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Colorado, Arrests

Violent arrest in Colorado reignites anger over policing

Body camera footage shows a police officer pistol-whipping and choking a Black man during an arrest in a Denver suburb. The officer is facing assault and other charges.

7/29/2021 4:28:00 AM

Body camera footage shows a police officer pistol-whipping and choking a Black man during an arrest in a Denver suburb. The officer is facing assault and other charges.

AURORA , Colo. (AP) — A video showing a police officer pistol-whipping and choking a Black man during an arrest in a Denver suburb has reignited anger over policing in the community, with activists on Wednesday decrying what they say is just the latest example of the mistreatment of people of color.

Haubert’s lawyer, Reid Elkus, has vowed to “zealously defend” him. Another officer is accused of not intervening to try to stop him.The body camera footage shows Haubert hold his pistol to Vinson’s head, strike him with it, choke him and threaten to shoot him.

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“You’re killing me,” Vinson cried, gasping for air, as Haubert holds him down, the video shows. “If you move, I will shoot you,” Haubert said.ADVERTISEMENTThe footage has angered activists who want to bring attention to a police department plagued by allegations of misconduct in recent years, including the 2019 death of

Elijah McClain.McClain was walking down a street in the city east of Denver in August 2019 when he was stopped by local police after a 911 call reported a suspicious man. The 23-year-old Black man was wrestled to the ground, put into a neckhold and injected with 500 milligrams (0.02 ounces) of ketamine by paramedics. McClain died less than a week later.

No officers were charged in that case but Democratic Gov. Jared Polis asked Attorney General Phil Weiser to reinvestigate whether anyone should be prosecuted after the case drew renewed attention following the killing of George Floyd. The investigation is still pending.

Last year, the Police Department also came under fire for an incident wherefour Black girls were handcuffedand ordered face down in a parking lot after a stolen car mix-up.“This isn’t about just Elijah or just about Kyle. This is about the community at whole,” said Lindsay Minter, a high school track coach and member of the city’s police task force. “When I talk to the kids that I coach, they’re always like ‘If you come into Aurora, you leave on probation.’ Period. They don’t feel safe.”

Police Chief Vanessa Wilson called Vinson’s case an “anomaly” on Tuesday and asked the public not to paint the department “with a broad brush.” She put the officers on leave and denounced Vinson’s treatment as a “very despicable act.”Rathod praised her for trying to change the department but blamed Mayor Mike Coffman for not denouncing what happened or apologizing to Vinson. He called on Coffman to resign.

ADVERTISEMENTVinson’s lawyer, Siddhartha Rathod, whose law firm also represents McClain’s mother in a lawsuit against Aurora, said the city has a long history of failing to discipline is officers for misconduct.In a tweet, Coffman said he did not think it was appropriate for him to comment until the investigation is complete.

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“The time has come for a leader who will stand up for communities of color and stand against police violence,” Rathod said.Based on his experience with previous cases, Rathod believes race played a role in how Vinson was treated by police.“Both our clients appear to have been treated with hatred and disdain in part because of the color of their skin,” he said.

Rathod said the criminal justice system treated Vinson, who faced an arrest warrant for a probation violation, more harshly than the officer accused of beating him. His bond was not set until Wednesday, requiring him to remain in jail as he waited, while Haubert was able to turn himself into authorities and be released quickly, he said.

Mari Newman, the lawyer for Elijah McClain’s father and estate, said she represented the family of a young Black man, Jamaal Bonner, who was fatally shot three times in the back by Aurora police nearly 20 years ago. The case resulted in a settlement in which police agreed to change training and recruitment tactics and to make sure their force looked “more like the community they’re policing,” she said.

“Despite these legally binding commitments that the city of Aurora made, they have gone on to continue to brutalize Black and brown bodies for decades,” Newman said.____Slevin in Denver contributed to this report. Nieberg is a corps member for the Associated Press/Report for America Statehouse News Initiative.

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This is really unbearable…. You can bet if we ended qualified immunity & made them carry their own malpractice insurance a lot of this disgusting conduct would stop! Also, as said above take their pensions!! Notice how this always happens in Democrat run cities. May I suggest segregation for these dangerous violent prisoners because the prison population is going to love the boys in blue coming to play in the prison yard have fun boys

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😂yes lock him up You media just love stoking the flames. Yes, we need to get rid of these types in law enforcement. How about you share the stories of the most amazing men and women that aid their communities every day? What is wrong with Aurora, Colorado? Have the cops who killed ElijahMcClain been convicted yet?

I'm tired of you people with this you want to do something for black people look up his abstract as an officer with everybody he pulled over look at the points erase them cuz guess what and then do that with the municipality and then across the country cuz no one gives a fk The footage also shows a man not complying with a lawful order. When pretty please with sugar on top doesn’t work, use the butt of the gun.

Aurora PD = Criminal Gang

'You're killing me:' Two Colorado police officers arrested after beating unarmed black manTwo Colorado Police officers were arrested following the beating of Kyle Vinson. The incident took place near where Elijah McClain died in 2019. SenateDems SenateGOP we are close on constitution crisis

Please explain how to handle violent criminals without committing violence yourself. Damn it's a lot of bad apples out here Face it: Police departments across this country are safe havens for racists, sadists and violent thugs. This is why they never want to release the body cam footage. this should never happen but it seems crazy to me they only report on stuff like this when its a person of color all of it should be reported but they live on divide or they have no news

VoteBluePA Good this type of behavior from Police Officers is not acceptable Felony charges, actually. AURORA! Good

2-year-old boy dies after fall from second floor of Denver-area mallThe terrible incident happened Sunday. My heart breaks for the family. 💔😥🙏🙏🙏

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If I lived in Aurora, I'd be frightened to death. Unless I was a cop. Aurora PD hired this guy knowing he made a plea deal in 2008 to escape felony DUI and menacing charges. Knowing he was 'drunk wielding a gun'. Isn't Aurora where police murdered ElijahMcClain ? I want that body camera Until... seethefaces TheBigLie DomesticTerrorists


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