Vintage Gucci jewellery and LUAR's new bag: What's in Fashion?

Your one-stop-shop for this week’s fashion news to know.

Gucci, Burberry

11/30/2021 11:51:00 AM

Vintage Gucci jewellery and LUAR's new bag: What's in Fashion?

Your one-stop-shop for this week’s fashion news to know.

Photography Alexander Saldrigas. Image courtesy of Christopher John RogersPhotography Alexander Saldrigas. Image courtesy of Christopher John RogersSee Christopher John Rogers colourful clothes in everyday contexts“There's a lot of conversation about how CJR conjures up fantasy and drama for our customers, but I want to be quite declarative about the fact that we make real clothes for real people, and not just imaginary muses, or photoshoots,” says

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Christopher John Rogers. And if the swathes of people you see posting their poppy CJR fits all over the worldwide web weren’t proof enough, then here’s the New York label’s new campaign shot by Alexander Saldrigas. Starring Lindsey Wixson and Dilone, it shows the two gal pals enjoying a casual evening out. From strolling down the street to stopping for a late-night bite, the aim of the campaign was to “show these fabulous clothes actually being worn -- whether walking the dog before an event, picking up flowers after work, running to a special function, driving you and your lover in your own car, or eating late night pasta at your favorite spot in Little Italy,” Christopher says. “This campaign highlights the versatility and pragmatism of the brand and the clothes in a refreshingly low-key way.” Consider us convinced!

MSImage courtesy of Canada GooseRomeo Beckham showcases Canada Goose's new snow booties Thanksgiving has passed and we’re truly in the depths of winter now, girls. Time to don those fluffy overcoats and invest in a pair of chic snow boots. Here to help you with the latter is luxury performance and lifestyle brand

Canada Goosewith their new footwear collection, modelled on none other than teen footballer Romeo Beckham, artist Sarain Fox, and indigenous leader and former NHL player Jordin Tootoo. There’s the tall futuristic Snow Mantra boot, available in white and black and made from Tundra Tech nylon and insulated leathers, and then there’s the ankle-height, cabin-style Journey boots, designed with a unique rubber seal around the edge to protect the shoes from both water and rock while hiking. The two unisex styles of course also follow Canada Goose’s pledge to be both innovative and sustainable. If you need a new pair of booties this cold season, you can purchase one of these chic performance shoes in Canada Goose stores or

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, or at other select retailers, now.TGImage courtesy of BurberryBurberry reminds us why we all adore Marcus RashfordGood guy footballer Marcus Rashford MBE is once again making the country a better place for its most in-need young people, once again with the support of Burberry! Yes, the iconic British heritage brand and Marcus have unveiled their new charitable initiative to provide access to literature for young people by enhancing library spaces and creating safe, creative environments for them to thrive. Burberry will fund the transformation of library spaces in 10 schools across Manchester, Yorkshire and London, donating 8,000 award-winning books that speak to a diversity of experiences and backgrounds. Then, the Marcus Rashford Book Club will be set up at each school, a space designed by Marcus to be an escape and place of peace and serenity. “In this library you can be anybody and anything you want to be. There are no right or wrong answers here. No judgement. Just you and your imagination”, Marcus said in a beautiful, heartwarming letter to the students at the schools. “I didn’t start reading properly until I was 17 years old. I don’t want that for you… Reading is my peace. My escape. And it can be yours too.” 

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Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Leads Muted Thanksgiving Box Office, ‘House of Gucci’ Lands Impressive DebutDisney has reclaimed its rightful place at the top of Thanksgiving box office charts. “Encanto,” the studio’s new animated musical fable, collected $40 million since Wednesday, a … HOUSE OF GUCCI A GLOBAL, SMASH HIT House of Gucci did that

Box Office: ‘House Of Gucci’ Earns $5.7M Friday But ‘Resident Evil’ Is DOA'Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City' won't crack $10 million for the long weekend. If you don’t think institutions and large corporations are loading their wallets with Bitcoin, you’re mistaken. Follow up with Danielalbino121 and load your wallet and make more profit with his platform With his company platform I have added massively to my holdings Lady Gaga can’t act Italian. She sounds a fool. It's a great experience for a one man show watching but you have to be thinking about check times out when urgency is notified for quite a time somewhere else.

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Box Office: ‘Encanto’ Leads Subdued Thanksgiving Parade With $40.3M, ‘House of Gucci’ Struts to $21.8M'Encanto,' 'House of Gucci ' and 'Licorice Pizza' all set pandemic-era records for their respective genres but the box office recovery remains sluggish overall. Congratulations!!!Very well done!!! Best Wishes blessing you all🇮🇳💕💥

‘Encanto’ & ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Split Families, ‘House Of Gucci’ Best Opening For Drama In Two Years – Thanksgiving Box Office, Sunday UpdateSUNDAY AM UPDATE, Refresh for more analysis and chart: Without Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick in the marketplace, the Thanksgiving box office was much lighter than previous holidays, grossing … Please mention this for HOG in your movie math even though you hated it, thanks Queen! GraceRandolph DRAMA OF THE YEAR!!! HouseOfGucci Lady Gaga being able to smash with a drama when nobody is doing it in 2 years...her POWER!