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Virginia governor to announce removal of Lee statue

EXCLUSIVE: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is expected to announce plans to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, an official has told @AP.

6/4/2020 12:24:00 AM

EXCLUSIVE: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is expected to announce plans to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond , an official has told AP.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is expected to announce plans Thursday for the removal of an iconic statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from Richmond 's prominent Monument...

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is expected to announce plans Thursday for the removal of an iconic statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from Richmond’s prominent Monument Avenue, a senior administration official told The Associated Press.

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The governor will direct the statue to be moved off its massive pedestal and put into storage while his administration seeks input on a new location, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to speak before the governor’s announcement.

The move comes amid turmoil across the nation and around the world over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a Minneapolis officer pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for several minutes, even after he stopped moving.ADVERTISEMENTa new wave of Confederate memorial removals

in which even some of their longtime defenders have decided to remove them.The Lee statue is one of five Confederate monuments along Monument Avenue, a prestigious residential street and National Historic Landmark district in Richmond, the former capital of the Confederacy. It has been the target of graffiti during protests in recent days over Floyd’s death, including messages that say “end police brutality” and “stop white supremacy.”

It was not immediately clear when the statue would be removed.Other tragedies in recent years have prompted similar nationwide soul searching over Confederate monuments, which some people regard as inappropriate tributes to the South’s slave-holding past. Others compare monument removals to erasing history.

Confederate memorials began coming down after a white supremacist killed nine black people at a Bible study in a church in South Carolina in 2015 and then again after a violent rally of white supremacists in Charlottesville in 2017.The Lee monument was erected in 1890, decades after the end of the Civil War.

Also on Wednesday, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney announced plans to remove the other Confederate monuments along Monument Avenue, which include statues of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Confederate Gens. Stonewall Jackson and J.E.B. Stuart. Those statues sit on city land, unlike the Lee statue, which is on state property.

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Stoney said he would introduce an ordinance July 1 to have the statues removed. That’s when a new law goes into effect, which was signed earlier this year by Northam, that undoes an existing state law protecting Confederate monuments and instead lets local governments decide their fate.

“I appreciate the recommendations of the Monument Avenue Commission – those were the appropriate recommendations at the time. But times have changed, and removing these statues will allow the healing process to begin for so many Black Richmonders and Virginians,” Stoney said. “Richmond is no longer the Capital of the Confederacy – it is filled with diversity and love for all – and we need to demonstrate that.”

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DanyaBacchusTV I guess he thinks will make up for his wearing black face multiple times? That being the case we need to remove the Gov. as he has photographic proof that he was a racist. LOL blocked. If we’re going to remove monuments that are offensive then I suggest that no monuments or portraits of Trump are ever displayed.

And more thoughts from Mechanicsville VA (racist central) How some in my racist town feel about it Now they need to do that to that mlk Prior to the 2032 election, Dems will demand that all statues of people who ever employed non-union labor be torn down. 2036, statues of who were once non-vegan. 2040, statues of people who ever rode in non-electric cars. Society will never be woke enough!

I have a idea. Keep the statue up. But adjust it for historical accuracy. Add a KKK hood to Gen. Lee. Give him chains in his hand holding black slaves struggling to escape. And in the other hand, a gun shooting dead another slave. THAT would be a historically accurate statue. I wish that horse had one more good spray fart in him 💨

What's next ? Confederate Cemeteries? Confederate statues are the original Participation Trophies. You reporters should stop the lies and propaganda against R E LEE! If blacks have emotional issues with the statue they should seek professional help not demand a historic statue of our country be removed and create false slanderous remarks against the man. He lived there!

1984 Should replace it with what it should have been in the first place. A statue of Godfrey Weitzel shitting on Robert E. Lee. This the Unions city now!!! Ha. If it were a statue of Stalin, the Governor and his people would worship it every day. Idiots VirtueSignaling If only Northam would go wherever Robert E. Lee is going. Wouldn't miss either of them.

The man that did blackface which is racist and still got elected? C’mon Virginia This country actually belongs to the Native Americans, Not white, conquistadores, French, or Africans, The first native Americans were Paleo-Indians, Asian they did not come from Africa Appeasement never works... Ask Chamberlain... How did that work out?

Replace Lee's bust with George Floyd bust. Problem solved. The way I see it, Life is about Choices. General Robert E. Lee made a Bad One. Fuck his Statue 🇺🇸 GovernorVA ⤵ The man who served the US army for 30+ years and reformed the American army for the years to come, fought for the CSA only because he stood with his state. One of the most important men in the American army history. Desecrating his statue because you did blackface...

Removing the Lee statue from a public space is not erasing history, it's making space for our country's present and future. Placing it on display in a museum is the right thing to do. It is part of our history and should be revered as such. Thank you GovernorVA RalphNortham Reolace it with a statur of bruce lee. Much better guy. BunkerBoy Trump BruceLee RobertELee

WHO IS HE TO DECIDE FOR EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY!?! That is AMERICAN history. In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution is a moral & political evil in any country. It is useless to expatiate on its disadvantages. Robert E. Lee The trite saying that honesty is the best policy has met with the just criticism that honesty is not policy. The real honest man is honest from conviction of what is right, not from policy. Robert E. Lee

I think it better to do right, even if we suffer in so doing, than to incur the reproach of our consciences and posterity. Robert E. Lee A Union that can only be maintained by swords and bayonets has no charm for me. If the Union is dissolved and government disrupted, I shall return to my native state and share the miseries of my people, and save in defense will draw my sword on none. Robert E. Lee

Better late than never. About F’ing time! Good job Governor. Funny what that DS said. It wasn’t right when they built and it’s not right now? Wearing the sheet? Wearing Blackface? Coonman? These weren’t right then and there not right now. Best place to hide is in plain sight. I love how everyone forgets that these statues glorify not only slavery but also treason.

Thx, Joe Biden👴🏻, for your vote to restore the Confederate general's citizenship.🗳👌🏼 smartdissent About time! The Democratic Party is busy burying its own history it would seem. thats it gov blackface reward those who have vandalized and burned buildings and defaced walls with curse words way to go klansman

I have to live with the pain my Government supports the Murder of Children you can live with the pain we had a Civil War. Removing Lee’s statue is removing a part of our history. Rewriting history does nothing to teach our young the oath and path we took to right the wrongs. This is shameful. I see this happening in schools across the country.

It’s our History pretending it didn’t happen is a lie History is about to be repeated I feel Civil War is just around the corner. The Divide is to wide to mend with words the my way or the highway politics is unexplainable Never thought I'd see the day! They need to throw that statue in the trash where it belongs.

Erasing history?🤔 Lot of statues should come down. Hate to see this one go. People upset by it are uneducated beyond “Confederate General” Like it or not confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee is a part of our history. You shouldn’t try to remove him from history. We can remember the Civil War and the defeat of the Confederacy without statues!!

But you’re ok with spending taxpayer money to maintain a Trump Presidential Library. Celebrating the biggest loser who’s done everything in his power to ruin this country. Now that’s funny. 😂 Lee and Stonewall Jackson are hero’s to me. Five of my relatives fought for the CSA in Virginia an4 came home alive due to his leadership and skill. Im surprised how hateful all you “woke” people are. A little more compassion for all veterans who sacrificed would be appreciated.

What will go down in history is how long it took for us to remove it. Just another statue removed but why, it’s something of history. Soon our history will be blank because we aren’t allowed to discuss it . Yesterday: Washington & Lee University Today: Washington University Tomorrow: University It’s called education. What are you going to do, lie or rewrite the history books to pretend the bad stuff didn’t happen? Let’s remove every statue across the nation because I’m sure every statue has something in their past you can criticize.

Let’s just erase history and close our eyes and maybe things will get better. What a joke. History will live on! The COVID lock down is a hoax, now confirmed by health officials around the country who say it is safe to protest. Time to reopen Virginia......... THERE IS no legal right to move Gen. Lee. - the tax payer paid for it to be there. SO it needs to be there. CAN we remove Lincoln memorial, who was the worst president- and split the country in half ? They are NOT about hate - ur a racist who can't view history without hate!

Now do Stone Mountain. Blow the racists off the face of nature. BrianKempGA KLoeffler sendavidperdue KeishaBottoms Because only a punk-ass offensive Governor would try to exasperate disrespect for the South. General Lee IS a part of USA History no matter how you want to rewrite history for yourself. The truth and facts remain. It is illegal to deface copyrighted Artworks!!

Let's move it to a museum with all the other loser artifacts. 🤔 At last some common sense Blackface GovernorVA decided to revise history today. Taking this down will help us forget history, so that America can repeat history, so that we can say this hasn't been tried before. Thanks BlackFaceNortham. You are today's winning racist. RacistInChief

Those clamoring won’t be happy unless they melt it down Great job from the man who wore blackface. The only reason he has a job is because he is a liberal. Good job again you hypocrite. WOW. Some of the comments here... it’s called PROGRESS! Are there statues of Hitler all over Berlin No! And you’re not DeStRoYiNg History. Put that bitch in a MUSEUM- Where it belongs!

He was a conflicted democrat who disagreed with slavery and cession. here's what he wrote in his own words: “[If] strife and civil war are to take the place of brotherly love and kindness, I shall mourn for my country and for the welfare and progress of mankind.” Robert E Lee blew a 3-1 lead at Gettysburg and y'all got statues for him?

Interesting the amount of comments about him not being a slave.. ..totally ignoring the fact that he was on the side of a failed secessionist attempt. Jeez he was a traitor to the USA! Good. Now tear down EVERY monument to EVERY racist. And replace them with memorials to the victims of their rape, murder, genocide, and exploitation. Take their names off our buildings. Take their faces off our money. Take their portraits and throw them in a basement to rot.

Destroy our history, eradicate the lessons needed to be remembered for future generations to know and see how barbaric one human can treat another. To recognize when the media and Gov't are marketing a narrative that is damming to the vulnerable. How does removing a piece of history solve anything? How awful. It is part of history whether you like it or not. Northam is a fool.

Borovent GettysburgToo is a public Facebook group that removes comments calling racists 'racist', despite the racists not supporting Black Lives Matter or Kaepernick's peaceful protest. Twitterverse, please do your thing. BlackLivesMatter ColinKaepernick The southern states broke away from the union after they could not find a solution to preserve their right to determine their own destiny. Slavery was one of the issues, but there were some greater issues. Lincoln in his wisdom tried to prevent the war but was unsuccessful.

What makes Monument Avenue in Richmond so beautiful and unique is the magnificent statues of our Confederate generals. Yes, slavery was wrong, but these men were not just associated with slavery. They were fighting for liberation from those denying them their rights and freedoms. Is he going to put it up in his house near his klan robes?

Racist Ralph Coonman Northam catering to the mob. They don’t even see the irony. Destroying history is not the answer, lest we repeat it. meanwhile biden: Joe Biden voted to restore US citizenship for Robert E. Lee in 1975, and recomends RecordPlayerReparations MarkDavis The ONLY Confederate flag worth a damn.

Is this where the new Gen. George Henry Thomas statue will go? ShaneClaiborne I can’t even describe what I’m feeling about this. Take them all down. It’s time. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😭😭🙏🏽 What a disgrace. Lee fought for state rights. The governor wears blackface When will someone take action regarding this Governor?

GovernorVA Keep the statue and change your laws instead. The statue is a reminder of hate, hate that should never be aloud to happen again, but shouldn't be washed from history, learn from the past and make the future better. Good. Replace with Grant or Sherman. Good. Should have never been built This RalphNortham? Virginia

TonyTodd54 Learn From Concervative MP 😷Please Wear Masks Please😷 The more times you get Coronavirus and fight it off the more damage the Heart Muscles Take plus the Lungs Start To React Like They Have COPD that's when you can't breathe😷 Catch the C Virus too many times and your Dead😷 Joe Biden voted to restore US citizenship for Robert E. Lee in 1975

German here: why do pro-slavery treasonous war losers get memorials anyway? Is it so hard to tear that shit down? We did... That'll change history? tooklongenough 150 years late It's about damn time! About Time. Good job Governor Yea everytime we have an argument about race, lets get rid of all our history. So stupid! So I guess in another 50 years we will do it again but backwards for the new oppressed.

Waste of money, use the funds to help people instead of removing a statue no one cared about until now. Robert E Lee is 1000X the man little ralphy is. 🙌🙌🙌 The trajectory of our concerns is beyond the symbolic! Leave statute for those inspired by it! Deal with the Real! 1. Those of you against removing statues/monuments honoring the Confederate enemies of the USA; instead we could just build statues to honor all other enemy leaders. King George III King George IV Kaiser Wilhelm II Adolf Hitler - Hirohito Kim Il-Sung - Mao Zedong ...

From the guy that wore black face haha 👏 The new global movement has no one issue, but we are doing racism world wide right now! I’m all for it. But Gov. Coonman Blackface has gotta go too. Sad day, despite the troubles General Lee has nothing to do with Slavery. The South was illegally halted from an Insurrection, this is established fact. The Civil War had almost nothing to do with slavery.

Reneami50020561 Traitors who supported slavery don't deserve statues. Take down the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond! Totally disgraceful, this is our American history for better or for worse, you cant just erase it. Mob rule . 170 years about time. Evil is evil. Evil has no respect of colour or race. America you need to sort this problem now and stop pointing the finger at other countries with racism.

Looks like a good spot for a Frederick Douglas, just have yo remove that ugly bronze thing. Connies could've kept their beloved symbols of superiority but they had to lick boots. Isnt this what caused the Charlottesville massacre? If this happens I hope the local ANTIFA cell is ready and mobilized Leave the statue alone, where would it end, it’s history, good or bad.

Weird that there are statues to traitors to the Union... And that the people upset at them being removed are the same ones who tell black people to 'respect the flag'. So many mixed messages. Not Trumps kind of war hero. He surrendered Colossally bad idea right now. Good intentions meet terrible timing.The result will be a Trump campaign video.

REMOVE ALL CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS. This should have been done a LOOOONG time ago. OleVetUSAF Proud of you, RalphNortham! Could they just get rid off Lee, I'm sure the horse was a very good horse Replace with General Grant, a real patriot who saved the Union. This is the end of US. From a normal country, they turn into Somalia.

Nethilez So when do you think Thrump will make statues of himself? Yes, let's erase all history! Free_Media_Hub Thank God Great! Don’t let that disgrace blight our fair commonwealth. Debated for years where such statues should go.. My answer: since there are a number of battlefields preserved in several states, why not there, in the actual physical position they were when the battles took place?

notaplaystation I am not for racism or the Confederacy. But the statute did nothing to anyone. It's a historical landmark. And I think it's going to be a huge mistake on the Governor's Part. George Washington owned slaves, only granting their freedom at the end of his life. Do you plan to remove all vestige of him from throughout the US, too? Lee owned none, they came from his wife’s family or so my history class in Australia said. Nor is this a Civil War monument.

Get ready NikkiHaley and her confederate degenerates won’t like that They can replace it with a statue of Ulysses Grant for those who fear that they are doomed to repeating history. He will be a better reminder of the surrender of Lee in 1865 that took place in VA. The rest of the confederate statues on that street are staying? Stonewall Jackson? Jefferson Davis?

Trumpies gonna have a field day with this one. benyt That’s rich given his KKK Hood & Blackface history ! I think everyone should watch this clip. From designated survivor. Very powerful! You’re gonna have to tear down Lincoln statues too as he wanted whites to maintain a superior position over blax and only freed the slaves to punish the south Why do we have to pretend the civil war was about slavery anyway 🤔

About time! We need to remove any statues of anyone who has ever took up arms against the USA 🇺🇸 Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey goodbye. Instead of DESTROYING monuments that some people DO IN FACT HAVE ATTACHMENTS TO. Why don't you BUILD some monuments? We all have painful memories of the past. How do you think Japanese people feel looking at the Pearl Harbor monument? Use these statues as reminders WHY.

Wtf do they Have a statue of Lee. He burned the city to the ground. Will he be wearing blackface and/or a hood while making the announcement? That's legit what Robert E Lee himself would have suggested Just as well, the crapsters are vandalizing it anyway. Put him somewhere safe. Richmond is a sewer. One statue down, a shit ton left to go

Governor Black Face to the rescue!!! Thank God for GovernorVA Are there any Nazi statues in Germany? asking for a friend! ... should remove him and his black face...! America has no home for hate or racism. No need to honor a general who led a rebellion over the right to expand slavery in the United States.

Robert E. Lee would agree. He would not want his likenesses displayed because of what America is becoming. I'm ashamed, too. Shoulda been done long ago Good. It shouldn't have been erected. Robert E Lee was a traitor. Good! Confederate statues are only there to intimidate people of color. Good riddance How horrible is that.

RIDICULOUS As soft as the NE DL. Beautiful statue. Way to get rid of history. it was time. PegT Barr said 'History is written by the winners, ' It's about time we finally declare The Civil War over and not continue to elevate military leaders that attempted to dissolve our Union. I wonder what Lincoln’s opinion would be? 157 years ago he said we needed to finish the work of “the brave men living and dead who struggled” in Gettysburg. We haven’t finished that work. I don’t think statues to the defeated of the Civil War help.

You can take it down but you can’t erase or change history MAGA ppl be like “dONt ERaSe hIsToRY”. Wanna pool some money to erect a giant statue of the 9/11 terrorists? How about the Sandy Hook Shooter? Wait, maybe we could instead erect a statue of John Wilkes Booth!!!!!!!!!! It’s about freaking time. Put that garbage in a museum where it belongs

Is this the same governor. Seems he two faced too. Waaaayyyy past due, but good move. Tear down the Vietnam Wall too ...unjust war I've always been proud to share General Lee’s birthday. I've also been very proud of my families service in the War of Northern Aggression. We were poor non-slave owning farmers. They served and we're killed and injured but they answered the call and I love them for that.

About time. can y'all take down Lee hs too? we won't lose to them if they don't exist 🙊✨👄♥️ Should whitewash his blackface while he's at it. Pray shaunking If you start doing this then one day these people will remove / break every statue of your country...even statue of liberty... Learn fast let it be there or else be ready to wear skull cap n black tent.

Because Northam needs to be at the center of another controversy This is a total make up call / ass kiss move! BTW, I don’t really care about the statue of Robert E. Lee, but willing to bet that a lot of good ole’ boys do! The same guy who blackfaced? Anyway. Reparations. SUPER - LET'S MAKE SURE IT'S GONE!

160 yrs too late but better than never!! Good. Fuck Robert E Lee. Anything confederate related should of been torn down right after the civil war Honestly, don't care about the statue. What I do care about is that EVERYONE is learning that violent intimidation accomplishes change. When your opposition does the same, remember it was you who demonstrated it's effectiveness.

There were two sides to the U.S Civil War. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. Both sides had remarkable military leaders in Generals' Grant & Lee. We should honor the memory of both men and not erase the memory of Robert E. Lee. American history deserves better! Oooof! Those 2A confederates protesting because they couldn’t get a hair cut are gonna lose their shit!😂😂😂

It’s just a matter of time until Thomas Jefferson gets it.... He wants it in his yard About time Somebody needs to go check on Corey Stewart. Friendly reminder to people saying this is erasing history: They didn't keep monuments for hitler or nazis in germany. Nothing was erased. 🙄 Yeah. Why not start something. This entire year has been so boring.

This should’ve already been done - get it the eff outta there. His TREASONOUS AZZ SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED ALONG TIME AGO WITH THE REST OF THEM. They should pulverize it and sell it as cat litter Did that racist took a sedative to make that decision? Virtue signaling POS. The civil war happened. Don’t rewrite our history

About time. And some people say that protesting and raising hell on social media doesn’t solve anything 😏👏🏼 It won’t end there.U can expect to have a protest over every bldg name, street name, city name.i can say a ham sandwich is racist but it doesn’t make it true.This country is not racist.We live together, work together & love each other every day bf and after the statues are gone

Sad!!! Lee was against slavery!!! He just couldn't bring himself to fight and kill his fellow Virginians!! He should honored not disgraced for his loyalty!! Stone Mountain is next✅ Why? I’m black but I accept that this is a part of history. History is good bad and ugly Robert E Lee was a traitor to America and lost the Civil War, there is no reason for him to be a statue, he's in history books, we won't forget him Having a statue dedicated to somebody is an honor, and this man does not deserve to be honored White people shut up

You Can’t change the Past. Only the Future. This is so unnecessary! That’s a big deal. Long overdue too After the fall of the Soviet Union, statues of Lenin everywhere were toppled: it was an act of catharsis for all the former bloc republics, a reveling in newfound freedom May the toppling of these monuments to racism be cathartic for us, symbolic of a new dawn of racial justice

Ralph Northam (aka blackface) gonna make it his back yard Buddha statue. RobertELee RalphNortham This is awful! LETS GOOOOO About damn time Get out the smelling salts. Racists are going to get a case of the vapours. My stars! How sad. I’m focusing oh one of my heroes today. Wow so now we are like ISIS remove all historical sites rather than Using it as a reminder of what and where we came from 😒

Should’ve been gone 👋🏾 bye The people have spoken When you delete history bad things happen Great news. Now do Stone Mountain. Virginia needs to be divided. The liberal Nova and Richmond areas can have their PC society and bow to the diversity Dig up his corpse and skull f-ck that binch I think that is a mistake history is forever written you can’t erase that but I do agre that there should be more statues of freedom fighters of our civil war

Bob Lee used to be on Sportscenter He’s putting it in storage and waiting for input on where it should be! Read the FULL article. Use your voice to make sure it’s put away forever. It’s like Germany putting up a statue of Hitler. These “monuments” need to go. There is no place for it! EmeryvilleMatty I’m all for it. 100% But this guy did blackface so remove him too.

The supposed 'Patriot's' and good ol boys are whining about the statue of a long dead enemy of America being torn down. Irony at its sickest. Robert E Lee never owned slaves! He needs to be removed ASAP johnpavlovitz They all should go Thought y’all hated participation trophies anyways ? johnpavlovitz Wooooohooooooo!!!! Now can you come here to the one person in Vermont flying that fucking flag proudly! None of us know what to do.

When I lived in austin tx...I pissed on a confederate gravestone...fuck the confederacy. Not sorry. The only Confederate flag that matters Let’s see how you guys like it when MOB RULE comes to your neighborhood. Or your ‘hood. Bet he already received death threats from the locals. What an ass he is Can't have a good race war without destroying Democrats history

Statues in the US shouldn't be had by those who betrayed the US and killed American soldiers. Might as well put a statue of Bin Laden in DC if that's the case. EIGHT statues of confederate leaders are in the the U.S. Capitol. It doesn’t make sense. That’s so wrong Replace them with role models! Like more civil rights leaders

About damn time About fucking time johnpavlovitz Oh Lord. That’s gonna be a battle. Almost makes me forget the time he wore black face shaunking Black Face. Governor Blackface erases history. Unreal. Great news, AMERICA has no need for statues of TRAITORS! I'll help pay for it to be taken to the nearest dump!

George Orwell says hello! Lee was actually against slavery so this makes sense for a democrat governor to do Bullshit, can’t erase history What in the fuck is that gonna accomplish, aside from appeasing the violent mob but a fraction of a moment? AgainstRevolt What do you think is going to happen when there are no more confederate monuments? You think they will be satisfied? Look around you. They're coming for EVERYTHING with a white face.

Will Virginia be changing it's name as well? After all Lee lead the army of Northern Virginia. Don't the people of Virginia want to wipe out all signs of their racist past? Do the one in Charlottesville next. Came to read salty triggered crybaby comments from racists. So satisfying Good History can't be unwritten

Let’s just destroy all evidence of American history. Do these people not realize when you eliminate the history of a country that reminds us of wrongdoings, then we are more likely to commit the wrongs again?!? They are literally making things worse! blacklivesmatter Blackface? Be really cool if he resigned after that.

jazobair Good Replace it with the one true flag of the Confederacy👇 that pesky bill of rights was written by a bunch of old rich white guys, too. shall we tear it up? davidpsdem Trump will probably ask for the statue to be placed on the White House lawn?🤣🤣🤣🤣 Reminder Half of u mad as hell keyboard warriors couldn’t write a synopsis on Lee’s beliefs and accomplishments 😂 I bet none of u rednecks could tell me how and why he lost Gettysburg. Gtfo lmao

Finally! The only place for monuments to human traffickers traitors is nowhere. OH now you wanna get that SOB removed? Christ. About time. I visited my family in the 80’s in Richmond and they drove me down to see the “Boulevard of Losers”. About time they removed that participation trophy. max__mccormick HELL YEAH

The nerve... trying to save statues of former traitors to USA. We aren't destroying history, the Confederacy & the Civil War are well documented in History Textbooks. What isn't well documented are events like the 1921 Tulsa Massacre & other examples of mistreatment of minorities He said 'slavery was an evil institution'. Wish for slaves to be free when they could be BOTH safe and free. The abolition of his slaves and their safety was in his will written in 1830

Also FYI. Lee did not want statues of confederate generals, he felt that it would hurt the unification of the United States. I don’t support racists nor am I racist myself I’ve heard a lot of sides on the this arguement and I think it should stay as a reminder that we can do better than those people and we can do better than the past and those who erase history are bound to repeat it

Is he going to do so while wearing black face? He likes to do that, you know. Good. Since when did losers write history? Those people saying “those who destroy history will repeat it” so you rather have a big ass looking monument glorifying the days when the south wanted to keep slavery? No! Tear it down or move it to a museum with correct context

Is if you do the research you'll see the groups that puts forth legislation to erect them are ones that where on the books in existence as Confederate support groups during the civil war period. It's no conspiracy it's facts and the ideology has descended through there membership It only took a hundred years. If this is the rate that we can expect change, we are pretty doomed.

well in that lee was a traitor he shouldn't be honored. would the u.s. have a statue of king georgeiii? germany has removed all that nazi stuff and i compare general lee to hitler in that he condoned slavery(kidnapping forced labor) human atrocities so good job. remove gen lee Priceless irony He should remove his KKK loving self as well.

Good ! You were afraid of the riots. Wait until you remove the statue and you’ll have the south/ republicans against you too Removing a statue honoring a great Virginian will not make GovernorVA a great Virginian. FUCK YEAH GET THAT BASTARD OUT OF HERE Yes.. because destroying statues & trying to erase history you don’t like makes everything all better! LOL The snowflake & ignorant left strike again.🤦🏻‍♂️

take down whatever you want... we still have the yearbook. That is awesome. All confederate statues should be removed. They are symbols of hate and racism LucasFoxNews Ralph Northam has been the governor of Virginia for 872 days. Will he be in black face or a white hood when he makes the announcement. Someone feeling guilty?

Martin Luther Kings monument needs to go to, Just remove all of them of people, Period then there shouldn’t be any more arguments over a monuments GOOD REL was a traitor... who took up arms against America in order to establish slavery as a viable economic system. He, Davis, Jackson and their ilk have no place of honor in America. BAN THEIR FLAG!

Why remove all the evidence of the civil war and slavary? Seems to me the Democrats are trying to clean up their image. Why remove all historic tourist attractions? That’s pretty chicken to hide from the cities history. RobertELee Trump2020NowMoreThanEver YESSSS FUCK THE CONFEDERACY🤪🤪🤮🤮 Actual Confed. never wanted it put it. It was done to scare blks & deliver a giant FU to equal rights And to the Rethugs who point out Dems were the ones on the side of segregation, yes they were ALSO the ones who put that crap up so when Dems decide to tear it down, you should..

The statue should be moved to a civil war museum not destroyed Put it in the cracker museum Oh boy. Duke boys gonna come out for this one This history belongs in museums not glorified on our streets. Take them down. They should leave the graffiti on it if they dont destroy it. Is Virginia Governor.RalphNortham gonna have his medical school torn down? Northam was either blackface or the one wearing the sheet.

Yes! BrianKempGA you can show some courage and do the right thing here in our state. Good 🖕Trump and his racist followers Bc this statue comes to life at night and runs around committing hate crimes? It's a chunk of metal ALL should have more important things to focus on in life. Finally - Racisim is over!!

4Liberty To his home? Taking down a civil war statue when we're close to having a second one. Yeah that'll solve problems, blackface mkwoods 👏👏👏👏👏 About time. hm?,, qp Disgrace to get rid of History Taliban! Get that shit out of here! for the second time (and decidedly more important) - WOW Leftist wet themselves all 9ver, erasing history must be fun for them.

Let’s go Virginia let’s get this confederates outta of here Erasing history doesn't change history. History is a reminder of mistakes made that we learned from.... Erasing history only ensures we will make the same mistakes. stephenasmith what does rioting and protesting get you I know it blows simple minds that Democrats were once the party of segregation in the south, but historically literate people always knew it. White conservatives owned slaves, white conservatives committed treason, white conservatives instituted Jim Crow, and now they’re the GOP

You mean this guy? EXCELLENT! NancyChenNews Lee was a TRAITOR. US Grant is the civil war hero we should have learned more about. The Confederacy was even glamorized in my elementary education in liberal Massachusetts. Grant is the real civil war hero Wayne1906 And all the daughters of the confederacy will clutch their pearls..

About time we stopped idolizing traitors. realDonaldTrump OMG!!! Is HISTORY Couldn’t he push this out a week or two? Great to hear it’s happening but people are a little taxed at the moment..... I could not thank you enough for this Amen! Yes next sanblast Stone Mountain 3 ghouls Another member in the Government office trying to erase the history ( All the Communist are try to doing the same thing )

Ok, Governor Blackface cool. what about the other confederate statues? Waiting for PressSec and KellyannePolls to finish Trumps press release condemning the removal of Lee's statue 'I think it wiser not to keep open the sores of war but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife, to commit to oblivion the feelings engendered,' he wrote in a letter declining the invitation. R. E. Lee

protesters need to tear that thing down themselves. Better late than never. The left hates white America and its history. It's just that simple. Ah yes, removing history from our every day lives will kill off racism! Then when history repeats itself, we can pretend like it never happened before, since we've already erased everything related.

About damn time! He was a traitor to the United States. Ralph Northam is a racist. Is the Governor ordering the removal of the picture of him in a klan outfit from his yearbook too? GoAUpher Good! Just watch out for all the 'fine people' who will have a fit over this. He should just announce that he won't prosecute anyone involved in its destruction. It'll be down by the end of the week, and it can be like a community activity. There'd be picnic tables set up.

And Germany got rid of Nazi monuments right after the war. Hey, we’re getting around to it! Gov. Coonman needs the statue for his vacation home in North Carolina. Finally!!! Let us stop celebrating our racist past and instead learn from it. Good ..Confederate monuments have always been symbols of hate and nostalgia. Most of these were built in the early 1900s, a time of extreme racial violence post Civil War. As monuments went up, so did the bodies of black men women and children though lynching.

Moving it to Mar A Lago! Is he going to make it comfortable? Until they decide whether to terminate? “Virgil, quick, come see, there goes the Robert E. Lee' Trump will probably send in the Army to protect it. GovernorVA is a total jackass. 'Those who wish to erase history are doomed to repeat it.' ChaseCorum heeeyyyyyyy!!

After removing Confederate Lee put a monument to freed slaves in its place, not Lincoln, but freed slaves. GovernorVA Good riddance. My Governor did WHAT now? Removing it so history is forgotten. That is the goal. When history is forgotten, what happens? Only a Democrat would still be in power after wearing blackface. Maybe he can be a guest on JimmyKimmelLive and jimmyfallon. They can call them the 3 blackface amigos

It’s about time Good YES!! Democrats erasing their past. An American traitor doesn’t deserve a statue anyway. He and his cause lost, move on. Good for him. And believe it or not, that takes balls amongst those inbreds Yes, bout time, f ing traitor Lee Why didn’t this happen when Obama was President? SethAbramson Well, that will bring the bigots out. Be careful Virginia!

Crush the stone and use it to filter sewage. Huntsville Alabama... Mayor & Governor & State AG REFUSE TO REMOVE CONFEDERATE TRAITOR STATUE DECORATING DOWNTOWN COURTHOUSE 😡🇷🇺 Next up, Northam the blackface wearing infant killer will sign an executive order proclaiming that the Civil War was a hoax concocted by Republicans seeking credit for ending slavery in America. And Ralph will plant his larger than life likeness where Lee once stood.

I'd personally say melt it down use that to form a new statue, one of an important black person either from Richmond or Virginia in general. Otherwise you can throw it in a cemetery or a museum. Good. As a northerner, I always hated that thing. Gov KKK !!!! GOOD, about damn time Whose idea was it in the first place to build a treasonous General's statue?

Lee was a traitor. Replace it with a statue of Grant. Removing history. What a shame. Take down all those traitors on Monument Avenue About fucking time. What took so long? Why would it be a problem to remove a statue of a person who fought against America because he wanted to have slaves? All Lives Matter and Respect The Flag, right?

Keep tearing down the monuments you don't like. Keep rewriting the History books to omit bad chapters of our nation's past. OUTLAW ALL the things you don't like about this country! But Be prepared! For Those who Forget History are Condemned to repeat It. lol eat shit racists Lead by example! GregoryHardinII Don't accept this important token of anti racism instead of real police reform or rebuilding. The protests are working.

No more statues to confederate traitors. Damn thing was put up by Jim Crow conservatives long after the war. Madness Way overdue. Racist slave owning traitors like Lee should not be glorified. lauferlaw Good I used to live one block away from Monument Avenue, so have walked and run it many times. The Lee statue is beautiful — if it’s moved it should go to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts 1 mile away. The JEB Stuart/Stonewall Jackson statues are meh.

Drag that shit to the ground! This is HUGE! We are past removing statues ... time to change policy to save innocent lives! His HR team informed governor blackface that painting the statue black won't fix 60 years of racism to get him re elected. Arriadna Barr said the winners write the history. Time for the winners to do their job.

America🇺🇲 Does not need monuments dedicated to traitors. Traitors gotta go. Traitors don't get statues TheAFCMuzzle What took them so long Those Confederate statues should never have gone up. Good thinking. Eliminate the competition 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 The question I have is will Dear Leader chain himself to the statue to try to save it?

AyeItsCierraBSM Aint gon hold you VA been making sum good moves About god damn time When was it erected? What is on the plaque? These matter to me. If it was built in the 60s and early 70s as a giant fuck you to civil rights movement it has to go. If the plaque says he was a general on the losing side of a treasonous movement to keep human enslavement keep it up

Take them all down. Confederate statues are an affront to the Americans who fought and died to defeat the traitors and end the scourge of slavery. That’s good SethAbramson Hard evidence: Elections matter. This is the result the last election which removed Republicans from control of VA state government. Vote.

Maybe put up Grant since he won. Ralph Northam is an idiot. Well it’s about damn time. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. Good. Shame Just have the “protesters” do it. Statue of traitor to America, I think that’s what you meant. good, now do stuart and davis and jackson and maury What’s 1 general when there are still 4 giant confederate statues left down Monument Ave...which all lead to the United Daughters of the Confederacy Museum

Exciting and monumental!! Replace it with a statue of Obama This would have been great news in 1915 Cool vid! maga maga2020 trump2020 alllivesmatter bluelivesmatter kag womanfortrump alllivesmater trumpsupporters whitelivesmatter nolivesmatter trumpsamerica secondamendment kag2020 notallcopsarebad tpusa nra whiteoutwednesday makeamericagreatagain rightwing

High time we erase the slavery lovers from our monuments. This is awesome! Hope he's not expecting a thank you. Doing the right thing should be Normal . Replace it with a Freedman's statue. Move it in front of the Trump Hotel. Replaced with a statue of Governor blackface I wonder if GovernorVA will wear anything special to the occasion?

Best news! 👍🏽 I’ll bet that’s a big deal in Virginia. Which one? You can blow it up, all of them, with you 100%... but you can't deny his brilliance as a military commander. Good. These were statues? But they worked so well as spittoons! tearemdown Bencjacobs White nationalists grabbing their assault rifles, tiki torches, and hawaiian shirts heading to Virginia.

Imagine that! Taking down the statue of a traitor to the United States of America! It’s about time! What about all the other statues on the ave? Arthur Ashe is the only noteworthy American on that street worth keeping in place. yall are freaking out about a statue being removed like its gonna erase history it wont lmao

About time Isn’t that just dandy ..what a kook.. Good!!!! AlexRoseNews How's it taking til the year 2020 to get rid of all these racist monuments? Good. Only fools put up a statue of a defeated loser in the first place. 🤪 benyt Remove the statue of a racist traitor and murderer of Americans Robert E. Lee, you mean.

ajnies only took protesting and riots to do so! Lol, so weird this crap is still up (I think we talked about this before) The man who wore a Klan Hood. Interesting. Anytime we can pro-actively address issues that put so many ill at ease, that's a very good, kind, compassionate, empathic thing. Thank you.

Just don’t touch the Civil War battlefields. It's wild what the media lets a Democrat get away with Now get the confederates out of the state police. Amen. Yeah - super weird that we would have erected monuments to our treasonous enemies in the first place. These belong in museums. Right call. Gonna put it in his front yard.

SWhyno Never understood the American fascination of glorifying a bunch of traitors who lost 🤷‍♂️ Is it going in his yard? Only takes one big mistake to lead to a cascade of nonsense ideas. Because we don't celebrate traitorous losers anymore. Good. I hear they're replacing it with a statue of Northam in Black Face.

vademocrats Good. The Confederates are LOSERS Bencjacobs About fucking time That's a lot of people. Replace it with Lincoln or grant. Good riddance. Because removing this statue will make everything better. Ridiculous idea. This is the progressive mindset. Over a hundred years late How does this work? One statue removed each time police kill a black man, is that the deal?

same ones that hate participation trophies want confederate statues to stay 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Abe Lincoln offered to make Lee the General of the Union Army. Lee turned him down because he didn’t want to fight against his family and neighbors. Everyone in this thread would have done the same damn thing. Hypocrites

vademocrats My Meds Worked! Good! Racism does not need to be put on display!

Virginia governor to announce removal of Lee statue Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is expected to announce plans Thursday for the removal of an iconic statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from Richmond &39;s prominent Monument Avenue, a senior administration official told The Associated Press. The move comes amid turmoil across the nation and around I've lived to long. This is like a horribly scary dystopian sci Fi movie. Why? WTH! People it’s part of America history.🇺🇸🗽🤔🤨 how about this all Nations in America us Native Americans kick all of you out!? 🇺🇸😡 sarah_meinzer Yahoo

Iain Lee unexpectedly axed from TalkRADIO and calls on radio bosses for jobsThe popular radio presenter had worked for TalkRADIO for four years before discovering that his contract was not being renewed last night DailyMirror Any other radio station should snap iainlee and FlippinKath up immediately. The most fun, riveting talk show, it’s got me through the darkest of times. THE BIG ONE ScottieMcClue Live YouTube 8pm BST YOU SUBSCRIBED? THIS IS MASSIVE Watch YouTuber YouTube Rangers Celtic Hearts Saints Morton PTFC Dundee NUFC LUFC MUFC MCFC LFC EFC AFC CPFC AVFC SUFC SWFC

Gogglebox's Lee shares epic throwback to celebrate best pal Jenny's birthdayChannel 4 star Lee Riley paid tribute to best friend and co-star Jenny Newby on her 65th birthday on Tuesday by sharing a throwback snap Xatamente

Spike Lee on what’s different about these protests“I’ve been very encouraged by the diversity of the protesters. I haven’t seen this diverse protests since when I was a kid,” Spike Lee said, citing the movements of the ’60s. “I’m encouraged that my white sisters and brothers are out there.' Thank you SpikeLeeJoint I would be out there in dtla today, but my mom is older, and I don’t want to freak her out more than she already is. In solidarity. Yes we all want equal justice for all! Burning bldgs & looting doesn’t get you to that result! We are all with this peaceful protest all around the world. The world is watching and we together can overcome, and over achieve our common goal. Peace, love, understanding with the most empathy we can give and all deserve.

‘Can You Hear Us Now?’ A Discussion on Race with Trymaine LeeIn the wake of George Floyd ’s death and a nation captivated by protests, Trymaine Lee moderates a discussion on race, what being black in America means today and how America can heal. Guests include Don Cheadle, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Brittany Packnett and Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin Mandela Barnes. Presented by NBC News NOW and NBCBLK. MSNBC Mandela Barnes is Wisconsin’s lieutenant governor. Not minnesota’s MSNBC Yep rioting all over the cities, looting and killing. MSNBC you mean his murder...

Spike Lee premieres new short film that connects 'Do the Right Thing' to deaths of George Floyd, Eric Garner [Warning: graphic content]The director has made the connection between the past and present explicit with his new short film, '3 Brothers.'