

How do I get it?

Wow it’s almost taking down a statue of our history when you are a racist washed that fact away completely when you tear Robert E Lee’s statue down! What is next? Kissing babies on the campaign trail like you’re not all in on infanticide? typicalliberal

This guy? You got to be kidding. You know he is the only person to be caught in blackface that did not get fired. Amazing.

Probably going to put it in his backyard

Liberalism truly is a mental disease

Idiot. He is just doing it to get reelected.

What will become of Gettysburg?

'This statue is racist and must be taken down.' - Man in blackface and afro wig standing next to man in KKK sheets

That’s literally the worst take. What are we doing here?

Northam needs to be removed, proves he is not governor material

Too arms


Will the governor wear his klansman robe or his black face to the event?

So typical from the left. Change the history to fit their narrative. In China, a famous saying is “History is a little girl. You dress her whatever way you like.”

BEFORE THE WAR, Robert E Lee repented of his slaveowning, freed his slaves, and became an outspoken abolitionist.

The left hates white people and anything that can be remotely linked to white interests, they're just being honest about it now.

Will he be burning books next?

i don’t agree with what he fought for, but it’s history and history should be remembered. not destroyed or censored.

Actually if you think about it Lee was a loser. People who don’t like him should go by that statue and say thanks loser. If was a better General the South might have one. Watch the new Grant series on the History channel. You will see a real winner who learned from mistakes.

About time, this is the United States not the Confederate States. We should not be enshrining enemies of this country. We need to grow up and stop honoring a bunch of traitors Americans are better than that.

Why doesn’t governor blackface remove himself

Now starting the war against statues and history. If we remove that statue, maybe civil was never occurred 🤔

About time.

Good. They're the ones saying we need fewer participation trophies anyway, right?

Removing a statue will make all problems go away! Such BS

Lee protected Virginia. Northam sat with his thumb up his ass for days while Antifa ran amok in Virginia! No worries Ralph no one will ever memorialize you! Blackface

CjonesDRC Where is Helen Marie Taylor?!

oooo, this isn't good, , is it? it shows recognition that this offends some of the's a crack in the wall of white male dominance....will look for your editorial demonizing this move in the morning

Lee only did his job. He was a great general, he should not be villainized for living out his convictions with honor & sincerity. Slavery is bad. It is done.

Will Northam be replacing it with a black face statue of himself?

Make sure history is preserved for a more reasonable age - give the statue to a private party.

Good. That thing is an eyesore and it’s hard to ignore

Democrats created the kkk

rolandsmartin and then?

rolandsmartin Good bring them down! ✊🏾

rolandsmartin About time, what country celebrates traitors. Lee had the choice of Union free or Confederate Slave, he chose the latter.

Keep the statue so future generation can be reminded of the history in Virgina.

Our disgrace of a governor seems to have forgotten that legislature passed a measure leaving the removal up to cities and municipalities. If anything this should be coming from Richmond’s mayor, not Northam. But like with COVID he has to score image points. Dumbest doctor ever.

Any chance of removing Northam the stupid, black faced democrat.

does someone smell another civil war brewing or is it just me

KeishaBlain This is a good start. However as the governor of the state with the most confederate statues, landmarks, roads ect. more needs to be done.

Never forget.

Weak ass people. That’s the problem with this world. Everyone bends at the knee when shit goes down. Grow a pair of balls and stand for what’s right! Stop destroying history!!

Please help us get rid of Alexander Stephens' house: Has a statue to the writer of Cornerstone speech and his slaves' quarters... As some sick museum

Don't take it down to place it somewhere safe so the next GOP govt to reinstall it, blow the damn thing up and melt down the copper.


Stupid! USA is going down......

Will he do it in black face or in his Klan robes? NorthamKKK

Sorry, Guv. I can't hear you through your Klan hood.

burn all the history books too

I don’t think I’ve ever despised a weaker politician more. Not even Hilliary.

Away down south in the land of traitors

If you know the real history of Lee and if you know the truth about why these statues where erected then you would know why taking them down is the “right thing to do, the only thing to do”!! Check out “ Reconstruction after the Civil War” currently showing on PBS!!!

I don't know if all these confederate statues should be removed. I mean really, wouldn't it be more effective if we had a statue of REL kissing of one of the many many great Americans... maybe Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, or ever Harriet Beecher Stowe, just to name a few

Stupid of va. That is our history. Stop trying to erase it.

if you do you are one big coward!

Leave it up. Take it down. I don't care. The Confederates were lolbertarians anyway. The true right wing doesn't really care and is laughing at you.

Bout freakin’ time....loser general deserve absolutely no praise...

You can’t change history and we must never forget! These statues make you remember.

Erase history repeat the past. Shameful

Black face trying for brownie votes?

The guy in blackface or a KKK robe is taking down the statute of his hero for whom he either wore blackface or dressed ina KKK robe (because he won't say which one was him)?

Bye Felicia 👋

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