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Vineyard explosion creates river of red wine

Vineyard explosion creates river of red wine

5/6/2021 8:30:00 PM

Vineyard explosion creates river of red wine

A tank holding over 13,000 gallons of wine collapsed and resulted in a loss of some of the new vintage, South Africa 's Darling Cellars said.

were dumped into a local creek and the Russian River following a leak in a mixing vat at a Sonoma Valley winery.The spill, large enough to fill eight tanker trucks, overflowed from the Rodney Strong Vineyards building into a storm drain attached to a sanitary sewer system. From there the wine flowed to Reiman Creek before ending up in the river.

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The incident was blamed on an"apparent mechanical failure," a spokesperson for Rodney Strong Vineyards said at the time.Back in 2018, an Italianwinery lost over 8,000 gallons of proseccoafter a tank began overflowing.A worker at the winery in the Conegliano area of Treviso in the northeast of the country, captured the spill on video on his phone.

The footage showed foam and liquid covering cement and the sides of the tank. A forklift nearby was also seen getting drenched. The cause of the tank overflow was unknown at the time.An aerial view of the Sijnn Wines estate winery and vineyards along the banks of the Breede River in South Africa's Western Cape province, pictured in February 2020. On Tuesday, a"river of red wine" was seen overflowing from a winery in the Western Cape after a wine tank collapsed.

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