Virginia Covid patient goes from 'invincible' to hospital-bed vaccine advocate

An unvaccinated Virginia man who’s been hospitalized with Covid-19 is using social media to urge others to go out and get the shot: 'We thought we were invincible.'

8/4/2021 6:02:00 AM

An unvaccinated Virginia man who’s been hospitalized with Covid-19 is using social media to urge others to go out and get the shot: 'We thought we were invincible.'

“If you have to take time off work, if you have to miss out on something, you need to go get the vaccine because we didn't and look where we are now,” his wife said.

BySuzanne CiechalskiAn unvaccinated Virginia man who’s been hospitalized with Covid-19 is using social media to urge others to go out and get the shot.Travis Campbell, 43, has been in the hospital for more than a week with complications from the virus, which also infected his wife and two of their children.

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Travis Campbell has been making Facebook videos and posts asking people to get vaccinated against Covid-19 after testing positive and being hospitalized for the virus.Travis Campbell“We just thought we were invincible, and we weren't going to get it,” his wife, Kellie Campbell, said. “And we’ve just been so busy and we just moved and we prolonged getting the vaccine.”

Kellie Campbell said her husband tested positive on July 22 and got progressively worse. Eventually, he was hospitalized. She worries he will he be placed on a ventilator to help his breathing, his wife said.“I mean, he couldn't catch his breath ... had fever, just lethargic, he ached, just one thing after another,” Kellie Campbell said. “He started in a regular room and then he went to a Covid ICU room, and now he's in the pulmonary ICU.”

Despite his condition, Travis Campbell is adamant about making videos to share on Facebook encouraging others to get vaccinated now, his wife said.“I’m testifying to all my bulletproof friends that's holding out, it's time to protect your family, it's not worth getting long term lung damage or death please go get the vaccine,” Travis Campbell wrote in a July 25

Facebook post.Kellie Campbell said her husband is “all about other people” and doesn’t want others to have to deal with what he's going through.“He just doesn't want anyone to have to endure the pain that he has, and if a vaccine will help them, that's what they need to do,” she said.

In a videoposted from his hospital bedTuesday night, Travis Campbell asked followers to consider whether they’d rather plan their own funeral and goodbyes, or get vaccinated.“I hope to god that all my friends and family would not say, ‘Somebody hand me a piece of paper and a pen.’ That’s a sobering thought, of which I have done,” he said.

As her family and doctors take her husband’s condition day by day, Kellie Campbell said her advice to others is to go out and get vaccinated immediately. Read more: NBC News »

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Slob Trumper!! Meme article en France même propagande Okay KirkCousins8 any thoughts of uh...reconsidering..sir?😳 He doesn’t look the healthiest. Hope he gets better! Not invincible, just stupid. I never thought I was invincible. Stop suggesting “we” are as stupid as you. Newsflash: you’re not. Go away… Sorry to say this but I don't have any sympathy for the unvaccinated 🤬

Podcast: To COVID shame or not to COVID shame?Coronavirus never exactly went away — but it’s back stronger than ever thanks to the Delta variant. But can shaming actually convince folks to finally take the shot? Especially when it’s communities of color? Of course it never went away, viruses don’t go away. You can run from this, no one can. You have to treat like any other virus and get use to it and do what you can to fight it and not enough people are doing that! I don’t think so. I think what changes people’s minds is personal experience. I have close friends who are in the medical field and they keep me abreast as to the seriousness of this Pandemic. Then seeing my neighbor almost die. It convinced me. vaccinated GetVaccinatedNow It’s like the flu, and it took decades and many variants and yet still not everyone wants the vaccines. If saving lives especially their own doesn’t motivate them then really shaming does very little to nothing

The issue is he is obese. Of course Covid is going to make him sick. Believing your invincible Is child like mannerism. As a adult he should have been smarter than to believe politicians who say the vaccine is bad despite them themselves being gaetz, and greene.. I have no sympathy for people like this.

Dude’s huge. Hope he recovers For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him Bowser_51 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success Obama just threw himself a party with 675 unmasked people.

Where’s the videos of the vaccinated virus patients? There are plenty of them. So sick of these stories. Obesity is the 1 co-morbidity for COVID19. 80% of the COVID19 deaths are people over the age of 65. Average COVID19 fatality is over age 80. If you are obese and/or over age 65 then you are at elevated risk for COVID19.

He said this was the 'second wave' in his Facebook post. What a dumbass. This is the fourth wave now with the delta variant. This is who we need to hear from!

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The girl is scared... He should have been more worried about his obvious weight problem . so what if ppl don't want to get the vaccination. The CDC changes the rules daily for example now vaccinated ppl can get and transmit the virus. This is just a tactic to get the ppl to get the vaccination. Just physically, he looks like someone who should have rushed to get the vaccine as soon as it became available to him.

Being unvaxxed because you CHOSE not to get it is on you. Good luck gambling w/ur life & all ur family & friend’s lives as well. Despicable. I DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR THESE PEOPLE. GET THE VACCINE FFS!!! No don’t believe him, he’s prancing y’all. man with multiple co-morbidities surprised that his unvaxxed ass can't handle corona

Had it twice ! Still breathing 😎 People who vaccinated still getting it ! Y’all can no fool us lol It’s other ways to cure it !!

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So sad. If only someone could have let him know. Oh, wait... How many people are vaccinated but still end up with covid? But nobody wants to talk about that. If this is even true. You domake things up.a lot. And a man in Atlanta GA got vaxxed got sick and died the same to 49.people in N.J. stop with the fear mongering

Can us nurses all be granted early retirement please. I all done. Yep over and over we see these hospital bed confessions...will people heed it that are anti-vax? Hopefully but sadly probably not till it’s their turn to feel regret. Isn't it marvelous, how they can convince a sick man, that the consequences of a very bad flu, have been caused by a virus that has never existed. See how a computer generated virus that has never existed, has been used to scam the whole world.

People trying to sound cool by saying 'poke' or 'jab' sound like an old man trying to be funny. It's so stupid. Holy propaganda Weight

New York restaurant customers to need Covid jabsThe city is to require people using indoor businesses to have had Covid vaccinations.

This Tweet is from a week ago 😂 Hungry (for attention) unto death? He clearly looks overweight but go off king 👑 He's obese. Why would he think he's invincible? These people are delusional. 🖕🤣🖕 Sorry, I'm really trying, but I can't muster any empathy to give out a cookie to someone who only after it happened to them stopped endangering others.

Laughable 义和团

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He could have decided to lose weight Anti vaccinators will say the guy was hired by the left or antifa 🙄 😒 🙏🙏 If he is a trumpian, news flash! Trump and his whole family were vaccinated so no sympathies here Insurance should not be paying for his care. Nice to see they let a photographer into a hospital to take photos during a pandemic? I think I’ll pass on the panic,

More propaganda. Funny how they never show the double vaccinated who are still getting sick. cjrw And now interview a man with obese who had an heart-attack. This is one case. Maybe you find some others as well. But in general these are exceptions. It’s free Will, you take the chance you pay the price and for those vaccinated price to come!!!

this is considered fake news unless its in fox..

DeSantis says Florida COVID cases will decrease in coming weeks, 'we are not shutting down''We are going to have schools open. We are protecting every Floridian's job in this state,' the governor said. I guess he is already vaccinated so he doesn’t care others Hero DeSantis easing the minds of Floridians on the daily

He still can’t own it. We instead of I. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 He looks obese How will Mr Campbell be paying his and his family members' hospital bills? If he does not have the money what will prominent Republican MAGA anti-vaxxers (and other libertarian nutters) be doing for Mr Campbell and people like him? Dont only encourage people to get the vaccine, that's obvious. don't only admit you made a mistake (you did). encourage people to stop listening to Trump and other right wing media still spreading the same lies you believed which brought you to this point!

If COVID-19 is anywhere, it is potentially everywhere. COVID-19 vaccines will save many lives. An unvaded man Is taking up a hospital bed he had no right to. He made his choice. Recover ot not. Get out of that bed. I'm not saying there's a correlation, but ya boy's got more chins than a Wuhan telephone book.

ODedOnRealityTV Of Course. That's everyone's priority when they get sick, go on TV or MSM or Twitter. Get them to REPEAL HR4310 HR5736 Section 1078 then maybe you can stop the lies. Crisis actor

At least he’s doing the right thing now. Too late for him but will help others. Good for him. Invincibility is besides the point for some people who refuse to vaccinate. He’s still not vaccinated. If he thought his double chin gave him more power then others then he is more crazy People who has basic fit body isn't going to fall into this state Try eating what you need and going outside more, best health team

Being that fat he should have gotten vaxxed right away Darwinism He’s overweight for 1 and for 2 this is media propaganda. Stop the shenanigans Yeah If you’re overweight you probably should get the vaccine… I can’t anymore with these stories, science matters people!

We told you so. No we didn’t. The reality of what is happening in Iran is not what the lobby of the Islamic Republic of Iran is telling you RaisiTerrorist Who's this 'we', kemosabe? 'We' got the jab as soon as we could so we didn't end up like you. Don't tell me, he is a Trump supporter, isn't he? He is, yeah? Did I get it right? I did, didn't I?

RealCandaceO That's called karma Totally legit. Nothing wrong here. He’s obviously obese. Did he not see any of the stats showing overweight people were higher risk? Losing 50lbs might have helped.

He needs a gym not a shot Democracy and freedom are your life. Vaccines will kill you, the scenery of democracy and freedom in the United States is always so brilliant and beautiful dont tell super pussy JDVance1 too hard. too scary. too sciencey Well look at that fat fuk. Unhealthy to begin with. And what in heaven’s name gave him the feeling that he was invincible. Did he think he was God?

Zero empathy. We got the vaccine in May. Took off from work and drove 45 minutes. Now is accessible within 5 miles Everyone thinks it can only happen to someone else....until that someone else is YOU! Propaganda We’ve done absolutely everything we were asked to do. 18 months. Responsibly. To get thru this together. I’m still masked in public. Chowder heads like this are the reason a fourth wave, and a Lambda variant are hitting us all.

WHCOS I bet his liver would like to discuss how invincible he really is.

Looks like he should have took the Krispy Kreme offer. BREAKING!!! April 25th 2003 the CDC Filed for a Patent on the Coronavirus Transmitted to Humans MalcolmNance lol Obesity & elderly have been shown from the start to be the MOST vulnerable. Not sure why he wld think he was invincible. Every story seems the same. Regret. For some or all, it's too late.

That fatty is not invincible Because I'm Obese and just plain ignorant, Don't be like me. Now that I'm on my Death bed I didn't care about my fellow man when I was walking around spreading lies and Covid-19 to all the unsuspecting people out there. But now that I'm sick please feel sorry for me Nope PattyArquette Cant make it up can you!!!

PattyArquette And he’s taking a hospital bed that some else needs and putting others who need surgeries at risk as staff are allocated to people like him. This guy willingly ignored sound medical advice, endangering everyone around him. My heart goes out to the doctors and nurses that have to risk their lives to care for him.

PattyArquette I am sick of this screw everyone else until it hits my home then I will fight for it from humans. Only then can I understand someone else. Assholes. PattyArquette I hope the healthcare providers struggling to keep him alive remain safe and healthy. I can only imagine how it feels to be tasked with trying to save the lives of such reckless fools, while also t

PattyArquette Excuse me but before you go on you may want to address your pants being on fire. I didn't have to be told twice to get the shot, or wait for FDA approval, this is a public health emergency, that has not been lifted yet by any health agency. Get the shot, save a life, please!!🇺🇸❤🙏😊 Maybe this tact will work. It is unfortunate it takes this to convince others but I respect him & others who are using their experience as cautionary tales to encourage others to get their vaccinations.

Time people started watching the news again( ABC,NBC,CBS,PBS) instead of getting it from vloggers who spew misinformation. The consequences are deadly. Sooooo you guys just post, delete, repost? Gotta DRRRIIIIIIIIVVVEE that narrative home huh 😂😂

😂 Blessings I’m sorry but this guys BMI should have been a concern for him…still not making me feel the need to get “vaccinated” Oh look! Another obese person bed written from Covid Even with shocking examples like this there are people who still won’t do their part and get the shot for the greater good or even for themselves.

before Covid i can find people with the flu in the same situation but never went this far. Just another sob story brought to you by the Dem media “We thought we were invincible”?! I think over 4Million deaths is a clear indication you’re NOT invincible! 🙄 Please get your shot before it is too late

richardmarx Funny how reality can hit you in the face while you're living in your alternative world & living just to anger ppl you disagree with...ah, such is life.? kenjeong Always the same damn story! Your Vitamin C / D, herbs, essential oils aren’t working! Get the damn shot and save your loved ones from heartbreak.

Your Daily Scaremongering DOSE Enjoy! If you're obese like him then you should worry whether you're vaccinated or not. Pull the plug I expect we will be seeing quite a few more, quite a bit more of this, unfortunately. GET VACCINATED. PLEASE. 🇺🇸🙏🏾🙏🏻😷 Hindsight seem to bring all of us a little wiser...duh

Thought about vaccination and thinking now why you would pay someone to get vaccinated. Then, it doesn’t stop you from getting sick or worst than sick. A lot of politics and plenty of things behind this scenario.

These attempts at redemption stories for those who have infected and likely killed others are questionable at best. I can tell by the picture this guy is unhealthy! If you are old or unhealthy get the jab you don’t have much to lose and your days are probably numbered. Young and healthy not a chance! 99% survival rate we good

2nd story of an obese man choosing not to get the shot… Well look here another I don’t care until it infected me. Look I hope he recovers and can get back to his family. But cry me a river, we’ve been asking these fools to do the right thing now for 18 mos. So I don’t really care about him. Until then..

Or: “Selfish willfully-ignorant asshole ignores mounds of scientific evidence concerning vaccines in the midst of a pandemic, then only feels empathy and shows regret once it affects him directly.” ngunn7 'WE THOUGHT WE WERE INVINCIBLE' I'm sorry people need to learn this lesson and even more sorry these stories aren't making a difference influencing the people just like him.

People who are in good shape are fine, this guy is fat soooo

Convid 😏 Thinking wasn't exactly his strong suit. Some people have to hit their own version of rock bottom to change their ways. Sadly for some of them rock bottom is life threatening. Overwheight.... I'm glad he's putting out the proper message, but I just can't feel empathy for these people. Maybe there's something wrong with me but I'm completely indifferent. There's no vitriol; I just take the attitude that you reap what you sow 🤷‍♂️