Virginia AG says public colleges can't mandate COVID vaccines for students

Virginia's new AG said schools weren't given the authority to enforce COVID vaccine mandates.

Coronavirus Vaccines, College

1/28/2022 8:07:00 PM

Virginia's new Republican attorney general said that public colleges in the state can't mandate COVID vaccines for students as a requirement for admission or in-person attendance.

Virginia's new AG said schools weren't given the authority to enforce COVID vaccine mandates.

In passing those requirements, the General Assembly gave public colleges the power to enforce them.Since the General Assembly has not passed a coronavirus vaccine requirement for students, the attorney general said public colleges don't have the power to mandate or enforce such a requirement.

What they're saying:"Although the General Assembly specifically authorized public institutions of higher education to assist the Department of Health and local health departments in the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine, the legislation did not grant such institutions power to impose vaccine requirements," Miyares said.

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Republicans; Making Covid Great Again! Miyares attended James Madison University and William and Mary and had to show proof of vaccination when attending both of those universities. My daughter had to show a copy of her childhood vaccination records to attend a college in Virginia. Yes, vaccinations are required.

Been in college for 3 years and have never been asked for proof of vaccination except for covid. Makes sense How about other vaccines? I cannot wait for his term to end. Destroying Virginia one awful decision at a time. Does he know about all of the other vaccines required to go to college there? Suggest the new AG inform the state University's 'what they can' do to ensure students & employees are as safe as possible from Covid-19?


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